Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 122

Free Spiritual Literature to Be Provided.—Those who come to our restaurants should be supplied with reading matter. Their attention should be called to our literature on temperance and dietetic reform, and leaflets treating on the lessons of Christ should also be given them. The burden of supplying this reading matter should be shared by all our people. All who come should be given something to read. It may be that many will leave the tract unread, but some among those in whose hands you place it may be searching for light. They will read and study what you give them, and then pass it on to others.—Testimonies For The Church 7:116. (1902)

Restaurants for Nonmembers to Be Operated at Camp Meetings.—At our camp meetings*Revival meetings, often also evangelistic in nature, for members and nonmembers, held in a tent. there should be a restaurant where the poor can obtain wholesome, well-prepared food as cheaply as possible. There should also be another restaurant in which food is especially prepared for the education of outsiders, where they may see a representation of health-reform diet.—Pacific Union Recorder, October 23, 1902.


Treatment Rooms and Vegetarian Restaurants to Be Associated Together.—I have been given light that in many cities it is advisable for a restaurant to be connected with treatment rooms. The two can cooperate in upholding right principles. In connection with these it is sometimes advisable to have rooms that will serve as lodgings for the sick. These establishments will serve as feeders to the sanitariums located in the country.—Testimonies For The Church 7:60. (1902)

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