Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 185

Chapter 12—A Case Study


In 1872 James and Ellen White first visited California. Ellen White's concerns for the people living in San Francisco and Oakland became evident in the years that followed. In 1900 she returned to the United States from Australia. Soon after her arrival she purchased a home in northern California, which she named “Elmshaven.” From then until her death in 1915, Ellen White authored many counsels on a great variety of topics, but she had a particular burden to evangelize the cities. Among the cities she wrote about were two in the Bay Area of northern California: San Francisco and Oakland. What follows is a sampling of her counsels on evangelizing those two cities.

San Francisco and Oakland have not been singled out for being any more important than other large cities around the world. Rather, the brief case study presented here is designed to illustrate Ellen White's concerns for evangelizing cities, as well as to sample her counsels for doing so in these two particular cities. Not everything she wrote about these two cities is included in this chapter, but the entries are sufficient to demonstrate the broad scope of the task and the total involvement of the church that she called for in mobilizing to evangelize a large city. The principles found in this case study may help guide all who are involved in city evangelism anywhere in the world to plan their work carefully, prayerfully, and comprehensively.

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