Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 163

is doing what every family ought to do. They are making no disturbances; and if you call me out for this purpose again, I will put you in the lock-up, for disturbing a peaceable family while attending their religious duties.” After this we were not molested.

Fear of Thunder

That summer the neighbors were terrified by frequent thunder and lightening. A number were instantly killed; and if there was an appearance of a thunderstorm, some of the parents would send their children to our house to invite one of the family to visit them, and stay until the storm was over. The children innocently told the whole story, saying: “Ma says the lightening will not strike a house where the advent people are.”

One night there was a fearful storm. The heavens presented a continual sheet of lightning. A few rushed from their beds into the street, calling upon God for mercy, crying, “The judgment day has come.”

My brother Robert, who was a devoted Christian, was very happy. He went out of the house and walked to the head of the street, praising the Lord. He said he never prized the hope of the Christian as he did that night, when he saw the terror and insecure position of those who had no hope in Christ.

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