Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 34

Satanic Agencies Organize Opposition to God's Law.—Men have confederated to oppose the Lord of hosts. These confederacies will continue until Christ shall leave His place of intercession before the mercy seat and shall put on the garments of vengeance. Satanic agencies are in every city, busily organizing into parties those opposed to the law of God. Professed saints and avowed unbelievers take their stand with these parties. This is no time for the people of God to be weaklings. We cannot afford to be off our guard for one moment.—Testimonies For The Church 8:42. (1904)

Conflict Between Good and Evil Will Last as Long as Time Lasts.—Terrible is the struggle that takes place between the forces of good and of evil in important centers where the messengers of truth are called upon to labor. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood,” declares Paul, “but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world” (Ephesians 6:12). Till the close of time there will be a conflict between the church of God and those who are under the control of evil angels.—The Acts of the Apostles, 219. (1911)

Satanic Agencies Increase Difficulty of Working the Cities.—We do not realize the extent to which satanic agencies are at work in these large cities. The work of bringing the message of present truth before the people is becoming more and more difficult. It is essential that new and varied talents unite in intelligent labor for the people.—Letter 168, 1909 (Medical Ministry, 300).


People Created for Heaven's Atmosphere.—Men were not created to be subject to poverty, disease, and suffering, not for thoughtless inattention to their physical and spiritual wants, but for dignity, purity, and elevation of character in this life, and for joy unspeakable and full of glory in the future immortal life. The mercies

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