Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript File Index, Page 0

Index to Ellen G. White Manuscript File

The Glories of HeavenMS-001  From “A Word to the Little Flock,” pp. 16-17
Early Experiences in Meeting Fanaticism*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 9, 1859
Early Experiences in Meeting Fanaticism*MS-002  Refiled as Ms 10, 1859
To the Little Remnant Scattered AbroadMS-001  From Broadside, “To the Little Remnant Scattered Abroad”
EGW Utterances During VisionMS-00148/11/18 From “Seal of the Living God,” pp. 24-26, 32
Vision of the Open and Shut DoorMS-00149/03/24Topsham, Me.See PT 08/1849
The Sealing*MS-00249/01/17Topsham, Me.1Bio 157-158; see EW 36-39
Duty in Time of TroubleMS-00349/01/18Topsham, Me.5MR 200; see EW 56-58
God’s Love for His PeopleMS-004  From Broadside, “To Those Who Are Receiving the Seal of the Living God”
Remarks in Vision*MS-00549/09/23Topsham, Me. 
Synopsis of E.G. White’s Vision at Rocky Hill, Ct.*MS-00649/06/30Rocky Hill, Ct. 
Affliction of Mrs. HastingsMS-00749/03/11  
The Call Out of BabylonMS-00150/04/15 Unauthenticated
Need of Present Truth*MS-00250/01/09Oswego, N.Y.1Bio 172
Affliction of Mrs. HastingsMS-003  Refiled as Ms 7, 1849
To the Little Flock*MS-00450/01/26Oswego, N.Y.16MR 30-35
Vision at OswegoMS-00550/07/29Oswego, N.Y.18MR 10-13
Testimony to a Church*MS-005a50/07/00E. Hamilton, N.Y.21MR 237-238
Dream*MS-00650/08/22 16MR 171-172
Vision at Br. Harris’*MS-00750/08/24 6MR 250-251; 8MR 220; 1Bio 183-184
Vision at Br. Harris’MS-007a50/08/24 Variant of Ms 7, 1850; 7MR 318
Vision of Aug. 24, 1850MS-008  Unauthenticated
Copy of an Early VisionMS-009  Unauthenticated
Utterances in Vision*MS-01050/12/24Paris, Me.1Bio 201
Vision at Paris, Maine*MS-01150/12/25Paris, Me.13MR 299-302
Vision at Dorchester, Mass.*MS-012  Extract from Ms 15, 1850
Vision at Br. Harris’*MS-013  Extracts from Ms 7, 1850
Vision at Sutton, Vt.*MS-01450/09/00Sutton, Vt.12MR 246-252
Vision at Dorchester, Mass.*MS-01550/10/23Dorchester, Ma.6MR 249
Vision at Oswego, N.Y.MS-016  Refiled as Ms 5, 1850
Time Setting*MS-00151/06/21Camden, N.Y.RH July 21, 1851
Camden VisionMS-001a  Unauthenticated
Test. re Company at Camden*MS-00251/06/23Camden, N.Y. 
Test. re Company at Camden*MS-002a51/06/23Camden, N.Y.Variant of Ms 2, 1851
Exclamations while in VisionMS-00351/04/27Paris, Me.Unauthenticated
  MS-004  Unassigned
Opposition to Sabbath*MS-00551/05/18Paris, Me.6MR 168-172
  MS-006  Unassigned
Time Setting*MS-007  Duplicate of Ms 1, 1851
  MS-008  Unassigned
Test. to Believers at Paris, Maine*MS-00951/00/00Paris, Me.PH016 31-32
The Nations*MS-00152/03/18 SpM 2a-3
General Conference at BallstonMS-00252/03/14Ballston, N.Y. 
  MS-003  Unassigned
Latter RainMS-00452/09/00Washington, N.H.SpM 4
Vision at Jackson, Mi.*MS-00153/06/02Jackson, Mi.13MR 359-360
Vision for Ministers*MS-00253/03/01 See EW 103
Vision for Commandment-Keepers*MS-00353/07/02Rochester, N.Y.5MR 424-426
Extract From a Vision Given at Rochester, N.Y.*MS-00453/07/02Rochester, N.Y. 
Extract From a Vision re James White*MS-00553/07/00  
Reproof for Adultery and NeglectMS-00154/02/12Brookfield, N.Y.CG 540; 1MR 33-34; 6MR 217-219; 7MR 1; 1Bio 290-292
Test. for Churches in New York State*MS-002  Extract from Ms 3, 1854
Test. for Churches in New York State*MS-00354/02/12Brookfield, N.Y.TSB 247-249; 3SM 257, 273-275; 5MR 230-231; 7MR 368-370; 9MR 321-323
Testimony*MS-00454/04/00 PH016 32-33
Gather the Children*MS-00554/06/00Sylvan, Mi.5MR 205-206
Courtesy and KindnessMS-00654/02/19Lincklaen, N.Y. 
Vision Concerning Children of Jackson Church*MS-00754/06/00  
Fragments/“At the Conference at Sylvan…”MS-00155/00/00 AH 177; 6MR 297; 9MR 196-197
Vision at Paris, Me.*MS-00255/08/26Paris, Me.PH016 33-35; MRmnt 40
Fragments re James WhiteMS-00355/05/05 1Bio 318
Vision at Round Grove*MS-00156/12/09Round Grove, Il.See 1T 149-153
Test. for Brn. Arnold and Ross*MS-00256/05/27  
Lack of Appreciation of the Ministry*MS-00157/06/00VermontLDE 234-235
Church Trials*MS-00257/07/06Ulysses, Pa.See 1T 164-168
Vision Concerning Children of Jackson Church*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 7, 1854
Test. re Work in Vt., N.H.*MS-00258/12/27Battle Creek, Mi.21MR 373-377
Test. re John & Mary Loughborough*MS-00358/03/00 10MR 281
Proof of the Call to the MinistryMS-00159/09/24Topsham, Me.21MR 13-16
Vision for VermontMS-001a59/09/24  
Vision for James White*MS-00359/00/00  
The Case of Sister Cranson*MS-00459/07/00  
Diary [Jan. 1 - Mar. 31]*MS-00559/01/01 2SM 337; 3SM 261-262; WM 322-325; 3MR 136-142; 4MR 437; 7MR 216-217; 1Bio 396-400
Diary [Mar. 10, 17]MS-005a59/03/10 From The Good Samaritan, 12/1859
Diary [Apr. 1 - June 30]*MS-00659/04/01 3SM 262-263; WM 325; 3MR 142-143; 5MR 218; 7MR 217-218; 1Bio 404-406
Diary [July 1 - Sept. 30]*MS-00759/07/01 3MR 143
Diary [Oct. 10 - Nov. 20]*MS-00859/10/10 3MR 144-145; 7MR 218
Early Experiences in Meeting Fanaticism*MS-00959/00/00 See 2SG 49-52
Early Experiences in Meeting Fanaticism*MS-01059/00/00 See 2SG 46-50
Diary [Jan. 1, 2]*MS-00160/01/01 1Bio 410-411
“I was shown that a heavy cloud hangs…”*MS-002  Refiled as Ms 12, 1862
  MS-003  Unassigned
Test. for Monterey*MS-00460/12/00 15MR 326-337
Pure ReligionMS-00560/00/00 From The Good Samaritan, 02/1860
Western Missionary FieldMS-00660/00/00 From The Good Samaritan, 02/1860
The Case of Sr. Cranson*MS-007  Refiled as Ms 4, 1859
The Case of Hiram Rich*MS-00161/01/00Battle Creek, Mi.19MR 222-224
Diary—Western Tour*MS-00261/03/21Dubuque, Ia. 
Test. for Mill Grove Church*MS-00361/00/00 OHC 230; 5MR 295
Test. For Brn. Arnold and Ross*MS-004  Refiled as Ms 2, 1856
The Review Office*MS-00561/00/00  
The Case of Sr. Cranson*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 4, 1859
The Case of Br. Mackey*MS-00262/04/30Battle Creek, Mi. 
The Cause in Wisconsin*MS-00362/00/00 5MR 295; see 1T 326-340
  MS-004  Unassigned
Re the Civil War*MS-00562/00/00Battle Creek, Mi.7MR 111-112
Test. re Moses Hull and Wife/Br. Whitney*MS-00662/00/00  
Test. Re Br. Shepley and Sr. Rickford*MS-007  Refiled as Ms 4, 1871
Test. re James and Ellen White’s Family*MS-00862/00/00Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary/Labors in Monterey, Allegan, etc.*MS-00962/11/00 3MR 145-148; 1Bio 481-484
Test. re Brn. Merril and Gravel*MS-01062/11/26Orleans, Mi. 
Re Elder Waggoner*MS-01162/00/00  
“I was shown that a heavy cloud hangs…”*MS-01262/00/00  
Test. re James and Ellen White*MS-00163/06/06 3SM 279-280; 10MR 23-24; 2Bio 18-20
Test. re Monterey Church*MS-00263/06/06Otsego, Mi.17MR 153-161
Vision concerning Caledonia Church*MS-00363/07/22Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary/Labors in Monterey, Allegan, etc.*MS-004  Refiled as Ms 9, 1862
Early Trials and Labors*MS-00563/00/00  
The Case of Asa Green*MS-006  Refiled as Ms 23, 1868
For Ministers*MS-00763/00/00 9MR 207-208
Test. re Work in Ohio*MS-00863/05/00Battle Creek, Mi.21MR 260-264
Test. re the Young*MS-00963/06/00 HP 218
Temptations of the Young*MS-01063/00/00 HP 218
Test. re J.N. Andrews*MS-01163/00/00  
Test. re Sr. Noyes*MS-01263/01/24Battle Creek, Mi. 
Death of Henry White*MS-01363/12/00  
Test. re Br. Fuller*MS-01463/06/06  
Test. re Br-Sr. Wheeler*MS-01563/06/06  
Test. re Church at Mansville, N.Y.*MS-01663/00/00  
Vision re Abbey Family*MS-01763/00/00Brookfield, N.Y. 
The Review Office*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 5, 1861
  MS-002  Unassigned
“I was shown the state of things in Vermont”*MS-003  Refiled as Ms 1a, 1859
Rebellion Within the Ranks*MS-00165/00/00 5MR 297; CTr 115
Test. re Work in Maine*MS-00265/12/25  
Test. re James White*MS-00365/12/25  
Test. for church at Convis, Michigan*MS-00465/00/00  
Importance of Consecration*MS-005  Refiled as Ms 3, 1869
Vision of Sister Orton’s Affliction*MS-006  Refiled as Ms 10, 1866
Our Late ExperienceMS-00166/00/00 From RH 02/20/1866 and 02/27/1866
S.H. King and Family*MS-002  Refiled as Lt 23, 1862
Re Snook and Brinkerhoff Defection*MS-003  Extract from Ms 1, 1865
Re James White as Leader*MS-004  Refiled as Lt 27, 1859
Concerning “Our Home,” Dansville, N.Y.*MS-00566/00/00 1T 615-620
Surmisings at Battle Creek*MS-00666/00/00 1T 526-528
Test. re Br-Sr. Wicks*MS-00766/00/00  
Proper Observance of the Sabbath*MS-00866/00/00 1T 531-533
Test. For Mill Grove Church*MS-009  Duplicate of Ms 3, 1861
Vision of Sister Orton’s Affliction*MS-01066/04/09Battle Creek, Mi. 
Account of James White’s Sickness/Recovery*MS-00167/00/00written in 1880’sOHC 318; 5MR 390-391; 6MR 90, 300-301; 11MR 108; 2Bio 122
“I saw that Brother Alonzo and Diana Abbey”*MS-00267/00/00  
Re John and Mary Loughborough*MS-003  Refiled as Ms 3, 1858
Re Elder Waggoner*MS-004  Refiled as Ms 11, 1862
Re Br. Howard*MS-00567/00/00 2T 695-711
Church at Roosevelt, N.Y.*MS-006  Extract from Lt 16, 1861
Writing out the Light on Health Reform*MS-00767/00/00 3SM 280-282
Test. re Brn. McPherson and Cramer*MS-00867/00/00 5MR 437
Vision for the Abbey Family*MS-009  Refiled as Ms 17, 1863
Test. re Br. Dennis*MS-00168/02/28Watrousville, Mi. 
Test. to Washington, N.H. Brethren*MS-00268/00/00 2T 93-111
Long Praying and Preaching*MS-00368/06/12  
Laying Burdens on Others*MS-00468/06/12 2T 118-124
Test. re the Battle Creek Church*MS-00568/06/30Battle Creek, Mi. 
Our Travels*MS-00668/05/00 7MR 220-221
Test. re L.L. Howard*MS-00768/10/25  
Test. to Bushnell Church*MS-008  Extract from Lt 22, 1867
Test. to Bushnell Church*MS-008a  Refiled as Lt 22a, 1867
Counsel to Wife of Unbelieving Husband*MS-00968/00/00Battle Creek, Mi.TSB 44-47
Caledonia*MS-010  Refiled as Ms 6, 1861
Test. to Sr. Doud*MS-01168/02/28 18MR 368-371
Diary [Jan. 1-31]*MS-01268/01/00 3MR 148-150; 7MR 218-219
Diary [Feb. 1-29]*MS-01368/02/00 3MR 150-152; 10MR 29-30; 2Bio 228-229
Diary [Mar. 1-31]*MS-01468/03/00 3MR 152-154; 2Bio 224
Diary [Apr. 1-30]*MS-01568/04/00 3MR 154-155; 7MR 219-220
Diary [May 1-10]*MS-01668/05/00 3MR 155
Test. re Br. Smith and Family*MS-01768/00/00  
Test. re Br. Covey’s Family*MS-01868/00/00  
Test. re Br. Cramer*MS-01968/00/00  
Counsel to Ministers*MS-02068/00/00 2T 498-522
Appeal to Ministers*MS-02168/00/00 2T 334-346
Test. re Sr. Wilson and Br-Sr. Maynard*MS-02268/00/00 2T 73-77
The Case of Asa Green*MS-02368/01/05Battle Creek, Mi. 
