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Ministry to the Cities, Page 49

the church members, that they may unite in doing a definite and self-denying work.—Manuscript 61, 1909 (Manuscript Releases 10:215, 216).

Enter When Doors Open.—God asks, Why are not memorials for Me established in the cities? What answer can we return? The neglected work in our cities testifies to the lack of Christlike energy among believers. Let all awake to the need of establishing Christian missions in the cities. Let God's workers enter the doors that He has opened for them. Believers need to arouse and do much more than they are now doing in lines of Christian effort.—The Review and Herald, February 4, 1904.

Expansion Opportunities Missed.—If during the last twenty years there had been in our large cities aggressive, enthusiastic efforts to proclaim the message of truth, it would have been accepted by thousands who would not only be rejoicing in it, but laboring to impart it to others. ...

In centers such as Washington*Washington, D.C., location of the General Conference from 1904 to 1989, and the Review and Herald Publishing Association from 1906 to 1982. and Mountain ViewMountain View, California, location of the Pacific Press Publishing Association from 1904 to 1984. and Nashville,Nashville, Tennessee, location of the Southern Publishing Association from 1901 to 1980. there should not be an effort to add new responsibilities and gather together more families of believers, but rather our brethren in these places should study how they can move out and establish centers of influence in places where is need of work being done.—Letter 41, 1911.


Doors Open Both to Mission Work and to Opposers of Truth.—Aggressive warfare must be entered upon with a devoted,

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