Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 123

Chapter 9—Christ-Centered Health Ministry*In Ellen White's time this was generally called medical missionary work.


Health Ministry to Be Starting Point.—Medical missionary work has been presented as the entering wedge of present truth. It is by this work that hearts are reached, and those once prejudiced are softened and subdued. This is the work that is to be done today.—Letter 110, 1902 (Manuscript Releases 4:374). MTC 123.1

Health Evangelism Opens Doors for Sharing the Gospel.—The evangelization of the world is the work that God has given to those who go forth in His name. They are to be colaborers with Christ, revealing to those ready to perish His tender, pitying love. God calls for thousands to work for Him, not by preaching to those who know the truth, going over and over the same ground, but by warning those who have never heard the last message of mercy. Work, with a heart filled with an earnest longing for souls. Do medical missionary work. Thus you will gain access to the hearts of the people. The way will be prepared for more decided proclamation of the truth. You will find that relieving their physical suffering gives an opportunity to minister to their spiritual needs. MTC 123.2

The Lord will give you success in this work, for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation when it is interwoven with the practical life, when it is lived and practiced. The union of Christlike work for the body and Christlike work for the soul is the true interpretation MTC 123.3

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