Remarks/Remarks by Sr. White in Battle CreekMS-00169/03/26Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 1-9
Test. to Mt. Pleasant Church*MS-00269/05/00Battle Creek, Mi.4MR 339
Importance of Consecration*MS-00369/00/00 PH011 71-75
The Case of Br. Mackey*MS-001  Duplicate of Ms 2, 1862
Activity a BlessingMS-00270/00/00 1MCP 117-119
Agents of Satan*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 9, 1880
Youth in Battle Creek*MS-00271/00/00 OHC 222; 2MCP 604; TSB 25
Elder White’s Labors/Errors of His Brethren*MS-00371/00/00 See 3T 88-95
Test. re Br. Shepley and Sr. Bickford*MS-00471/00/00Battle Creek, Mi. 
Orphan Children*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 3, 1872
  MS-002  Unassigned
Orphan Children*MS-00372/00/00  
Diary [July 14-Sept. 4]*MS-00472/07/00 3SM 263-264; 3MR 155-158; 7MR 231
Diary [Oct. 2-Dec. 13]*MS-00572/10/00 2Bio 361-362, 367-368
Joy in Christ’s Service*MS-00672/00/00  
Two Dreams that Illustrate Unity of Action*MS-00173/01/20 1SAT 1-3
  MS-002  Unassigned
Diary [Jan. 1-31]*MS-00373/01/00 3SM 90; 3MR 173; 6MR 290-291; 10MR 65-66
Diary [Feb. 1-28]*MS-00473/02/00 TSB 19; 3MR 174; 6MR 291-292; 11MR 119-120
Diary [Mar. 1-31]*MS-00573/03/00 11MR 120-121; 2Bio 377-379
Diary [Apr. 1-30]*MS-00673/04/00 3SM 264; 8MR 448; 2Bio 379, 381
Diary [May 1-31]*MS-00773/05/00 3SM 264; 4MR 436; 2Bio 382
Diary [Jun. 1-30]*MS-00873/06/00 3SM 264; 3MR 159-160; 11MR 122-124; 2Bio 383-384
Diary [Jul. 1-31]*MS-00973/07/00 3MR 161; 2Bio 386
Diary [Aug. 1-31]*MS-01073/08/00 3MR 161-162; 6MR 293; 2Bio 387
Diary [Sep. 1-30]*MS-01173/09/00 20MR 205-212
Diary [Oct. 1-26]*MS-01273/10/00 3MR 168-172; 6MR 294; 2Bio 388-389
Diary [Nov. 5-18]*MS-01373/11/00 3SM 265; 3MR 172; 5MR 295; 11MR 124-125
Methods of Labor/Work in the CitiesMS-00174/04/01 SpTA #7 2-19
Work in California*MS-001a74/00/00 5MR 300-301
Diary [Jan. 1-Feb. 16]*MS-00274/01/00 4MR 339-340
Diary [Feb. 17-28]*MS-00374/02/00  
Diary [Jun. 4-20]*MS-00474/06/00 11MR 130-131
Test. re Br. Stockings*MS-00574/00/00 3SM 332-335; 9MR 21-22
Test. to Wisconsin Workers*MS-00674/06/00 4MR 341-342
Temperance Test. in Battle Creek*MS-00774/00/00 Te 200-202; 7MR 347-348
Sermon/“The words which I have selected…”MS-00874/00/00Washington, Ia.1SAT 4-9
The Spirit of SacrificeMS-00974/01/00 From The True Missionary, 01/1874
The Work for this TimeMS-01074/02/00 From The True Missionary, 02/1874
Educational, Health, and Temperance WorkMS-00175/10/12 CW 123-126
Re Families in the San Francisco Church*MS-00275/01/03  
Test. re Br. Littlejohn*MS-00375/01/15Battle Creek, Mi. 
Trials of James White*MS-00475/00/00  
Parents as ReformersMS-00575/00/00 See 3T 560-570; 2MCP 394
Testimony Regarding Br. Ings*MS-00675/00/00  
Separation From the World*MS-00775/00/00  
Testimony to E.H. Gaskill and Wife*MS-00875/07/00 7MR 3
DietMS-00176/06/12 CD 179; CG 386-387, 399; 7MR 1-2
Diary [Jan. 1-12]MS-00276/01/00 3Bio 15-17
Diary [Jun. 14-21]*MS-00376/06/00  
Testimony to E.H. Gaskill and Wife*MS-004  Refiled as Ms 8, 1875
The Days of Noah*MS-00576/00/00 10MR 265-266, 371-374 with 12MR 207-209
On Jonah*MS-00676/00/00  
Statement Regarding Israel Dammon*MS-00776/00/00  
Simplicity in DressMS-00177/10/23Oakland, Ca.RH 03/20/1958
Proper DressMS-00277/00/00 ML 146; see 1877 HR articles
Talk/“When we engage with all”MS-00377/00/00 18MR 281-285
Church DifficultiesMS-00178/10/09 FLB 92, 138; TDG 291; Ev 691; 12MR 113-116; 15MR 134-144
Sermon/The Duties and Dangers of our Time*MS-00278/08/25Battle Creek, Mi. 
Camp meeting at Plano, Tx.*MS-00378/11/00 3Bio 100
Visit to Oregon State PrisonMS-00478/00/00 5MR 178
Diary [Oct. 23-Nov. 3]*MS-00578/10/00 11MR 57-58
Test. to Oakland Church*MS-00678/00/00 TMK 196, 313, 325
The Publishing Work/“My husband has seen…”*MS-00179/06/06 PM 331-333
A View of the Judgment*MS-00279/10/23Battle Creek, Mi. 
Sermon/How to Keep the SabbathMS-00379/05/23Emporia, Ks.HP 152; CG 533-534
Diary [Apr. 30-May 19]*MS-00479/05/00 11MR 58-61; 3Bio 115
Diary [May 20-Jun. 14]*MS-00579/05/00 7MR 348-349
The JudgmentMS-00679/10/23 From PH043
The Publishing House in California*MS-00779/00/00  
A Dream re Pacific Press Office*MS-00879/00/00  
Church DifficultiesMS-00180/02/18Battle Creek, Mi.12MR 274-295
A DreamMS-00280/00/00 12MR 10-11
Our CollegeMS-003  Refiled as Ms 2, 1881
The Bible and the School*MS-00480/00/00 FLB 20, 222
Test. to Publishing House Workers*MS-00580/01/28Battle Creek, Mi. 
The Needs of California*MS-00680/04/04Ca. 
Diary [Feb. 24-Mar. 21]*MS-00780/03/00 11MR 62-63; 3Bio 132-133
How Shall We Celebrate Christmas and New Year*MS-00880/00/00 21MR 222-226
Agents of Satan*MS-00980/09/00 TSB 104-107; 7MR 209-210; 5T 137-148
Proper Training in Our SchoolsMS-01080/00/00  
Our Sabbath SchoolsMS-01180/00/00  
  MS-001  Unassigned
Our CollegeMS-00281/00/00 20MR 182-187
Remarks/At Funeral of James WhiteMS-00381/08/00 From PH168 40-43
Test. re James White*MS-004  Refiled as part of Ms 4a, 1881
Test. to Battle Creek Sanitarium*MS-004a81/07/08Battle Creek, Mi.12MR 129-135
Test. re James White*MS-004b  Refiled as part of Ms 4a, 1881
Proper Use of the Test. on Health ReformMS-00581/03/23Battle Creek, Mi.3SM 283-288
Sketch of Last Sickness and Death of J. WhiteMS-00681/09/00 From “In Memoriam” 44-57
Test. to Battle Creek Sanitarium*MS-007  Refiled as part of Ms 4a, 1881
  MS-001  Unassigned
Test. to Battle Creek Sanitarium*MS-002  Refiled as Ms 4a, 1881
  MS-003  Unassigned
God in NatureMS-00482/00/00Rome, N.Y.GCDB 02/18/1897
With Believers at Ukiah, California*MS-00582/00/00 3Bio 220-221
Diary [Nov. 26]*MS-00682/11/26 4MR 40
Test. re Battle Creek*MS-00782/12/00 PH155 12-24
Camp-meeting HygieneMS-00882/05/05 GosHealth 04/1898
Diary Fragments [Jun. 24-Dec. 10]*MS-00982/06/24  
Sermon/Doubting the TestimoniesMS-00183/11/00Battle Creek, Mi.1SM 45-48
Sermon/Words to MinistersMS-00283/11/00Battle Creek, Mi.1MR 19; 5MR 156
Sermon/Genuine Faith and HolinessMS-00383/11/00Battle Creek, Mi.From GW92 226-229
Suppression and the Shut DoorMS-00483/00/00Healdsburg, Ca.1SM 59-73
Sermon/At 1883 Gen. Conf.*MS-00583/11/20Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 10-19
Walk in the Light*MS-006  Extract from Ms 9, 1883
Testimony to a Minister Concerning Sensational Methods*MS-007  Duplicate of Lt 29, 1872
Test. re G.A. Carlsbadt*MS-00883/09/03  
Walk in the Light*MS-00983/09/03Montpelier, Vt.See ST 09/27/1883; HP 36
Peril of Doubt and UnbeliefMS-010  Refiled as Ms 40, 1887
Christ Our CounselorMS-01183/00/00 ChL 63
Diary Fragments [Feb.-Mar.]*MS-01283/02/00  
Remarks/TemperanceMS-00184/09/26Jackson, Mi.From RH 10/21/1884
Sermon*MS-00284/05/13Los Angeles, Ca.UL 147
Sermon/Parental Responsibility*MS-00384/05/14Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Los Angeles Campground*MS-00484/05/15Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Los Angeles Campground*MS-00584/05/16Los Angeles, Ca.1SAT 10-12
Sermon/Los Angeles Campground*MS-00684/05/17Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Oakland, Cal.*MS-00784/05/24Oakland, Ca. 
“In the Sunday School lessons…”*MS-00884/06/12  
Visit to Multnomah Falls*MS-00984/06/20E. Portland, Or.TDG 180; 3Bio 252-253
Sermon/Portland, Oregon*MS-01084/06/29Portland Or.Notes only; not on file
Proper Breathing and Good Speaking*MS-01184/00/00  
The Fruit of Persecution and Suffering*MS-01284/00/00  
The Ladder to Heaven*MS-01384/00/00 19MR 338-355
Message of the Autograph*MS-01484/00/00 In YI 05/05/1959
The Ohio Camp MeetingMS-01584/09/00  
Satan’s Last Deception*MS-01684/00/00 LDE 164-165
Diary Fragments [Jun. 4-6]*MS-01784/06/04  
Butler, G.I.MS-001  Refiled as Lt 120, 1886
Sermon/Battle Creek TabernacleMS-00285/07/25Battle Creek, Mi.2MR 211; 9MR 42-43
Counsel to a Physician and Medical StudentsMS-002a  Duplicate of Ms 4a, 1885
The Obedience of the SabbathMS-00385/10/08Christiania, Norway3SM 259-260; HP 150, 151; 1BC 1099-1100; 6BC 1102; 5MR 3-6; CTr 109
Sermon/Christian FellowshipMS-00485/11/09Christiania, Norway2SAT 20-25
Counsel to Physicians and Medical StudentsMS-004a85/07/27 PH167
Words of Counsel to Young PhysiciansMS-004b85/07/27 See Ms 4a, 1885
Sermon/Hearing and DoingMS-00585/03/07Santa Rosa, Ca.1SAT 13-24
The Spirit of ServiceMS-00685/00/00Basel, Switz. 
Come Out From Among ThemMS-00785/07/27 See Ms 4a, 1885
Sermon/Soldiers of ChristMS-00885/10/24Grythytthed, SwedenOHC 326; 6MR 50-51; CTr 205
Sermon/God’s Purpose For UsMS-00985/10/24Grythytthed, Sweden 
Sermon/The Price of Eternal LifeMS-01085/10/27Orebro, Sweden 
Sermon/Waiting & Watching for Christ’s AppearingMS-01185/10/28Orebro, SwedenHP 42, 233, 355
Statement re Mr. GarmireMS-01285/08/07S. Lancaster, Ma.PH030 9-12
“I have been unable to sleep much…”MS-013  Duplicate of Ms 39, 1887
Talk/Before the European Council*MS-01485/09/21Basel, Switz.1MR 151-153; 5MR 308-311
Influence of Unconsecrated Workers*MS-01585/07/17Winslow, Az.TDG 207; OHC 303
Diary [Jul. 7]*MS-01685/07/07 EGWE 25
Diary [Jul. 7-Sep. 24]*MS-016a85/07/00 3MR 179-180; 5MR 268-269; 11MR 148-149; 3Bio 289-293, 297-300; EGWE 27, 88
Shipboard Meditations*MS-01785/08/14“Cephalonia”TDG 235; EGWE 28-29
Remarks/European Council*MS-01885/09/20Basel, Switz.21MR 300
Talk?/European General Council*MS-01985/09/21Basel, Switz.4MR 408-409; 6MR 130-133
Diary [Sep. 25]*MS-02085/09/25Basel, Switz.3Bio 310-313; EGWE 83
Diary [Oct. 15]*MS-02185/10/15Steamer for Malmo3Bio 318
Re Miles Grant in Italy*MS-02285/11/30Italy5MR 269
Re Miles Grant*MS-02385/00/00Italy 
Diary [Sep. 25-Oct. 5]*MS-02485/09/00Basel, Switz.2MR 112-116; 3Bio 313; EGWE 83, 86
Diary [Oct. 6-14]*MS-02585/10/00 5MR 157-160; 6MR 143, 295; EGWE 99-100
Diary [Oct. 15-30]*MS-02685/10/00 TDG 299; 3SM 313-316; 2MR 153; 3MR 373, 383-389; 6MR 94; 9MR 99-100; 3Bio 320; EGWE 100, 105, 108-109
Diary [Oct. 31-Nov. 19]*MS-02785/11/00 2MR 116-121; 3Bio 328-329; EGWE 124-126
Diary [Nov. 20-25]*MS-02885/11/00 17MR 329-335
Diary [Nov. 26-Dec. 15]*MS-02985/12/00 3Bio 333-336; 3MR 214-216; 4MR 41; 5MR 270; 10MR 379-380
Report of Meeting in Torre Pellice*MS-029a85/11/28  
Diary [Dec. 16-31]*MS-03085/12/00 5MR 183, 270-271; 3Bio 337; EGWE 89-90, 145-146
Record of Writing [Nov. 16-Dec. 24]*MS-030a85/11/16  
Purity*MS-03185/00/00 TSB 92
God’s Purpose for Israel*MS-03285/00/00 CTr 111
Sermon/Christiania, NorwayMS-03385/11/10Christiania, NorwayHP 289; 5MR 435
Ministers’ FamiliesMS-03485/02/15Healdsburg, Ca.Unverified extracts
Ministers’ FamiliesMS-034a85/02/15Healdsburg, Ca.Unverified extracts
Ministers’ FamiliesMS-034b85/10/22Kopparberg, SwedenUnverified extracts
Sermon?/The Use of MeansMS-03585/10/19Stockholm, Sweden19MR 133-140
Lessons from the Training and Character of MosesMS-03685/12/13Torre Pellice, ItalySee YI 01/29/1903; CTr 100, 116, 135
Sermon/Address to MinistersMS-03785/00/00?  
