Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 32

sent, and these have sown the seeds of unbelief until tares have sprung up and multiplied. ... Those who have stood directly in the way of the work of God for the past fifteen years are not to be sustained or given influence.—The Review and Herald, July 23, 1908.

Lack of Encouragement and Support Displeases God.—Let us thank the Lord that there are a few laborers doing everything possible to raise up some memorials for God in our neglected cities. Let us remember that it is our duty to give these workers encouragement. God is displeased with the lack of appreciation and support shown our faithful workers in our large cities.—Manuscript 154, 1902 (Evangelism, 42).

Satan Tries to Discourage City Workers.—As you look upon the cities, so full of iniquity, Satan will tell you that it is impossible to do them any good. The cities are sadly neglected. You will never know the value of the pearl until you seek earnestly to find it.—Manuscript 13, 1895 (Manuscript Releases 10:227).

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