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Medical Ministry, Page 195

righteousness to those for whom He ministered. Thus He planted the seeds of truth in human hearts.

Prayer for the Sick

Often in the care of the suffering, much attention is given to minor matters, while the patients’ need of the great all-saving truths of the gospel, which would minister to both soul and body, is forgotten. When you neglect to offer prayer for the sick, you deprive them of great blessings; for angels of God are waiting to minister to these souls in response to your petitions. In every possible and pleasant way, those who know the truth should seek to reveal the power of the grace of Christ. As they exemplify truth in their daily walk and conversation, they will exert a holy influence, and the grace of Christ will cooperate with human effort. Working intelligently for the recovery of body and soul from the results of sin, they will be true workers together with Christ and will be instruments in His hands to show forth His praise and salvation.

The Saviour's Love to be Experienced

The exercise of wisdom and good judgment will accomplish much for God. As His servants work out the requirements of the gospel according to their ability, God will make them a praise to His name. He purposes that through the exemplification of the truth in the lives of His followers, souls shall be won to Him.

All who profess godliness and a knowledge of the truth for this time are to communicate the same to those with whom they associate. But the fullness of a Saviour's love is not expressed as decidedly as it should be, and as a result in places where a rich harvest might be gathered for God there is seen a dearth. “Found wanting” are the words written against the names of many who might have done a work that would have won the approval of heaven. There is needed, to unite with human effort and ability, a larger measure of the grace of Christ.

It is God's purpose that our health institutions shall become very effectual means for bringing souls to the light of truth. Much more should be done to encourage. Only when we do our

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