  MS-001  Unassigned
  MS-002  Unassigned
  MS-003  Unassigned
  MS-004  Unassigned
Sermon/Striving to Enter InMS-00586/06/19Orebro, SwedenHP 118, 263; CTr 220
Talk/Beginnings of Work in ScandinaviaMS-00686/06/23Orebro, SwedenEv 420-421; 11MR 76-77
Sermon/Preparation for the JudgmentMS-006a86/06/27Orebro, Sweden1SAT 25-38
Remarks/Reproof for Sabbath-BreakingMS-00786/07/11Christiania, Norway10MR 89-95
Sermon/Christ’s Agony over JerusalemMS-007a86/07/11Christiania, Norway 
Talk/Overcoming SelfMS-00886/07/19Copenhagen, DenmarkTDG 209; CTr 126
Sermon/Having Our Conversation in HeavenMS-00986/07/24Copenhagen, Denmark1SAT 39-47
Sermon/Preparation for Christ’s ComingMS-01086/07/24Copenhagen, Denmark2SAT 26-30
Sermon/Christ’s Controversy With the DevilMS-01186/07/25Copenhagen, DenmarkCTr 216, 288
The Blending of Nationalities in ChristMS-012  Extract from Lt 23, 1885
Talk/Christian BrotherhoodMS-01386/09/22Grimsby, EnglandTDG 274; 2MR 145
Christian WorkMS-014  Duplicate of Ms 15, 1886
Christian Integrity in the MinistryMS-01586/00/00Basel, Switz.11MR 82-91
Labors in ItalyMS-015a86/04/18Torre Pellice, Italy5MR 272-273
Visit to CopenhagenMS-015b86/07/00Copenhagen, DenmarkLDE 232; 6MR 143-144
White, J.E./White, Emma*MS-015c  Extract from Lt 2, 1886
Sermon/The Privilege of Being a ChristianMS-01686/09/19Grimsby, England2SAT 31-38
God’s BuildingMS-01786/00/00 Missing
  MS-018  Unassigned
Sermon/Lessons from the Life of AbrahamMS-01986/03/13 HP 112; 10MR 118-121; CTr 73, 75
Sermon/Lessons from the Life of AbrahamMS-019a86/03/27Basel, Switz.1BC 1093-1094; TDG 95; 6MR 5-6; CTr 76, 80
Sketch of JourneyMS-02086/06/20Basel, Switz.5MR 18-23; 3Bio 342; EGWE 190
Sermon/The Need of Earnest, Intelligent WorkersMS-021  Refiled as Ms 14, 1887
Healdsburg CollegeMS-02286/00/00 1MR 317-322
Building a House for GodMS-02386/00/00 Ev 377-378; CG 542-543; CTr 364
Objections to the Bible*MS-02486/00/00 1SM 19-21
Talk/SanctificationMS-02586/06/20Orebro, Sweden5MR 123-124
Sermon/Evil SpeakingMS-02686/07/15Christiania, NorwayUL 210; OHC 234; Ev 244-245
Sermon/Building on the RockMS-02786/07/25Copenhagen, DenmarkTDG 215; Ev 595-596
Sermon/The Hope Set Before UsMS-02886/10/24Nimes, France3MR 104-107
Talk/Gaining a Fitness for HeavenMS-02986/10/31Nimes, France3MR 113-116
Sermon/The Christian PathwayMS-03086/11/07Villar Pellice, Italy5MR 250-253
Sermon/Giving Up Our Will for God’s WillMS-03186/11/07Torre Pellice, Italy5MR 253-256
Sermon?/The Use of MeansMS-032  Refiled as Ms 35, 1885
Travels in Switzerland*MS-03386/09/02Basel, Switz.2SM 335; 5MR 194; EGWE 214-215
Recollections of Early Days of the Message*MS-034  Extract from Ms 73, 1886
A Christ-like Character*MS-03586/07/00 OHC 176; TSB 261
Sermon/Come Unto Me*MS-036  Duplicate of Ms 40, 1886
Counsel to Church Members*MS-03786/00/00  
Counsel to Chaux-des-Fonds Church*MS-037a86/00/00  
Sermon/Whom are we Following?*MS-03886/11/11St. Germain, Italy5MR 256-262
Sermon/“If Thou Wilt Enter Into Life”*MS-03986/10/16Nimes, France3MR 66-70
Sermon/Come Unto Me*MS-04086/10/17Nimes, France3MR 70-75
Sermon/Walk in the Light*MS-04186/10/18Nimes, France3MR 75-81
Sermon/The Ladder to Heaven*MS-04286/10/20Nimes, France3MR 81-88
Sermon/Search the Scriptures*MS-04386/10/21Nimes, France3MR 88-93
Sermon/The Cross Before the Crown*MS-04486/10/22Nimes, France3MR 93-99
Sermon/God’s Law the Standard of Character*MS-04586/10/23Nimes, France3MR 99-104
Sermon/The Two Standards*MS-04686/10/30Nimes, France3MR 107-113
The Battle Following Conversion*MS-046a86/11/11Nimes, France3MR 117-119
Sermon/Keep My Commandments*MS-04786/11/14Torre Pellice, Italy5MR 262-267
Sermon/At Lausanne*MS-04886/11/21Lausanne, Switz. 
Sermon/Church Dedication*MS-04986/12/25Tramelan, Switz.3MR 230-236
Economy*MS-05086/06/00Christiania, Norway3SM 330-331
Human Lips to Give the Message*MS-05186/00/00  
Visit to Bienne*MS-05286/03/19Bienne, Switz.CTr 326
At Bienne*MS-05386/03/22Lausanne, Switz.EGWE 172
Diary [Apr. 18-May 19]*MS-05486/04/00Torre Pellice, ItalyOHC 245; EGWE 177, 187
Visit to Bobbio*MS-05586/04/25Villa Pellice, ItalyVSS 400; 2MR 303-304; 5MR 273; CTr 29
Traveling in Switzerland*MS-05686/05/20Laufen, Switz.TMK 146, 360, 361; 10MR 367-370; 3Bio 343
Diary [Jul. 8]*MS-05786/07/08Christiania, Norway3Bio 347-349; EGWE 203
Visit to Hansen Home*MS-05886/07/00Christiania, Norway8MR 122-123
Sketch of Journey to England*MS-05986/09/00 3Bio 354; EGWE 216-217
Sermon/The Mission of Christ*MS-06086/12/26Tramelan, Switz.HP 370; UL 374
Diary [Jan. 1-Mar. 21]*MS-06186/03/21Basel, Switz.EGWE 148
Diary [Apr. 15-29]*MS-06286/04/00 OHC 34, 139, 253; 1MR 309-310; 2MR 307-309; 5MR 274; 6MR 295; 10MR 370-371; EGWE 176, 179-184; CTr 248, 322
Journey from Italy to Switzerland*MS-06386/04/29  
Diary [Apr. 30-May 23]*MS-06486/05/00 3MR 228-229, 373-374; 5MR 27-28
Diary [Jun. 15-Jul. 1]*MS-06586/06/00 OHC 139, 212; 3MR 389-390; 4MR 99; 9MR 92, 94; 3Bio 345; EGWE 193-195
Diary [Jul. 2-15]*MS-06686/07/00Christiania, Norway8MR 123-124; 3Bio 347, 349, 351-352; EGWE 199, 202, 204-205
Diary [Jul. 16-27]*MS-06786/07/00 3Bio 352
Diary [Jul. 28-Aug. 11]*MS-06886/08/00Basel, Switz. 
Diary [Sep. 14-Oct. 13]*MS-06986/09/00  
Diary [Oct. 14-Nov. 2]*MS-07086/10/00 3MR 61-64; 5MR 317-319; 3Bio 355
Diary [Nov. 3-12]*MS-07186/11/00  
Diary [Dec. 24-31]*MS-07286/12/00 3MR 229-230; 5MR 25-27
Descriptive Items from Travels*MS-07386/00/00 OHC 252; 3MR 216-217; EGWE 237-238
Record of Writing*MS-07486/00/00  
Visit to Paris, France, and the Louvre*MS-07586/10/00 HP 40, 44; CTr 292
Recollections of Early Days of the Message*MS-07686/11/00 4MR 402-403; EGWE 266
Labors in Tramelan, Switzerland*MS-07786/12/00 See RH 04/05/1887
Nearing the Judgment*MS-07886/00/00 HP 218
Sermon/At Orebro, SwedenMS-07986/06/24Orebro, SwedenHP 331
Sermon/At Grimsby, EnglandMS-08086/09/21Grimsby, EnglandHP 353, 354; 9MR 249-251
Sermon/At Grimsby, EnglandMS-08186/09/21Grimsby, England1SAT 48-51
Sermon/At Grimsby, EnglandMS-08286/09/00Grimsby, England9MR 253-256
Sermon/At Grimsby, EnglandMS-08386/09/00Grimsby, England3SM 420; 8MR 104; 9MR 256-259; CTr 42
Sermon/At Grimsby, EnglandMS-08486/09/26Grimsby, EnglandHP 369; 9MR 259-264
Important Test. to our Brn. and Srs. in N.Y.MS-08586/12/27Basel, Switz.From PH039
Sermon/NoahMS-08686/02/27Basel, Switz.CTr 39, 55, 57-60
Preparing for the Time of Testing*MS-08786/00/00Copenhagen, Denmark 
The Mother’s TrustMS-08886/00/00  
God’s Immutable Law*MS-08986/00/00  
  MS-001  Unassigned
  MS-002  Unassigned
High Standard of Gospel Ministry*MS-00387/03/01Basel, Switz. 
  MS-004  Unassigned
Sermon?/The Use of MeansMS-005  Refiled as Ms 35, 1885
  MS-006  Unassigned
  MS-007  Unassigned
  MS-008  Unassigned
  MS-009  Unassigned
  MS-010  Unassigned
  MS-011  Unassigned
  MS-012  Unassigned
  MS-013  Unassigned
Sermon/The Need of Earnest, Intelligent WorkersMS-01487/03/07Basel, Switz.2SAT 39-47
  MS-015  Unassigned
Sermon/Behold What Manner of LoveMS-01687/05/22Zurich, Switz.CC 29; 8MR 406-407
Sermon/Practical GodlinessMS-01787/06/11Moss, Norway6MR 13, 196-197; 8MR 32
Sermon/Christian TemperanceMS-01887/06/19Moss, NorwayCC 130; 9MR 232-234
Sermon/A Practical EducationMS-01987/08/19New Bedford, Ma.AH 88, 299; CG 124, 126, 254-255, 358; 4MR 96; 11MR 155
Sermon/Morning Talk at Grand RapidsMS-02087/09/25Grand Rapids, Mi.UL 282
Sermon/At OaklandMS-02187/10/14Oakland, Ca. 
SanitariumsMS-02287/09/12Battle Creek, Mi.15MR 272-285
Equality in Distribution of MeansMS-02387/00/00Battle Creek, Mi. 
