Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 164

Chapter 19—The Sabbath of the Lord

During the latter part of 1845 and the beginning of 1846, I suffered great feebleness. At times I was called out to labor in various places, and was given strength to bear my testimony to the people. And although often wonderfully sustained during these labors, I afterward found myself weak and full of suffering. LSMS 164.1

Elder Joseph Bates

While on a visit to New Bedford, MA, in 1846, I became acquainted with Elder Joseph Bates. He had early embraced the advent faith, and was an active laborer in the cause. I found him to be a true Christian gentleman, courteous and kind. He treated me tenderly as though I were his own child. The first time he heard me speak, he manifested great interest. After I ceased speaking, he arose and said, “I am a doubting Thomas. I do not believe in visions. But if I could believe the testimony the sister related tonight was indeed the voice of God to us, I would be the happiest man alive. My heart is deeply moved. I believe the speaker to be sincere, but can not explain in regard to her being shown the wonderful things she has related to us.” LSMS 164.2

Elder Bates rested upon Saturday, the seventh day of the week, and he urged it upon our attention as the true Sabbath. I did not feel its importance, and thought that he LSMS 164.3

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