Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 112

Chapter 8—Working Inside and Outside Cities

Some Must Live in Cities to Work for Others.—It is Satan's purpose to attract men and women to the cities, and to gain this object he invents every kind of novelty and amusement, every kind of excitement. And the cities of the earth today are becoming as were the cities before the Flood.

We should carry a continual burden as we see the fulfillment of the words of Christ. “As the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:37). In the days before the Flood, every kind of amusement was invented to lead men and women to forgetfulness and sin. Today, in 1908, Satan is working with intensity, that the same conditions of evil shall prevail. And the earth is becoming corrupt. Religious liberty will be little respected by professing Christians, for many of them have no understanding of spiritual things.

We cannot fail to see that the end of the world is soon to come. Satan is working upon the minds of men and women, and many seem filled with a desire for amusement and excitement. As it was in the days of Noah, every kind of evil is on the increase. Divorce and marriage is the order of the time. At such a time as this, the people who are seeking to keep the commandments of God should look for retired places away from the cities. Some must remain in the cities to give the last note of warning, but this will become more and more dangerous to do. Yet the truth for today must come to the world—truth as spoken by the lips of Him who understood the end from the beginning.—Manuscript 85, 1908 (Manuscript Releases 10:261, 262).

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