Investing Means in Building SanitariumsMS-023a87/00/00Battle Creek, Mi.Variant of Ms 23, 1887
Test. for Workers of Publ. House at BaselMS-02487/02/14 AH 308; Ev 94, 650-651; OHC 175, 240; UL 59; 1BC 1108, 1113; 3BC 1159-1162; 4BC 1144; 8MR 325-328; 9MR 374
Sermon/A Peculiar People*MS-02587/07/14Wellingborough, Eng.UL 209; EGWE 311
Sermon/A Living Sacrifice*MS-02687/02/06Tramelan, Switz.4MR 445-446; CTr 215
Storm at Sea*MS-02787/08/00En route to USAEGWE 317
Sermon/A Peculiar People*MS-028  Duplicate of Ms 25, 1887
Diary [Jan. 1-May 15]*MS-02987/01/00Switz.1SM 147; 3MR 374-375; 6MR 193; 8MR 445-446; 9MR 94-95; 3Bio 361-363; EGWE 267-269, 271-274
  MS-030  Unassigned
Diary [May 13-22]*MS-03187/05/00France5MR 319
Diary [May 26-31]*MS-03287/05/00Germany2MR 121-130
Diary [Jun. 1-8]*MS-03387/06/00Denmark6MR 145; EGWE 298-299
Diary [Jun. 9-22]*MS-03487/06/00Norway2MR 130-138
Diary [Jun. 23-28]*MS-03587/06/00Sweden3MR 390-393
Diary [Jun. 29-Jul. 10]*MS-03687/07/00England2MR 138-142; 6MR 123; EGWE 307-308, 311
Cooperating With God*MS-03787/06/07Copenhagen, DenmarkTDG 167
The Witness of John Huss*MS-03887/00/00 9MR 275-277
“I have been unable to sleep much…”MS-03987/07/23Grimsby, Eng.3MR 1-4
“I have been unable to sleep much…”MS-039a87/07/23Grimsby, Eng.Variant of Ms 39, 1887
Peril of Doubt and UnbeliefMS-04087/00/00 HP 105; see ST 06/23/1887
The Value of Redemption/“In order to…”MS-04187/00/00 CC 325; SD 249; 1BC 1107; 5BC 1149; 7ABC 487
Diary Fragments [Nov.-Dec. 23]*MS-04287/11/00  
Diary/The Law and the Gospel*MS-043   
Our Health InstitutionsMS-00188/02/01Healdsburg, Ca.1MR 278-281; SpM 208-210
Engaging in Worldly SpeculationMS-00288/09/07 1888 47-65
Sermon/Living for GodMS-00388/09/25Oakland, Ca.Te 158, 192, 256; 2SM 301-302; 4MR 363-364; 9MR 374-375; 10MR 71; MRmnt 123
Sermon/How to Become True Ministers for ChristMS-00488/10/08Kansas City2SAT 48-56
Sermon?/The Use of MeansMS-005  Refiled as Ms 35, 1885
Talk/A Living Connection with GodMS-00688/10/11Minneapolis, Mn.1888 69-73
Sermon/Tell of His Love and PowerMS-00788/10/13Minneapolis, Mn.1888 74-84
Sermon/Advancing in Christian ExperienceMS-00888/10/20Minneapolis, Mn.1888 121-128
Sermon/Counsel to MinistersMS-008a88/10/21Minneapolis, Mn.1888 132-145
Talk/At MinneapolisMS-00988/10/24Minneapolis, Mn.1888 151-153
Remarks/On Missionary WorkMS-01088/10/23Minneapolis, Mn.1888 146-150
Treatment of the ErringMS-01188/00/00 15MR 172-199
Test. to Dr. BurkeMS-01288/04/00Oakland, Ca.5MR 337; 10MR 121, 287-289
Sermon/At Des MoinesMS-01388/12/01Des Moines, Ia.1SAT 61-77; ML 29; AH 319, 528-529; CG 272; 9MR 98
How Can Institutions Be Made a Success?MS-01488/02/01 AH 53-54; TSB 115-117; 7MR 128-130
A Call to a Deeper Study of the WordMS-01588/11/00Minneapolis, Mn.1888 163-175
The Guide Book*MS-01688/00/00Minneapolis, Mn.1SM 15-18
Sermon/A Chosen PeopleMS-01788/10/21Minneapolis, Mn.1888 129-131
Religious LibertyMS-01888/00/00 1SAT 78-92
Who Shall Be Saved?MS-01988/00/00  
Sermon/Abide in Me*MS-02088/11/25Potterville, Mi.TDG 338; 10MR 381-382
Distressing Experiences of 1888*MS-02188/00/00 1888 176-181
Diary [Jan. 1-30]*MS-02288/01/00 TSB 54
Diary [Feb. 1-14]*MS-02388/02/00  
Looking Back at Minneapolis*MS-02488/11/00 12MR 179-205
Diary [Dec. 16-31]*MS-02588/12/00Battle Creek, Mi.3Bio 421-423
Remarks/At MinneapolisMS-02688/10/00Minneapolis, Mn.1SAT 52-60
Living the TruthMS-02788/00/00 7MR 331
Diary [May-June]*MS-02888/05/00  
Sermon/The Quality of FaithMS-00189/05/11Ottawa, Ks.FW 63-80
Talk/Picking FlawsMS-00289/05/12Ottawa, Ks.1SAT 93-97
Talk/Morning TalkMS-00389/05/14Ottawa, Ks.1SAT 98-101
Talk/Preparation for Christ’s ComingMS-00489/05/14Ottawa, Ks.1SAT 102-104
Sermon/Christ and the LawMS-00589/06/19Rome, N.Y.1SAT 105-119
Counsels Regarding Matters at Gen Conf.MS-00689/11/04Battle Creek, Mi.1888 471-497
Neatness and Order at Camp meetingsMS-00789/00/00 1BC 1119
Advancing in Christ’s Training SchoolMS-00889/00/00Kalamazoo, Mi. 
Behold the LambMS-009  Duplicate of Lt 135, 1898
The Excellence of ChristMS-01089/10/00 1888 447-449
Test. to LeadersMS-01189/08/10Harbor Heights, Mi. 
Establish the Work in Many Places*MS-01289/00/00 PH151 6-8
Standing by the LandmarksMS-01389/00/00 1888 516-519
The Elevating Character of True ReligionMS-01489/00/00 HM Extra 12/1889
Counsels to Our Colporteurs re Diet*MS-01589/00/00 16MR 173
The Discernment of Truth*MS-01689/01/00 1888 257-262
Diary [Jan. 1-31]*MS-01789/01/00 3Bio 423, 425, 427; FBS 2
Diary [Feb. 1-25]*MS-01889/02/00 9MR 93-94
Diary [Mar. 2-28]*MS-01989/03/00 1888 269-273
Diary [Jun. 15-28]*MS-02089/06/00  
Diary [Aug. 23]*MS-020a89/08/23Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary [Sep. 6-29]*MS-02189/09/00 Mar 197; OHC 99; TDG 261, 279; 11MR 150-152
Diary [Oct. 16-31]*MS-02289/10/00Battle Creek, Mi.1888 452-468
Diary [Nov. 1-23]*MS-02389/11/00Battle Creek, Mi.OHC 211; 3SM 360; 11MR 109-113; 12MR 57
Diary [Dec. 4-27]*MS-02489/12/00Battle Creek, Mi.TDG 364, 368
Resume of Travels and Labors*MS-02589/00/00 3Bio 417-418
Unity and Harmony Among Ministers*MS-02689/09/11Denver, Co.RC 277; UL 268
True Concept of Righteousness by Faith*MS-02789/09/13Denver, Co.3SM 183-189
A Significant Dream*MS-02889/11/18Battle Creek, Mi.TDG 331
Love and Consideration in Worker Relationship*MS-02989/11/18Battle Creek, Mi. 
Experiences Following the Minneapolis Conf.*MS-03089/06/00 16MR 212-241
Diary/Paragraphs on various subjectsMS-03189/00/00 3SM 43; VSS 77-78, 131-132; 1BC 1092; 3BC 1156; 4BC 1147; 5BC 1083, 1089, 1135-1136; 6BC 1076, 1111, 1118-1119; 7BC 988; 17MR 32; CTr 234
Sermon/At Kansas Camp-meetingMS-03289/05/10Ottawa, Ks.From Topeka Daily Capital, 05/11/1889
Sermon/At Kansas Camp-meetingMS-03389/05/14Ottawa, Ks.From Topeka Daily Capital, 05/15/1889
Sermon/At Kansas Camp-meetingMS-03489/05/15Ottawa, Ks.From Topeka Daily Capital, 05/16/1889
Sermon/Progress in the Work of ChristMS-03589/11/16Battle Creek, Mi. 
Ministry of AngelsMS-03689/00/00  
Resisting DoubtMS-03789/00/00  
Diary/Prayer and Entrusted Talents*MS-03889/09/00  
Diary/Christ at Nazareth*MS-03989/09/18  
Diary/Thoughts on Luke 10*MS-04089/11/00  
Sermon/Heaven’s Part in Life’s ConflictMS-00190/02/01Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 57-70
A Consecrated MinistryMS-001a90/02/13Battle Creek, Mi.PH028 1-20
Sermon/The Spirit of DiscernmentMS-00290/03/09Battle Creek, Mi.1SAT 139-142
Sermon/FaithMS-00290/03/16Battle Creek, Mi.1SAT 143-149
The Work in MichiganMS-00390/08/10 2SAT 71-79
Sermon/“Yesterday morning before I went…”MS-00490/03/08 1888 593-598
“Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse…”MS-00590/00/00Battle Creek, Mi.19MR 73-76
“John to the seven churches…”MS-00690/11/25Brooklyn, N.Y.PC 385-389
Managers of the Health Inst./Crystal SpringsMS-006a  Refiled as Lt 6a, 1890
Remarks/“We have the exhortation…”MS-00790/02/05 7BC 937
Sr. White’s Test. Through the ReviewMS-00890/00/00 From RH
Remarks/At the Bible SchoolMS-00990/02/03 1SAT 120-128
Remarks/At the Bible SchoolMS-01090/02/06 1SAT 129-138
  MS-011  Unassigned
  MS-012  Unassigned
  MS-013  Unassigned
  MS-014  Unassigned
  MS-015  Unassigned
“The true Witness speaks through John…”MS-01690/10/01Lynn, Ma.2SM 19-21; PM 67, 79; Ev 593-594; CW 94-95; MM 98-99; VSS 315-316; 5BC 1126; 6BC 1097; 7BC 907, 934, 941, 949, 979; 1MR 109-110; 2MR 197; 5MR 164; CTr 124, 238
“Dr. ----’s great success is largely due…”MS-01790/10/01Battle Creek, Mi.From Lt 13, 1890; MM 51-53, 147-151
  MS-018  Unassigned
To the Ministers and Churches in Ohio Conf.MS-01990/08/20Petoskey, Mi.TM 147-158
“Missions are essential…”MS-019a90/05/01St. Helena, Ca.GCDB 02/06/1893 162-163
Sermon/“I have felt that there is too…”MS-019b90/07/14Lake Goguac, Mi.2SAT 80-91
Address to PhysiciansMS-020  Refiled as Ms 25, 1892
“But ye shall receive power…”MS-02190/10/11Adam’s Center, N.Y.See RH 08/16/1898
Diary [Jan. 10-Mar. 1]MS-02290/01/00Battle Creek, Mi.1888 568-583
Diary [Nov. 24]MS-02390/11/24Brooklyn, N.Y.UL 342; PM 356; CM 129
“In the beginning was the Word…”MS-02490/05/18 1888 665-672
Diary [Jan. 7-9]/“I arise at half past…”MS-02590/01/07Battle Creek, Mi.13MR 238-244
Diary/“Dealing in mining stocks…”MS-02690/01/07Battle Creek, Mi.15MR 68-71
Warning Against Financial SpeculationMS-026a90/01/07Battle Creek, Mi.15MR 71-75
Rules for Christian WorkersMS-02790/11/10Sands, Va. 
