Ellen G. White Writings

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Medical Ministry, Page 6

Table of Contents

1. Healing Power and Its Source7
2. The Divine Plan in the Medical Missionary Work19
3. The Christian Physician and His Work31
4. Our Medical College55
5. Warning Against Spiritistic Sophistry87
6. True and False Systems of Mind Cure105
7. Fees and Wages119
8. Counsels and Cautions137
9. The Management of Sanitariums163
10. Opportunities for Ministry in Hospitals and Sanitariums187
11. The Sanitarium Family199
12. The Prevention of Disease and Its Cure by Rational Methods221
13. Medical Missionary Work and the Gospel Ministry237
14. Teaching Health Principles259
15. Diet and Health273
16. The Worker's Health291
17. Medical Missionary Work in the Great Cities299
18. Extent of the Work315

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