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Ministry to the Cities, Page 26

many years the Lord has been urging upon us this duty, and yet we see but comparatively little accomplished in our great centers of population. If we do not take up this work in a determined manner, Satan will multiply difficulties which will not be easy to surmount. We are far behind in doing the work that should have been done in these long-neglected cities. The work will now be more difficult than it would have been a few years ago. But if we take up the work in the name of the Lord, barriers will be broken down, and decided victories will be ours.—Letter 148, 1909 (Medical Ministry, 301, 302). MTC 25.4

Earnest Prayer and Effort Needed for Cities.—We carry too light a burden in behalf of souls unsaved. There never was a time when the world needed us more than it needs us now. All about us are cities unwarned. Souls are perishing, and what are we doing? We need to have a burden for these souls, such as many of us have never experienced. ... MTC 26.1

We do not half believe these truths. If we did, there would be seen more praying and more diligence in trying to carry these truths to the inhabitants of the cities of our land. God is now calling upon us to open up a strong work in the cities.—Manuscript 23, 1910. MTC 26.2

Cities to Be Worked Without Delay.—The message that I am bidden to bear to our people at this time is, Work the cities without delay, for time is short. The Lord has kept this work before us for the last twenty years or more. A little has been done in a few places, but much more might be done. I am carrying a burden day and night, because so little is being accomplished to warn the inhabitants of our great centers of population of the judgments that will fall upon the transgressors of God's law.—Letter 168, 1909 (Medical Ministry, 300). MTC 26.3

Message to Be Given Quickly.—The Lord has shown me that there is a work to be done in the cities that is scarcely entered MTC 26.4

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