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Ministry to the Cities, Page 56

ones, who earnestly seek to do service for Him in the daily life. Into all that we do, whether we work in the shop, on the farm, or in the office, let us bring the endeavor to save souls.—Letter 335, 1904. MTC 55.3

Special Talent Exists to Accomplish Work.—Mission work should be done in all our large cities. There is special talent among us for this line of labor, and this talent should be educated and trained. MTC 56.1

The ministers who hover over the churches are accomplishing little good for church members unless they encourage and teach the people to do practical missionary work. Every minister should now feel that there is a greater work for him to do than to repeat again and again the same sermons to the people. ... MTC 56.2

I have been instructed to refer our people to the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah. Read this chapter carefully, and understand the kind of ministry that will bring life into the churches. The work of the gospel is to be carried by means of our liberality as well as by our labors. When you meet suffering souls who need help, give it to them. When you find those who are hungry, feed them. In doing this you will be working in lines of Christ's ministry. ... MTC 56.3

It is not the duty of conference officers to lay restraining hands on the work being done in our cities. By the strange forbiddings that have been exercised in some places, Satan has been seeking to hedge up the way of the truth. The people need no encouragement to inactivity.—Manuscript 7, 1908. MTC 56.4

Best Workers to Be Chosen.—We must labor now for the extension of the truth, and as a result many souls will come to a knowledge of the truth in our hitherto unworked cities. The very choicest instrumentalities the church contains should be selected and sent forth, and sustained in extending missionary efforts.—Atlantic Union Gleaner, January 8, 1902. MTC 56.5

Workers Needed Who Can Reach People's Hearts.—We must plan to place in these great cities capable men who can present MTC 56.6

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