Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 67

exercised in a similar manner, and bore the same testimony. A few weeks later, while the large family of Brother Pearson was engaged in prayer at their own house, the Spirit of God swept through the room, and prostrated the kneeling suppliants. My father happening in soon afterward found them all, both parents and children, helpless under the power of the Lord.

Cold formality now began to melt before the mighty influence of the Most High. All who had opposed me confessed that they had grieved the Holy Spirit by so doing, and they united in sympathy with me and in love for the Saviour. My heart was glad that divine mercy had smoothed the path for my feet to tread, and rewarded my faith and trust so bounteously. Unity and peace now dwelt among our people who were looking for the coming of the Lord.

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