Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 153

a deep anxiety that Boston shall hear the word of the Lord and the reasons of our faith. Ask the Lord to raise up laborers to enter the field. ... There are thousands in Boston craving for the simple truth as it is in Jesus.—Special Testimonies, Series B 13:8. (1908)

Message to Go With Power.—If in the city of Boston and other cities of the East, you [Dr. Daniel H. Kress] and your wife will unite in medical evangelistic work, your usefulness will increase, and there will open before you clear views of duty. In these cities the message of the first angel went with great power in 1842 and 1843, and now the time has come when the message of the third angel is to be proclaimed extensively in the East. There is a grand work before our Eastern sanitariums. The message is to go with power as the work closes up.—Letter 20, 1910 (Counsels on Health, 547).

Medical Work to Be Done in Boston and Other New England Cities.—When the New England Sanitarium was removed from South Lancaster [Massachusetts] to Melrose [Massachusetts], the Lord instructed me that this was in the order of His opening providence. The buildings and grounds at Melrose are of a character to recommend our medical missionary work, which is to be carried forward not only in Boston, but in many other unworked cities in New England. The Melrose property is such that conveniences can be provided that will draw to that sanitarium persons not of our faith. The aristocratic as well as the common people will visit that institution to avail themselves of the advantages offered for restoration of health.

Boston has been pointed out to me repeatedly as a place that must be faithfully worked. The light must shine in the outskirts and in the inmost parts. The Melrose Sanitarium is one of the greatest agencies that can be employed to reach Boston with the truth. The city and its suburbs must hear the last message of mercy to be given to our world. Tent meetings must be held in many places. The workers must put to the very best use the abilities God has given

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