Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 149

These smaller sanitariums should have been established where land could be secured for agricultural purposes.—Testimonies For The Church 8:227. (1904)


Pray for God's Guidance When Planting Churches.—We must seek wisdom of God, for by faith I see a strong church in that city [Palmerston, New Zealand]. Our work must be to watch and to pray, to seek counsel of the One wonderful and mighty in counsel. One mightier than the strongest powers of hell can take the prey from Satan, and under His guidance the angels of heaven will carry on the battle against all the powers of darkness and plant the standard of truth and righteousness in that city.—Letter 79, 1893 (Evangelism, 39).

Converts to Be Thoroughly Grounded in the Truth.—Wherever an effort is made to raise up a church, thorough and faithful instructions should be given to those who accept the truth. No part of the work should be neglected, and they should not be left to themselves when the laborer goes to a new field, but should still receive care and instruction. Let nothing be left in an incomplete, slipshod manner. Whatever is done should be done with thoroughness. The few who are thus brought into the truth will in time accomplish more than if there is a greater number uneducated, untrained, who do not realize their responsibility, and whose peculiarities are woven into their religious experience. It will be far more difficult to undo that which has been done wrong, and put another mold on the work, than to take the work from the very beginning.—The Review and Herald, October 5, 1886.


Unbalanced Members Undermine God's Work.—In all the history of the church, no reformation has been carried forward

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