Diary [Dec.]MS-02890/12/00Norwich-Boston, Ma.2SM 387-389
Diary [Nov. 20-24]/“I spoke this evening”MS-02990/11/20Brooklyn, N.Y.21MR 446-456
Diary [Nov. 20-24]/“I spoke this evening”MS-029a90/11/20Brooklyn, N.Y.Variant of Ms 29, 1890
“God’s servants are to impress…”MS-03090/00/00Battle Creek, Mi.1888 906-916
Circulation of The Great ControversyMS-03190/00/00 1888 802-809
The Source of the Church’s PowerMS-03290/00/00 From HM 11/1890
To Rise Up and Call Them Blessed*MS-03390/10/11 2SM 223-224
Experience Following Minneapolis Conference*MS-034  Refiled as Ms 30, 1889
Loyalty of Daniel and his Three Companions*MS-03590/00/00  
Danger of False Ideas on Justification by Faith*MS-03690/00/00 FW 15-28 and 6MR 147-148
Light in God’s Word*MS-03790/00/00 1888 825-838
Diary [Jan. 2-26]*MS-03890/01/02Battle Creek, Mi.TDG 10
  MS-039  Unassigned
The Vision at Salamanca*MS-04090/11/03Salamanca, N.Y.1888 917-949
The Vision at SalamancaMS-040a90/11/03Salamanca, N.Y.Variant of Ms 40, 1890
Diary [Oct. 9-13]*MS-04190/10/00Adam’s Center, N.Y.OHC 146, 297, 299; 2SM 223-224; HP 329; UL 296; MR1033 5-7
Diary [Oct. 14-29]*MS-04290/10/00S. Lancaster, Ma.OHC 20, 42, 91, 136, 281, 285, 286; UL 312; MR1033 7-16; CTr 127
Review of Experiences at S. Lancaster, Ma.*MS-04390/10/30En route to N.Y.MR1033 16-17
Diary/Exp. at Salamanca, N.Y. [Oct. 30-Nov. 4*MS-04490/11/00 9MR 73-75; MR1033 17-20
Diary [Nov. 4-11]*MS-04590/11/00Sands, Va.2MR 322-331 with MR1033 21
Diary [Nov. 13-20]*MS-04690/11/00Washington, D.C.MR1033 24-26, 28-29
Diary [Nov. 20-24]/“I spoke this evening”*MS-047  Refiled as Ms 29, 1890
Reflections on Labors in Brooklyn, N.Y.*MS-04890/11/26SteamerUL 344; 4MR 41, 309-311; 13MR 31
Diary [Nov. 26-Dec. 3]*MS-04990/11/00Norwich, Ct.MR1033 32-36
Diary/Visit to Lynn, Ma. [Dec. 4-9]*MS-05090/12/00Lynn, Ma.MR1033 36-40
Diary/Labors at Danvers, Ma. [Dec. 10-14]*MS-05190/12/00Danvers, Ma.MR1033 41-44
Second Visit to Lynn, Ma. [Dec. 15-18]/Diary*MS-05290/12/00Lynn, Ma.MR1033 45
Visit to Washington, D.C. [Dec. 19-30]/Diary*MS-05390/12/00Washington, D.C.1888 766-786
In Battle Creek Again [Dec. 30-31]/Diary*MS-05490/12/00Battle Creek, Mi.1888 787-789
Peril of Trusting in the Wisdom of Men*MS-05590/00/00 1888 839-845
Remarks/Lessons From the Vine*MS-05690/02/07 1888 561-567
Christ’s Humiliation*MS-05790/00/00 16MR 180-184
General HygieneMS-05890/00/00 See CTBH 96-108; CTr 20, 113
Hygienic Reform: Our Present WorkMS-05990/00/00 3SM 292; Te 169; see CTBH 117-122
Our Institutions*MS-06090/00/00  
Danger in Adopting Worldly Policy in the WorkMS-06190/00/00 PH133
Devotion to God Needed in the Publishing HouseMS-06290/00/00  
Comments Concerning 4T*MS-06390/00/00  
Diary Fragments*MS-06490/00/00  
Diary/Education of the Highest Value*MS-06590/00/00  
Diary/”Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”*MS-06690/00/00  
Diary/”Search the Scriptures”*MS-06790/08/26  
Sermon/“I am the true vine…”MS-00191/01/11Pine Creek, Mi.ML 289
“I have been laboring two months…”MS-00291/01/09Battle Creek, Mi.1888 854-860
“Home again…”MS-00391/01/09Battle Creek, Mi.14MR 66-69
“The Lord will bless those who…”MS-00491/01/09Battle Creek, Mi.MRmnt 109
Sermon/Comments on Isaiah 58MS-00591/01/10Pine Creek, Mi.Ev 244; 1BC 1095; 5MR 34-35; CTr 86
Our Duty to the Colored PeopleMS-00691/03/20 SWk 9-18
“What are God’s plans and purposes…”MS-00791/06/10Petoskey, Mi.4BC 1159; Ev 338; TDG 170; 6MR 65-66; 9MR 158, 375
Remarks/“Today as I have been writing…”MS-00891/07/24Harbor Heights, Mi.9MR 51-55
Talk/The Proper Way to Deal with StudentsMS-008a91/07/21Harbor Heights, Mi.9MR 55-64
Talk/Talk to TeachersMS-008b91/07/27Harbor Heights, Mi.9MR 65-71 with 4MR 46-47
“A spirit of independence has been…”MS-008c91/07/26Harbor Heights, Mi.OHC 333 with 1MR 333-339 and 7MR 71-73
Sermon/“O there is trading to be done…”MS-00991/08/22Battle Creek, Mi.3SM 192-193; 10MR 272-273
Sermon/“And as Moses lifted up…”MS-01091/08/02Harbor Heights, Mi.TDG 223; RC 356; 6MR 51
Remarks/At Michigan Conf. MeetingMS-01191/09/03 1SAT 162-170
Remarks/At Michigan Conf. MeetingMS-011a  Extracts from Ms 11, 1891
Diary/“At the seven o’clock meeting…”*MS-01291/12/28Melbourne, Aus.VSS 302-303, 314-315, 317; OHC 178
“In connection with our publishing work…”MS-01391/12/29Melbourne, Aus.AH 180, 279-280; 4Bio 26-27
“In connection with our publishing work…”MS-013a91/12/29Melbourne, Aus.Variant with additional material
“I have been instructed by the Lord…”MS-01491/12/23Melbourne, Aus.PH152 17-26
DiaryMS-015  Refiled as Ms 51a, 1893
Our Duty to the Colored PeopleMS-016  Duplicate of Ms 6, 1891
“Wives, submit yourselves…”MS-01791/00/00 21MR 213-218
“The condition of children who do not…”MS-01891/00/00 AH 177-178, 360-363; CG 237-238; ML 200
Diary/“I attended the ministerial…”MS-01991/03/03Battle Creek, Mi.PM 70; 3MR 193-194; 13 Crisis Years 150-151
Diary [Mar. 7-8]MS-019a91/03/07Battle Creek, Mi.3Bio 479-480
Diary [Dec. 28-31]/“After addressing the…”MS-02091/12/28Melbourne, Aus.1SM 156-157; MRmnt 116
Diary/Christ Our Righteousness*MS-02191/02/27Battle Creek, Mi.9MR 293-302
Diary [Mar. 7-8]MS-022  Refiled as Ms 19a, 1891
Diary/“Nearly the entire day I have…”*MS-02391/03/12Battle Creek, Mi.PM 213; 18MR 380; 5Bio 227-229
Diary/Circulation of Great Controversy*MS-02491/01/01Battle Creek, Mi.19MR 239-261
“When Christ died to begin in redeeming…”MS-02591/00/00 18MR 54-56
“The publishing institution was arranged…”MS-025a91/00/00 2SM 191-194; OHC 116; 1MR 263-264
The Orphan’s HomeMS-02691/00/00 MMis 06/1891 and 07/1891
Sermon/“But ye shall receive power…”*MS-02791/04/18Greenville, Mi.2SAT 92-98
“There is much talk in regard to…”*MS-02991/08/20Harbor Heights, Mi.1SAT 155-161
“I am burdened for the Rural Health…”*MS-03091/11/00Oakland, Ca. 
Workers in the Office at OaklandMS-031  Refiled as Lt 31, 1891
“The ship cannot come into port…”*MS-03291/11/27Samoan Islands10MR 59
Board and Council Meetings*MS-03391/00/00 17MR 166-169
The Case of the Walling ChildrenMS-03491/09/12Colorado Springs, Co.4Bio 17
Sermon/Work & Baptism of the Holy Spirit NeededMS-03591/09/26Healdsburg, Ca.1SAT 171-193
Sermon/Fruits of ConversionMS-03691/09/19Healdsburg, Ca.1SAT 194-213
Counsel and WarningMS-03991/11/17Steamer “Alameda”TM 264-278
Diary [Jan.]*MS-04091/01/00Battle Creek, Mi.1888 865-889
Diary [Feb.]*MS-04191/02/00Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary [Mar.]*MS-04291/03/00Battle Creek, Mi.MR1033 64-65
Diary [Jun.]*MS-04391/06/00Petoskey, Mi.OHC 34, 170; 3Bio 492
  MS-043a  Unassigned
Diary/Creation and the Sabbath*MS-043b91/07/04  
Diary [Aug.]*MS-04491/08/00Harbor Springs, Mi.18MR 155
Diary [Dec.]*MS-04591/12/00Melbourne, Aus.8MR 358; 4Bio 23-26
Justified by Faith*MS-04691/01/06Battle Creek, Mi.8MR 355-357
Arrival in AustraliaMS-04791/12/00 From BE 01/01/1892
Our Present DangersMS-04891/03/24 GCDB 04/13/1891 256-261
  MS-049-MS-082  Unassigned
Sermon/Importance of Exercising FaithMS-08391/07/22Harbor Heights, Mi.1SAT 150-154
A Message to the Churches*MS-08491/11/08Sydney, Aus. 
Talk/At Battle Creek TabernacleMS-08591/01/00Battle Creek, Mi.Notes only; not on file
Talk/At Battle Creek TabernacleMS-08691/01/26Battle Creek, Mi.Notes only; not on file
Talk/At Battle Creek TabernacleMS-08791/01/27Battle Creek, Mi.Notes only; not on file
Talk/At Battle Creek TabernacleMS-08891/02/15Battle Creek, Mi.Notes only; not on file
Talk/At Battle Creek TabernacleMS-08991/03/14Battle Creek, Mi.Notes only; not on file
Talk/At Battle Creek TabernacleMS-09091/03/17Battle Creek, Mi.Notes only; not on file
Remarks at Presidents’ CouncilMS-09191/02/25Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary/Thoughts on Rev. 1*MS-09291/01/10  
“The world’s Redeemer passed over…”MS-00192/11/15 6MR 334-343
Diary/“We left Adelaide Nov. 28th…”*MS-00292/12/13George’s TerraceTDG 346
“A spirit of independence has been…”MS-003  Refiled as Ms 8c, 1891
BiographicalMS-004  Refiled as Lt 92, 1892
Haskell, S.N.MS-005  Refiled as Lt 6, 1892
“In the starting of the work in this…”MS-00692/01/05N. Fitzroy, Aus.AH 459-461; TDG 13; OHC 99; 3MR 380; PC 141-143; CTr 123, 370
“I am now in Adelaide…”MS-00792/10/11Adelaide, Aus. 
Christ Our SufficiencyMS-00892/11/25Adelaide, Aus.UL 343; HP 73; 7BC 914; ChL 66-67; 2MR 24; 9MR 164
Diary/“At the seven o’clock meeting…”*MS-009  Duplicate of Ms 12, 1891
Test. to Battle Creek ChurchMS-01092/06/10 18MR 156-161
Stewards of God’s GiftsMS-01192/06/00 OHC 190; 1MCP 245-246; 2MR 98
Missionary WorkMS-012  Duplicate of Ms 66, 1894
Call to a Deeper ExperienceMS-01392/00/00 RH 04/04/1893, 04/11/1893, and 04/18/1893
Counsel to a Minister’s WifeMS-014  Refiled as Lt 4, 1892
Hare, Br-Sr.MS-015  Refiled as Lt 9, 1892
Love for BrethrenMS-01692/12/22 TDG 365
Testimony to Br. Faulkhead*MS-017  Extract from Ms 39, 1892
“Bought With a Price”*MS-018  Refiled as Ms 103, 1893
Diary [Apr.-Jul.]/“I am deeply grieved…”*MS-01992/04/00Preston, Aus.21MR 108-125
Diary [Apr.-Jul.]/“I am deeply grieved…”*MS-019a  Refiled as Ms 19, 1892
Diary/“The Lord has brought me through…”*MS-02092/07/15Preston, Aus.SD 19, 124; 7MR 143-144; 8MR 49-51; 12MR 140-141
Diary [Sep. 28-Nov.27]*MS-02192/10/00Adelaide, Aus.1MR 385; Ev 453-455
Re President of Australian ConferenceMS-02292/07/25  
Diary/“We left Adelaide Nov. 28th…”*MS-023  Refiled as Ms 2, 1892
Love, The Need of the ChurchMS-02492/00/00 11MR 261-269
Address to PhysiciansMS-02592/07/18 CH 340-343
“In the starting of the work in this…”MS-026  Refiled as Ms 6, 1892
“During my sickness I have thought much…”MS-026a92/08/05 1SM 379-381; SpM 5-7
The Crisis ImminentMS-02792/02/18Melbourne, Aus.SpTA #1b 37-40
Diary [Jan.]*MS-02892/01/00Melbourne, Aus.8MR 44; 4Bio 29
Diary [Feb.]*MS-02992/02/00Melbourne, Aus.TDG 61; OHC 368; 3MR 377; MR728 22
Diary [Mar.]*MS-03092/03/00Melbourne, Aus.3MR 377
Diary [Apr.]*MS-03192/04/00Melbourne, Aus.3MR 376
Diary [May]*MS-03292/05/00Melbourne, Aus.2SM 235; 3MR 376-377
Diary [Jun.]*MS-03392/06/00Melbourne, Aus.4Bio 38; see 21MR 112-121
Diary [Jul.]*MS-03492/07/00Melbourne, Aus.19MR 287-299
Diary [Aug.]*MS-03592/08/00Melbourne, Aus.8MR 358
  MS-035a  Unassigned
Diary*MS-035b92/08/09Melbourne, Aus.Variant of Ms 35, 1892
Diary [Sep.]*MS-03692/09/00Melbourne, Aus. 
Diary [Oct.]*MS-03792/10/00Adelaide, Aus.3MR 377-378; 9MR 339-341
Diary [Nov.]*MS-03892/11/00Adelaide, Aus.Ev 453-455; 1MR 385; 4MR 43; 9MR 347; 4Bio 47
Diary [Dec.]*MS-03992/12/00Ballarat/Melbourne8MR 51-55; 14MR 8
Diary*MS-04092/02/13Melbourne, Aus.HP 121; 4Bio 34
God’s Love For ManMS-04192/00/00 BTS 12/1907, 02/1908, 03/1908, 11/1908, 12/1908, and 01/1909
Health of WorkersMS-042  From MMis 03/1891 (CH 563-566)
Treatment of Erring Pupils/“God has given”MS-04392/00/00 SSW 12/1892 and 01/1893 (CSW 174-176)
The Bible School Privileges UnappreciatedMS-04492/12/00  
The Sufferings of ChristMS-04592/00/00  
Talk/Address at George’s TerraceMS-04692/08/24Melbourne, Aus. 
Diary/Regarding Sr. Daniells*MS-04792/11/08Adelaide, Aus. 
