Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 86

Chapter 7—Teaching and Reaping Methods

Church Members to Be Instructed How to Work for Others.—It is the duty of those who stand as leaders and teachers of the people to instruct church members how to labor in missionary lines and then to set in operation the great, grand work of proclaiming widely this message which must arouse every unworked city before the crisis shall come, when, through the working of satanic agencies, the doors now open to the message of the third angel shall be closed. God requires that we shall give the message of present truth to every city, and not keep the work bound up in a few places. Wherever an opening for the truth can be found, there let men be stationed who are capable of presenting its teachings with a power and conviction that will reach hearts.—Manuscript 61, 1909 (Manuscript Releases 10:215, 216).

Church Members to Learn to Impart Truth to Others.—The precious, saving truth has been repeated over and over again to our church members, while right in the cities where our churches are organized, there are souls perishing for the want of knowledge that the members of our churches could impart. Aggressive warfare is scarcely known. If believers were wide awake, were watching for opportunities to diffuse light, they would find plenty of work to do. The earnestness, the sobriety, the revelation of the sense of solemn responsibility which rests upon the followers of Christ, would count strongly in favor of the truth. Those who are self-sacrificing Christians will make an impression upon their neighbors by living a life of practical godliness. They will earnestly labor in the Master's service, showing forth the praises of Him who has called them out

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