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Medical Ministry, Page 196

best for the upbuilding of Christ's kingdom can the words be spoken to us, Well done, good and faithful servant. Only as we exemplify the Spirit of truth in our lives can Christ's Spirit work with us to convict hearts and convert souls to the gospel.

To Teach and to Comfort

Christ desires to work in many ways through the men of His appointment. Every worker in our sanitariums should regard himself as Christ's minister to teach and to comfort, to let the light shine forth in word and deed. Those who are blessed with the light of truth are to reflect light. In taking the name of Christ upon them they have pledged themselves to become laborers together with God, and a spirit of consecrated labor should be manifest in working out the Lord's plans. They are to go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature, presenting the beauty of His life in their own example of earnest, self-sacrificing labor.

I pray that the Holy Spirit may lend its sanctifying power to the workers in our institutions. My brethren and sisters, arouse, and become laborers together with Him who gave His life for the saving of the world. We must not lessen our efforts at this time. Christ asks you to labor with all the energies of heart and soul and mind. If you will lend the aid of your influence and effort to the work of Christ, angels will unite with you, making you a saving power for Christ.—Manuscript 57, 1912.

A Winning Influence

In your care of the sick, act tenderly, kindly, faithfully, that you may have a converting influence upon them. You have need of the grace of Christ in order to properly represent the service of Christ. And as you present the grace of truth in true disinterested service, angels will be present to sustain you. The Comforter will be with you to fulfill the promise of the Saviour, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”

I have a charge to give, a message to bear to our sanitarium workers. Keep your souls in purity. Do a work that will have a winning influence on those placed in your charge. You can speak often to the sick of the Great Physician who can heal the diseases of the body as verily as He heals the sickness of the

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