  MS-048-MS-078  Unassigned
“My mind is exercised in regard to…”MS-079  Refiled as Ms 49, 1893
Ings, WilliamMS-001  Duplicate of Lt 77, 1893
Sermon/“This is a wonderful and important…”MS-00293/01/29Parramatta6BC 1105; SD 57
Sermon/At ParramattaMS-00393/01/29 Missing (may be same as Ms 2, 1893)
DiaryMS-004  Duplicate of Lt 23a, 1893
Reproof to Br. PrismallMS-004a  Refiled as Lt 23a, 1893
Diary/“We left Melbourne Thursday…”MS-00593/02/01Parramatta8MR 80-81
Sermon/Isaiah 58:1-3MS-00693/02/11AucklandOHC 45; 2MCP 520, 583
“There is a subject that urges…”MS-007  Refiled as Ms 32, 1893
Sermon/“Now we have the rich promises…”MS-00893/02/09Auckland 
“But Daniel purposed in his heart…”MS-00993/03/05Kaeo, N.Z.CG 93, 186; AH 18; Te 56, 105; 3MR 365; 6MR 262; 8MR 381; 10MR 74
Sermon/“My mind has been much exercised…”MS-010  Refiled as Ms 12, 1893
Sermon/“Our blessed Saviour said…”MS-01193/03/28Napier, N.Z.2SAT 99-103
Sermon/“My mind has been much exercised…”MS-01293/03/28Napier, N.Z.CC 120; 9MR 3-6; MRmnt 13
Sermon/Diligence in ServiceMS-01393/04/07Napier, N.Z.3MR 302-303
Sermon/“Here is the test…”MS-01493/04/22Petone, N.Z.HP 254
TestimonyMS-015  Extract from Lt 12b, 1893
Sermon/“Here John has a view of the…”MS-01693/02/12Auckland, N.Z.CTr 209
Sermon/“The most important question ever…”MS-01793/03/26Napier, N.Z.CG 208; 1MCP 26; TMK 108; 5BC 1083; 6BC 1105; 7BC 922; 3MR 424
Sermon/“Our blessed Saviour said…”MS-017a  Refiled as Ms 11, 1893
Sermon/“This brings us to when Jesus…”MS-01893/04/06Napier, N.Z. 
Sermon/Diligence in ServiceMS-019  Refiled as Ms 13, 1893
Missionary WorkMS-020  Duplicate of Lt 16f, 1892
Eldridge, C.MS-020a  Duplicate of Lt 20a, 1893
“Those that have published the Loud Cry…”MS-02193/06/12Wellington, N.ZRH 11/08/1956
Diary/“Last Wednesday, July 5…”MS-02293/07/12Wellington, N.Z.9MR 25
Brown, Sr.MS-023  Refiled as Lt 1, 1893
Brown, Sr.MS-024  Refiled as Lt 2, 1893
Abstaining from Wine and Liquor*MS-025  Extract from Lt 1, 1893
Brn. in AmericaMS-026  Refiled as Lt 9a, 1893
Sermon/TemperanceMS-02793/10/15Gisborne, N.Z.Te 283-292
“All day the people pressed about Jesus…”MS-028  Refiled as Ms 47, 1894
“Since coming to New Zealand…”MS-02993/04/20Palmerston, N.Z.VSS 322-323; TDG 119
“Since leaving Melborne…”MS-030  Duplicate of Lt 47, 1894
“God is a God of justice…”MS-031  Refiled as Ms 11, 1895
“There is a subject that urges…”MS-03293/02/16Auckland, N.Z.PM 91; 6MR 376
Diary/“We left Adelaide Nov. 28th…”*MS-033  Refiled as Ms 2, 1892
“I was a few nights since in my dreams…”MS-03493/05/14 See FE 260-276 and SpM 104-113
Publishing WorkMS-03593/01/08Melbourne, Aus.UL 22
Diary/“We left Sydney at two…”MS-03693/02/14Auckland, N.Z. 
DiaryMS-03793/03/01Kaeo, N.Z.8MR 81-84
Labors in KaeoMS-03893/03/08Kaeo, N.Z.8MR 84-85
DiaryMS-03993/05/20Wellington, N.Z.OHC 131; TMK 357
Maori Boys Interested in the TruthMS-04193/07/13Wellington, N.Z. 
Love for BrethrenMS-042  Refiled as Ms 16, 1892
Notes of Travel and LaborMS-043  Refiled as Ms 47, 1893
  MS-044  Unassigned
Educational Advantages Not Centered in B.C.MS-04593/00/00 1SM 129-130; 10MR 345
New Zealand Camp MeetingMS-04693/00/00 RH 06/06/1893
Notes of Travel and LaborMS-04793/00/00 RH 05/30/1893
Diary/Christ and the LawMS-04893/05/06Wellington, N.Z.TMK 292; FLB 114; HP 38
“My mind is exercised in regard to…”MS-04993/10/28Gisborne, N.Z.1NL 81-84 with 15MR 157
“Know ye not that they which run…”MS-05093/09/00 1SAT 214-226
To Teachers and Students in our College in B.C.MS-05193/10/00 FE 220-230; 5MR 247-248
DiaryMS-051a  Extract from Lt 55, 1893
  MS-052  Unassigned
Reproof to PrismallMS-053  Extract from Lt 23a, 1893
Talk at Teachers’ InstituteMS-054  Refiled as Ms 91, 1901
Labors in Gisborne/“I have worked very hard”MS-05593/10/30Gisborne, N.Z.Te 264-265
Dependence and Trust/“The more our faith”*MS-05693/00/00 TMK 231
  MS-057  Unassigned
Rousseau, Sr.MS-058  Refiled as Lt 58, 1893
Visit to Paremata*MS-05993/08/08Wellington, N.Z.12MR 72-76; 4Bio 100-104
Dedication of the Ormondville Church*MS-06093/11/20Wellington, N.Z. 
Review and Herald Office*MS-06193/00/00 1888 1813-1815
The Mine of Truth*MS-06293/00/00 TMK 195
Diary [Jan.]*MS-06393/01/00 2MR 155
Diary [Feb.]*MS-06493/02/00Parramatta7MR 87-88
Diary*MS-06593/07/22Wellington, N.Z. 
Diary [Aug.]*MS-06693/08/00Napier, N.Z. 
Diary/Dedication of Ormondville Church*MS-06793/11/00Napier, N.Z. 
Abundant Holidays*MS-06893/00/00N.Z. 
  MS-069  Unassigned
  MS-070  Unassigned
  MS-071  Unassigned
Sermon/Isaiah 58:1-3MS-072  Refiled as Ms 6, 1893
Parables*MS-07393/07/00 15MR 97-104
“My mind is exercised in regard to…”MS-074  Duplicate of Ms 49, 1893
Early Labors in Australia [1891-1892]MS-07593/00/00 OHC 120; 4Bio 31-33
Diary [Feb. 2-20]*MS-07693/02/00 3SM 265
Diary [Feb. 20-Mar. 15]*MS-07793/03/00Kaeo, N.Z.4Bio 73, 75
Diary [Mar. 15-Apr. 12]*MS-07893/03/00Napier, N.Z.4MR 104-105; 4Bio 79
Diary [Apr. 13-17]*MS-07993/04/00Palmerston, N.Z.4Bio 89-90
Diary [Apr. 18-May 31]*MS-08093/05/00Wellington, N.Z.UL 137; TDG 156, 158; 3SM 115-116; 1888 1167-1170; 8MR 359; 17MR 301-302; 4Bio 92-93
Diary [Jun. 1-Jul. 26]*MS-08193/06/00Wellington, N.Z.TDG 208; 1888 1195-1196; 8MR 85-86; 10MR 385; 4Bio 94, 100
Diary [Jul. 27-Aug. 7]*MS-08293/07/00Long Point, N.Z.3MR 210-211
Diary [Aug. 8-14]*MS-08393/08/00Wellington, N.Z.TDG 233
Diary [Aug. 15-23]*MS-08493/08/00N.Z.4MR 102; 4Bio 104-105
Diary [Sep. 1-Oct. 7]*MS-08593/09/00N.Z.8MR 86-89
Diary [Oct. 8-Nov. 11]*MS-08693/10/00Gisborne, N.Z.4MR 97, 103
Diary [Nov. 12-20]*MS-08793/11/00Napier/Ormondville, N.Z.4Bio 108
Diary [Nov. 20-Dec. 19]*MS-08893/12/00Wellington, N.Z.8MR 89-92; 4Bio 109
Diary [Dec. 20-30]*MS-08993/12/00Sydney/Melbourne, Aus.15MR 95-96; 4Bio 112
Our Attitude Toward Powers That Be*MS-09093/08/29Hastings, N.Z.TDG 250
The Mother A Teacher*MS-09193/00/00  
Liquor Saloons a Curse*MS-09293/00/00  
Privileges and Responsibilities of Sons of God*MS-09393/00/00 20MR 323-325
Could Christ Have Yielded to Temptation?*MS-09493/00/00 6MR 110-112
S.D.A. Church Not Babylon [Fragment]*MS-09593/00/00  
Respect is Due to God’s Instrumentalities*MS-09693/00/00 RH 10/10/1893
Words to the YoungMS-09793/00/00 YI 08/31/1893
Our Duty in Ministering to the PoorMS-09893/00/00 RH 06/20/1893 and 06/27/1893
Liberality the Fruit of LoveMS-09993/00/00 RH 05/09/1893 and 05/16/1893
Christ Our Helper in the Great CrisisMS-10093/00/00 HM 11/01/1893
“This is a beautiful place….”*MS-10193/11/00Gisborne, Aus. 
“Walk in the Spirit.”MS-10293/00/00 ST 12/25/1893
Bought With a Price*MS-10393/12/00Wellington, N.Z.AH 464; 5MR 339; 8MR 249; 9MR 376
Christ Our StrengthMS-10493/00/00  
Limit to Evil Doer’s ProbationMS-10593/00/00  
Will a Man Rob God?MS-10693/00/00  
Diary Fragment/Herod and Pilate*MS-10793/00/00  
Diary/The Creative Power of God*MS-10893/00/00  
Diary/Change in Leadership Positions*MS-10993/00/00  
Diary/Sermon on the Sabbath*MS-11093/09/09Ormondville, N.Z. 
“I address my dear brethren…”/PitcairnMS-00194/01/05Melbourne, Aus.14MR 70-75
Brighton Camp MeetingMS-002  Duplicate of Lt 100, 1894
“Sabbath January 20th, has passed…”MS-00394/01/21Middle Brighton, Aus. 
“Sabbath January 20th, has passed…”MS-003a  Duplicate of Ms 3, 1894
“Tents were first pitched…”MS-00494/01/29Middle Brighton, Aus.4Bio 124-125
“Yesterday, Sunday, in company with…”MS-00594/02/00 10MR 74-76
To Friends in AmericaMS-00694/02/16Melbourne, Aus.21MR 280-284
Sermon/“And one of the elders answered…”MS-00794/01/28Brighton, Aus.7MR 78-81
Where Shall We Locate Our School?*MS-00894/02/00Melbourne, Aus.FE 310-322; Variant of Ms 8b, 1894
The Kind of Schools NeededMS-008a94/02/00  
Where Shall We Locate Our School?*MS-008b94/02/00Melbourne, Aus.FE 310-327
“I am constantly burdened in regard to…”MS-00994/02/10Melbourne, Aus.SpTEd 164-170
Sermon/Keep the CommandmentsMS-01094/02/11Williamstown, Aus.1SAT 227-238
To Friends in AmericaMS-010a  Refiled as Ms 6, 1894
Sermon/Isaiah 58MS-01194/02/10Brighton, Aus.5MR 36-48
  MS-011a  Unassigned
Sermon/Isaiah 58MS-011b94/02/10Brighton, Aus.Variant of Ms 11, 1894
Sermon/“As thou has given him power…”MS-01294/02/18Prahan, Aus.1SAT 239-249
Talk/Australian Bible SchoolMS-01394/02/20Melbourne, Aus.1MCP 324
Talk/Australian Bible SchoolMS-01494/02/22Melbourne, Aus.1MCP 53-54; CG 98; ML 291; 5BC 1095
Talk/Address to StudentsMS-01594/02/23Melbourne, Aus.2MCP 724; 10MR 113
Sermon/“Therefore being justified…”MS-01694/02/25N. Brighton, Aus.3SM 34-35; 2MCP 675, 803-804
Sermon/“Peter, an apostle of Jesus…”MS-01794/03/03N. Brighton, Aus.OHC 334; 2MCP 578-579, 670, 794-795
Sermon/“And you hath he quickened…”MS-01894/03/04Williamstown, Aus.TDG 72; 6BC 1093
“Friday was a very busy day…”MS-01994/03/17Melbourne, Aus.1MCP 22; 2MCP 764-765; EV 238-239
Sermon/“Lay not up for yourself…”MS-02094/03/18Williamstown, Aus.Ev 243-244; TDG 86; Te 30; SD 59, 141
Testimony to MinistersMS-021  Refiled as Ms 21a, 1894
Testimony to MinistersMS-021a94/04/02 Ev 102, 104, 116, 336-337; 1NL 127-130; 11MR 278
Diary/“I thank the Lord it is as well…”MS-02394/04/09Granville, Aus.WM 184-185; 10MR 194-196; 4Bio 133
  MS-023a  Unassigned
Testimony to Battle CreekMS-023b  Duplicate of Lt 23c, 1894
Testimony to CanvassersMS-02494/04/23Granville, Aus.CG 124
Testimony to CanvassersMS-024a94/04/23Granville, Aus.Variant of Ms 24, 1894; CM 95-97
Test. Concerning IdlenessMS-024b94/04/30Granville, Aus.AH 317; CG 88, 110-111, 345, 355; 6MR 47
“Last night I seemed to be in an assembly”MS-02594/04/23Granville, Aus.HM 12/1894
SermonMS-02694/05/13Parramatta, Aus.2SAT 104-109
Dear Brethren in the SDA FaithMS-02794/06/07Granville, Aus.PM 225; 2MR 7-8; 5MR 286-287; 13MR 361-362; 4Bio 133-134, 135-137; CTr 186
“In company with my son W.C. White…”MS-02894/06/25 6BC 1103
Lindsay, HarmonMS-029  Refiled as Lt 50, 1894
Testimony to Battle CreekMS-030  Duplicate of Lt 23c, 1894
Testimony to Battle CreekMS-031  Refiled as Lt 23b, 1894
Henry, A.R.MS-031a  Refiled as Lt 31a, 1894
Meeting at Seven HillsMS-03294/07/29Granville, Aus.TDG 219; OHC 168; 4BC 1183; 9MR 91-92; CTr 187; RH 09/10/1895
Diary/“Last Sabbath, July 28, my son…”MS-032a94/07/30Granville, Aus.ST 06/06/1895
Test. to Battle CreekMS-03394/08/03Granville, Aus.7BC 961; 8MR 189; 12MR 217
“I have received a letter from Brother…”MS-03494/08/03Granville, Aus.1888 1268-1279
Diary/Letter to S.N. HaskellMS-03594/08/27Cooranbong, Aus.13MR 355-358
Review and Herald OfficeMS-036  Refiled as Lt 71a, 1894
Sermon/Dedication at Prospect ChurchMS-03794/09/16Prospect, Aus.BE 10/01/1894 and 10/08/1894
Sermon/“Christ said to his disciples…”MS-03894/10/09 HM 04/1895
“The great controversy between the Prince”MS-03994/10/09 RH 04/14/1896
Sanctification and RepentanceMS-04094/10/10 RH 08/27/1901 and 09/03/1901
Diary/“I was present in morning meeting…”MS-04194/10/19Ashfield, Aus.CC 358; 2BC 1036; 3MR 249; 6MR 247-248; 4Bio 168-169, 277
Talk/Look and LiveMS-041a94/10/20Ashfield, Aus. 
