Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 97

for trial, he was released, and allowed to go about the village as he pleased. He was invited by friends to share their hospitality.

At the hour appointed for the trial, Elder Damman was present. A lawyer offered his services. The charge brought against Elder Damman was that he was a disturber of the peace. Many witnesses were brought forward to sustain this charge, but their testimony was at once broken down by the testimony of Elder Damman's acquaintances present, who were called to the stand.

Among those present there was much curiosity to know what Elder Damman and his friends believed, and he was asked to give them a statement of his belief. In a clear manner, for he was a forcible speaker, he told them from the Scriptures the reasons of his faith.

It was also stated that the Adventists sang curious hymns, and he was asked to sing one. A number of brethren were present, who had excellent voices, and they joined with him in singing,

“When I was down in Egypt's land, I heard my Savior was at hand,” etc.

Elder Damman was asked if he had a spiritual wife. He told them that he had a lawful wife, and he could thank God that she had been a very spiritual woman since his acquaintance with her.

Finally he was ordered to pay the costs of the trail and was then released.

After this I returned to Portland; having traveled and labored for three months, bearing the testimony that God had given me, and experiencing His approbation at every step.

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