Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Release No. 760, Page 27

into the pattern of the figure. Who is responsible for giving young men and women an education that has left a seducing influence upon their minds? One father writes that of his two children who were sent to Battle Creek, one is now an infidel and the other has given up the truth.

Letters such as this have been coming from different ones. The warning is given me to give to parents, If your children are in Battle Creek, call them away without delay. Satan has come down with great power to work with all deceivableness of unrighteousness.—Manuscript 20, 1906. (“Preach the Word,” February 7, 1906.)

I have words to speak to you and to others in Battle Creek. I shall go over the ground step by step, just as I am led by the Holy Spirit. It is presented to me that there are some in Battle Creek who are being deceived by men linked together to support one another. I could name individuals, but this may not be necessary.

Your recent letter was received. You write like an honest man, and I believe you to be sincere, but you are a man greatly deceived. In the past, I have had a great interest in your welfare. I have regarded you as a man who feared God and kept His commandments. But when you left Australia and came to Battle Creek this last time, and linked your interests with the physicians at the Sanitarium, you made a grave mistake. You followed your own impulses in this matter instead of moving in the counsel of God.

We are living in an age of this earth's history when men must seek counsel of God and not be led away from their posts of duty, and away from the truth, by men who have not a real faith in Christ. Let no one regard it safe to follow human impulse. Brother Tenney, you have been drawn away from the truth more than you have known, and your connection with men in Battle Creek has been to your great injury. The light of your past experience is going out.

I have been surprised and made sad to read some of your articles in the Medical Missionary, and especially those on the sanctuary question. These articles show that you have been departing from the faith. You have helped in confusing the understanding of our people. The correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith.

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