Ashfield Camp MeetingMS-041b94/10/16 Missing
Talk/Morning TalkMS-04294/10/22Ashfield, Aus.Ev 299-300, 339, 488
Talk/Morning TalkMS-042a94/10/26Ashfield, Aus. 
Sermon/The Vine and the BranchesMS-04394/10/27Ashfield, Aus.RC 247, 285, 355; 5MR 333-334
SermonMS-043a94/10/28Ashfield, Aus.1SAT 250-270
“Last night in my sleeping hours…”MS-04494/10/30Ashfield, Aus.GCB 02/25/1895 337-340 and TM 194-197
“Because iniquity shall abound…”MS-04594/11/00  
“Beloved, let us love one another…”MS-04694/11/00  
“All day the people pressed about Jesus…”MS-04794/11/26 SSW 06/1895 & 07/1895
Talk/Morning TalkMS-04894/11/03Ashfield, Aus. 
SermonMS-04994/11/03Ashfield, Aus.OHC 62; CG 565; 7BC 989, 944; 5MR 234-235; 10MR 308-309; CTr 206
Talk/Morning TalkMS-05094/11/10 1MCP 205
Diary/“There is a great work to be done…”MS-05194/11/14Granville, Aus.HM 08/1896
Testimony to MinistersMS-051a  Refiled as Ms 21a, 1894
Camp Meeting LetterMS-051b  Refiled as Lt 51b, 1894
Seeking to Save the LostMS-05294/00/00 8MR 189-191
Should Christians Be Members of Secret Societies?MS-05394/00/00 2SM 121-139
“Salt is good: but if the salt…”MS-05494/12/17 ST 11/07/1895
“After these things the Lord appointed…”MS-05594/12/10  
Sermon/“There were present at that…”MS-05694/12/30 3BC 1140
Walling, MayMS-057  Refiled as Lt 1, 1894
DiaryMS-058  Extract from Lt 119, 1895
“The light of the body is the eye…”MS-059  Refiled as Ms 67, 1894
Beneficent Action a Proof of Sincere LoveMS-06094/00/00 CG 124; OHC 268; TMK 63; AH 494; 11MR 194
Walk in the Light of the CrossMS-06194/09/16Granville, Aus.10MR 77-80
Home Missionary WorkMS-06294/08/18 RH 01/08/1895 and 01/15/1895 and 01/22/1895
“When anyone heareth the word…”MS-063  Refiled as Ms 26, 1899
Diary/“During the past night matters…”MS-06494/10/27Ashfield, Aus.WM 306; 6MR 228
Help in GodMS-06594/00/00 RH 02/05/1895
Missionary WorkMS-06694/00/00 Ev 556-557, 564
“The light of the body is the eye…”MS-06794/00/00 1MCP 250, 324; 2BC 998
We Shall Reap As We SowMS-06894/00/00 RH 08/21/1894
Regarding Fern Hill Farms*MS-06994/00/00  
Importance of Maintaining Personal Integrity*MS-07094/00/00 TMK 199, 248
Diary [Jan.]*MS-07194/01/00Brighton, Aus. 
Diary [Feb. 22-23]*MS-07294/02/22Melbourne, Aus. 
Diary [Mar.]*MS-07394/03/00Melbourne, Aus. 
Diary [Apr.]*MS-07494/04/00Granville, Aus.10MR 13; 4Bio 144
Diary [May]*MS-07594/05/00Granville, Aus. 
Diary*MS-07694/06/14Granville, Aus.2MR 154
Diary [Aug.]*MS-07794/08/00Granville, Aus.8MR 361-362; 4Bio 160-161
Diary [Sep.]*MS-07894/09/00Granville, Aus. 
Diary [Oct.]*MS-07994/10/00Ashfield, Aus. 
Diary [Nov.]MS-08094/11/00Ashfield, Aus.From Ms 41, 1894
Intelligence in the Practice of Health Reform*MS-08194/00/00 ML 132; see ST 09/30/1897
Fanaticism and Side IssuesMS-08294/01/14 3MR 25-36
Marriage and UnselfishnessMS-083  Extract from Lt 76, 1894
Christ the Center of the MessageMS-08494/00/00 RH 03/20/1894 (1SM 383-388)
Diary/“On Sabbath Willie accompanied me…”*MS-08594/04/22Granville, Aus.UL 126
Sermon/Christ’s Mission of LoveMS-08694/10/21Ashfield, Aus.BE 11/12/1894 and 11/19/1894
Our Duty to the Poor and AfflictedMS-08794/00/00 RH 12/18/1894 and 12/25/1894 and 01/01/1895
Words to the YoungMS-08894/00/00 YI 06/07/1894
Self-Discipline Necessary to ParentsMS-08994/00/00 ST 05/07/1894
Sustainers of the Liquor Traffic Responsible for itsMS-09094/00/00 RH 05/22/1894
A Perpetual MemorialMS-09194/00/00 ST 11/12/1894
Delusions of the Last DaysMS-09294/00/00 ST 05/28/1894
Uphold MinistersMS-09394/00/00 See RH 07/17/1894
Experience with Fannie BoltonMS-09494/00/00 FBS 123-124
Presenting the Truth in New Areas*MS-09594/02/00 Ev 227-228; RH 10/14/1902 and 10/21/1902
Talk/“I want to say a few words to…”MS-09694/00/00  
“Emily and I rode about three miles…”*MS-09794/08/28Cooranbong, Aus. 
“This day at noon…”*MS-09894/09/03Granville, Aus. 
For Zion’s SakeMS-09994/12/16  
Danger of Men Usurping the Place of GodMS-10094/12/17  
Offending Christ’s Little Ones, No. 1MS-10194/00/00  
Offending Christ’s Little Ones, No. 2MS-10294/00/00  
Offending Christ’s Little Ones, No. 3MS-10394/00/00  
“Be Not Conformed to This World”MS-10494/00/00  
Christ or the World?MS-10594/00/00  
Character Determined by BeliefMS-10694/00/00  
Earthly or Heavenly Treasure, Which?MS-10794/00/00 Cf. 3T 478-481
Intemperance—Its Cause and CureMS-10894/00/00  
Self-Denial Required in the MissionaryMS-10994/00/00  
Diary/Mother’s Work and Children’s Duties*MS-11094/04/27Granville, Aus. 
Diary Materials*MS-11194/00/00  
Diary/The Truth As It Is In Jesus*MS-11294/00/00  
Diary/Instruction to Teachers*MS-11394/01/01Brighton, Aus. 
Diary/Regarding O.A. Olsen*MS-11494/07/00Granville, Aus. 
Diary/“The Australian camp meeting…”MS-00195/01/14Ashfield, Aus.2MR 45-46; 4MR 103-104; 9MR 146; 4Bio 167-168, 170, 176-177
“The Lord has a work for each individual”MS-00295/01/14Granville, Aus. 
“I wish to make a brief statement…”MS-002a95/01/16Cooranbong, Aus. 
Statement re Walling CaseMS-002b95/01/26Granville, Aus. 
Testimony regarding Br. HumphreyMS-00395/02/01Granville, Aus.7BC 928; LDE 68-69
Diary/“Sunday has been a busy day…”MS-00495/02/02Sydney, Aus.WM 331-332
By Many Infallible ProofsMS-00595/02/15 YI 11/18/1897
“We have just sent off…”MS-005a  Extract from Lt 119, 1895
Are We Genuine Christians?MS-00695/02/15 RH 04/09/1895
“I must speak to my brethren…”MS-00795/03/08 TM 347-359
“I must speak to my brethren…”MS-008  Refiled as Ms 7, 1895
Diary/“Saturday, March 16…”MS-008a  Refiled as Ms 9, 1895
Diary/“Saturday, March 16…”MS-00995/03/16  
Daniells, A.G.MS-010  Refiled as Lt 23, 1895
Speedy Preparation for WorkMS-010a95/03/21Granville, Aus.FE 334-367
“God is a God of justice…”MS-01195/04/10Granville, Aus.4MR 441; 5MR 454-455; 11MR 77
“He that will love life…”MS-011a95/04/14 See YI 06/27/1895 and 07/11/1895
SermonMS-01295/05/19Williamstown, Aus.1MCP 154, 184-185; AH 32; CG 172, 567-568
“Christ came to seek the lost pearl…”MS-01395/06/10Granville, Aus.10MR 225-227; see RH 04/21/1896
Diary/“This day has been a most precious…”MS-01495/08/10Cooranbong, Aus.Ev 278; 6MR 4
An Earnest Admonition/“I do not find rest”MS-01595/09/19Granville, Aus.TM 359-364
Sermon/“And you hath he quickened…”MS-01695/10/20Armadale, Aus.UL 307; CG 54-55, 494; CC 35; ML 91, 361
“I was in a council meeting where many…”MS-01795/10/17Granville, Aus.2MCP 577, 771-772
Sermon/“When therefore the Lord knew…”MS-01895/10/19Armadale, Aus.TDG 301; VSS 123
Diary/“Today I received a letter…”MS-019  Duplicate of Lt 25c, 1895
True EducationMS-02095/11/10 8MR 250, 280-283
Sermon/“Behold what manner of love…”MS-02195/11/00Armadale, Aus.2SAT 110-114
Appeal for Southern FieldMS-021a95/00/00 SWk 25-30
The Bible the Most Important Book for StudyMS-02295/01/09 FE 444-452
Interview re Work Among the Colored PeopleMS-022a95/11/20Armadale, Aus.See SpM 19-26
Interview re Work Among the Colored PeopleMS-022b95/11/20Armadale, Aus.Copy 2 of Ms 22a, 1895; See SpM 19-26
Interview re Work Among the Colored PeopleMS-022c95/11/20Armadale, Aus.Copy 3 of Ms 22a, 1895; SpM 19-26
“The Australian campmeeting…”MS-02395/11/19Melbourne, Aus.See RH 01/07/1896
Sermon/“Lay not up for yourselves…”MS-02495/11/00Armadale, Aus. 
Diary/“On Christmas day…”MS-02595/12/29 Ev 95, 652
The Essential EducationMS-025a95/12/00 6MR 77-78
Our CollegeMS-026  Refiled as Ms 2, 1881
Tasmanian Camp Meeting*MS-02795/12/00 RH 02/11/1896
EducationMS-02895/12/09Hobart, Tasmania 
Converted Men Needed in all DepartmentsMS-02995/00/00 PM 58-59; 3MR 37-38; MRmnt 123
Prepare to Meet the LordMS-030  Refiled as Ms 32a, 1896
Consolidation of the Publishing WorkMS-03195/00/00 PH150 6-11
Words of ComfortMS-032  Refiled as Ms 41, 1896
Relation of G.C. Committee to Business InterestsMS-03395/00/00 14MR 278-279
White, EdsonMS-034  Refiled as Lt 83, 1895
“The sufferings of humanity ever touched…”MS-03594/09/13Filed in 1895BTS 09/1915 and 10/1915
“I have been listening to the words…”MS-036  Refiled as Ms 115a, 1897
True EducationMS-037  Refiled as Ms 20, 1895
To the Church in HobartMS-03895/05/00Glenorchy, Tasmania2MR 264-285
“Walk in the Spirit”MS-039  Refiled as Ms 102, 1893
EducationMS-04096/01/09Filed in 18952MR 96; 8MR 296
“Solemn, serious times are upon us…”MS-04195/01/31[Granville, Aus.]TM 200-203 (from Lt 11, 1895)
“Christ came to seek the lost pearl…”MS-041a  Refiled as Ms 13, 1895
Diary/“On Sabbath, Jan’y 5th…”MS-04295/01/16  
Overbearing Control ReprovedMS-04395/03/17 PC 398-400
To Every Man His WorkMS-04495/00/00 RH 06/25/1895 and 07/02/1895
Go Ye Into All the WorldMS-04595/00/00 RH 06/11/1895 and 06/18/1895
DiaryMS-046  Extract from Lt 119, 1895
Parable of the Ten VirginsMS-04795/10/26[Granville, Aus.]1888 1455-1456 (from Lt 86, 1895)
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”MS-04895/01/19Cooranbong, Aus.OHC 209
No Other Gods Before MeMS-04995/00/00 See RH 05/14/1901
“Education as conducted in the schools…”MS-05095/00/00 OHC 209
God to Control His HeritageMS-05195/08/01Granville, Aus.18MR 223-226
Kellogg, Br-Sr. [J.H.]MS-052  Extract from Lt 113, 1895
Regarding ChildrenMS-05395/00/00 1NL 80
Visit to Bismark, TasmaniaMS-05495/04/26Glenorchy, Tasmania.2MR 259-260; 4Bio 191-192
Labors in Bismark*MS-05595/04/26 TMK 42; 2MR 261-263
The G.C. and the Publishing Work*MS-05695/09/01Cooranbong, Aus. 
Concerning the Review and Herald*MS-05795/10/12Granville, Aus.17MR 177-180
Diary*MS-05895/12/11Hobart, Tasmania 
Diary [Feb.]*MS-05995/02/00Granville, Aus.15MR 217-226; 4Bio 183, 187
Diary [Mar.]*MS-06095/03/00Granville, Aus. 
Diary [June]*MS-060a95/06/00  
Diary [Jul.]*MS-06195/07/00Cooranbong, Aus.4Bio 220-221
Diary [Aug 10, 17]*MS-061a95/08/10Cooranbong, Aus. 
Diary [Nov. 25-Dec. 8]*MS-061b95/11/25  
Reminiscences of Early Days in California*MS-06295/00/00N.S.W., Aus.2Bio 419-420
Lift Up Your Eyes and Look on the FieldMS-063  See RH 01/28/1896
Sanctified HumilityMS-06495/00/00 RH 02/18/1896
Prejudice Blinds To Truth/“In all their…”MS-06595/00/00 ST 04/25/1895
What Atmosphere Surrounds the Soul?MS-06695/00/00 ST 05/02/1895
Personal Labor Required of the MinistersMS-06795/00/00 RH 03/05/1895
Sermon/Address at Armadale Camp MeetingMS-06895/11/00Armadale, Aus. 
“This day at noon…”MS-069  Refiled as Ms 98, 1894
Sermon/Address to the Leading BrethrenMS-07095/00/00  
A Great Work to be Done*MS-07195/00/00  
Diary Material*MS-07295/00/00  
“Take heed, brethren, lest there be…”MS-00196/01/12Cooranbong, Aus. 
EducationMS-001a  Refiled as Lt 67, 1895
“The less that children shall become…”MS-00296/02/09 UL 54
“And they brought young children to him…”MS-00396/02/11  
“We have also a more sure word…”MS-00496/02/04 3BC 1149 with 4MR 55-56
“O how I love thy law!”MS-00596/02/10 CG 31, 494-495, 499, 510; AH 189
Sermon/Keep the CommandmentsMS-006  Duplicate of Ms 10, 1894
“How little of the spirit of Christ…”MS-00796/02/03 4MR 8-9 with 2SM 343
“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he…”MS-007a96/02/27 14MR 89-98
True EducationMS-00896/03/26 FE 405-415
“Those who are daily learning of Jesus…”MS-00996/03/23 FE 397-404
  MS-010  Unassigned
SermonMS-01196/03/04Cooranbong, Aus. 
“Before me is the light…”MS-01296/03/11  
“Friday, March 20, I arose early…”MS-012a  Refiled as Ms 12c, 1896
Higher EducationMS-012b96/03/17 AH 183; CG 224; 6MR 15-16; 10MR 301
“Friday, March 20, I arose early…”MS-012c96/03/20Sydney, Aus.FBS 65-67
Diary/“I awakened this morning at…”*MS-012d96/03/20Sydney, Aus.FBS 63-64
Faithfulness in Confessing ChristMS-01396/04/25 12MR 227-231
Qualifications Essential for the Work of GodMS-01496/04/28 PC 395-398
“The word revelation means all that…”MS-01596/04/27 13MR 59-73
Corliss, Burr*MS-015a  Duplicate of Lt 15a, 1896
Let Him that Thinketh He Standeth Take HeedMS-01696/05/10 19MR 108-122
“In the night season I was listening…”MS-01796/05/13 TM 319-330
The Danger of Self-sufficiency in God’s WorkMS-01895/05/30Filed in 18961888 1356-1368
“On our trip to Tasmania…”MS-01996/00/00  
“He that is faithful in that which is least”MS-02096/06/01 TDG 161
“This morning I will state the matters…”MS-02196/06/06Cooranbong, Aus. 
“The publishing institution was arranged…”MS-022  Refiled as Ms 25a, 1891
Illustrations of Heavenly ThingsMS-023  Extract from Lt 90, 1896
The Law Our SchoolmasterMS-023a  Extract from Lt 96, 1896
“If it be possible, as much as…”MS-023b96/07/25 UL 220; 15MR 158-161
“We are of good courage in the Lord…”MS-02496/09/09Cooranbong, Aus.1SM 175
“Blessed is he that readeth…”MS-02596/09/28Cooranbong, Aus.16MR 256-266
Systematic BenevolenceMS-02696/09/25 RH Supp. 12/01/1896
“Yesterday Sr. McEnterfer accompanied…”MS-02796/09/04Ashfield, Aus.RH 11/17/1896
To Those Concerned in Publ. Mount of BlessingMS-02896/10/04Ashfield, Aus.PM 70-71, 151-152; TDG 286; UL 291
“I fear greatly for the church at North Fitzroy…”MS-02996/10/31North Fitzroy. Aus.OHC 131, 209; 4MR 411-412
“There is a great deficiency in our schools”MS-03096/10/03 3SM 311; 2MR 220-221
“According to appointment, I met with…”*MS-030a96/10/04Ashfield, Aus.HM 11/1897
Test. Re Views of Prophecy of John Bell #1MS-03196/11/08Cooranbong, Aus.17MR 1-5
Test. Re Views of Prophecy of John Bell #2MS-03296/12/06Cooranbong, Aus.17MR 6-23
Prepare to Meet the LordMS-032a96/00/00 18MR 57-64
“I was awakened at half past eleven…”MS-03396/11/27 SpTA #9 63-67
“I was unable to sleep after eleven…”MS-03496/11/27Cooranbong, Aus. 
  MS-034a  Unassigned
The Proclamation of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Angels’ MessagesMS-034b  Duplicate of Ms 32, 1896
Adopting Infant ChildrenMS-03596/12/16 14MR 301-310
“The strength of nations and of individuals”MS-03696/12/09 TDG 352; 3MR 186-187; CTr 180
“Will a Man Rob God?”MS-03796/08/00 PH087
Shall I Be Clothed with Immortality?MS-03896/12/15  
“Make Straight Paths for your Feet”MS-03996/12/31 OHC 53; 3BC 1142, 1161; 6BC 1086; 7BC 921; 10MR 296-297; 11MR 49-51
The Workers Needed in CooranbongMS-04096/12/31 2MCP 572; 5MR 448-449; 9MR 377
Words of ComfortMS-041  Refiled as Ms 41, 1897
“In the night season some things…”MS-041a96/12/20Cooranbong, Aus.1SAT 278-291
“In the night season some things…”MS-041b96/12/20Cooranbong, Aus.Variant of Ms 41a, 1896; 6MR 136-137
“On Wednesday night I had a dream…”MS-04296/12/30Cooranbong, Aus.18MR 286-287
Political ControversyMS-04396/12/27Cooranbong, Aus.GCDB 02/17/1897 58-59
Diary/“Today I picked the first ripe peach”MS-04496/12/04Cooranbong, Aus.Te 88-89; CD 425; 4Bio 271
  MS-045  Unassigned
“The kingdom of heaven is like unto…”MS-04696/00/00  
The Lack of Unity a Cause of FailureMS-04796/00/00 14MR 289-300
“When he saw the multitude, he was moved…”MS-048  Refiled as Ms 64, 1897
“In common with the Jewish teachers…”MS-049  Refiled as Ms 72, 1897
“For many months I have been waiting…”MS-050  Refiled as Lt 18, 1897
Canvassers Bringing Debt on the Publishing HousesMS-051  Refiled as Ms 24a, 1894
“Better far would be the cross…”MS-05296/00/00 4MR 358; 9MR 91
A Knowledge of Physiology NecessaryMS-05396/04/24c TDG 123; 10MR 299
True EducationMS-05496/05/07Cooranbong, Aus.8MR 251
Diary/“On October 1, 1896, we assembled…”*MS-05596/10/01Cooranbong, Aus.8MR 365; 12MR 95
Diary Fragments/A Beautiful Dream*MS-05696/07/10Cooranbong, Aus.See LS 360-362
The Great ControversyMS-05796/12/30c 18MR 358-367
The Least of These My BrethrenMS-05896/00/00 17MR 25
  MS-059  Unassigned
God’s Claim on His Stewards*MS-06096/10/00Sydney, Aus.SpTA #9 67-74
Diary [Jan. 1-11]*MS-06196/01/00Cooranbong, Aus.4Bio 260
Diary [Feb.]*MS-06296/02/00Cooranbong, Aus.TMK 133, 147, 266, 349; 3MR 407-408; 11MR 114; 12MR 58; 4Bio 255, 261-263, 387; FBS 63
Diary [Mar.]*MS-06396/03/00Cooranbong, Aus.FBS 64-65
Diary [Apr.]*MS-06496/04/00Cooranbong, Aus. 
Diary [Jun.]*MS-06596/06/00Cooranbong, Aus.7MR 86; 4Bio 388
Diary [Jul.]*MS-06696/07/00Cooranbong, Aus.TMK 127
Diary fragment*MS-06796/12/21Ashfield, Aus. 
Criticising, Condemning, and All Evil Speaking ToMS-06896/12/26c PC 356-360
Upholding the Law of GodMS-06996/00/00 1SM 115; 3BC 1133, 1152; 4BC 1143-1144
Diary/Faithful Parenting; Loyalty to God's LawMS-069a96/00/00 Last portion used in Ms 69, 1896
Systematic BenevolenceMS-07096/09/27c  
Higher EducationMS-07196/03/14c  
The Manifest Working of the Holy Spirit at BCCMS-07396/04/30c SpTEd 77-83
God in NatureMS-07496/05/20 CT 185-188
Foreign Mission WorkMS-07596/11/12  
Diary/Private Matter re Training of Children*MS-07696/00/00Cooranbong, Aus. 
Diary/Laboring Together With God*MS-07796/00/00  
Diary/The Art of Teaching*MS-07896/00/00  
ForgetfulnessMS-00197/01/11 PH086 1-13
“The Lord is speaking to men today…”MS-00297/01/11Cooranbong, Aus. 
“I was awakened at 11:30 last night…”MS-00397/01/11Cooranbong, Aus.PC 160-168
“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”MS-00497/01/12 VSS 201-202; 258-260
Talk/Remarks at a Counsel MeetingMS-00597/01/17  
“Then the power of the Lord came upon me…”MS-00697/01/01Cooranbong, Aus.HM 11/1897
Daniells, A.G./Salisbury, W.D.MS-006a  Refiled as Lt 48, 1897
“Again and again the Lord has sent…”MS-00797/01/27Cooranbong, Aus.1888 1636-1642
“And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up…”MS-00897/02/02 Ev 275, 278
“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”MS-009  Refiled as Ms 4, 1897
Representing ChristMS-010  Duplicate of Lt 74, 1897
Hardy, Br.MS-011  Refiled as Lt 69, 1897
“I feel greatly burdened over the case…”*MS-01297/02/11Cooranbong, Aus. 
“My heart is troubled…”MS-01397/02/20Cooranbong, Aus.HP 142, 161; 1MCP 124-125; 2MCP 663
“God so loved the world…”MS-01497/02/21 ST 06/24/1897
“The Lord has made known the duty…”MS-014a97/02/14Sydney, Aus.EV 567-568; 4BC 1148; 11MR 156
“Side by side, wearing the yoke of Christ”MS-01597/03/14 HM 06/1897
“The heavens declare the glory of God…”MS-01697/03/25 3BC 1144-1145; UL 98; 8MR 286; 9MR 379
“Letters have come to me from Oakland…”MS-01797/03/14Cooranbong, Aus.SpTA #10 16-25
The Work for TodayMS-01897/03/12 RH 05/25/1897
The Ordinance of Feet WashingMS-01997/03/29 RH 06/14/1898 and 06/21/1898 and 06/28/1898 and 07/05/1898
Wessels, PhilipMS-019a  Refiled as Lt 123, 1897
“I have not been able to sleep past twelve”MS-02097/03/05Cooranbong, Aus.12MR 232-238
“What Shall We Have for Sabbath Dinner?”MS-02197/03/17Cooranbong, Aus.RH 06/01/1897 and 06/08/1897
Go Ye Into All the World, and PreachMS-02297/03/05 5BC 1137; SpTA #10 33-39
“The Word of God must be our authority…”MS-02397/03/13 GCB 2nd Quarter 1897, 80-81
“There are exceptional cases…”MS-02497/03/15 PH157 10-21
“The Lord has aggressive work to be done…”MS-02597/03/02 HM 06/1897
“On Wednesday night I had a dream…”MS-026  Refiled as Ms 42, 1896
“The Lord has made his people…”MS-02797/03/30 HM 07/1897
JudasMS-02897/04/22 SD 300; 5BC 1101; 2MCP 598; 4MR 359-360; see RH 10/05/1897 and 10/12/1897; CTr 252
“I feel deeply over the sudden apostasy…”MS-02997/04/06Cooranbong, Aus.CD 493; 3MR 337; 5MR 143; FBS 73
“The object of conversion is twofold…”MS-030  Refiled as Ms 38, 1897
“The position which Dr. Burk insisted…”MS-03197/02/20Cooranbong, Aus.AH 381; 1MR 69-71
“This is God’s own world…”MS-03297/04/13Cooranbong, Aus. 
“I am awakened at half past twelve…”MS-03397/04/06Cooranbong, Aus.UL 110; VSS 325-326; 6BC 1092-1093; 7ABC 467
“We are nearing the close of this…”MS-03497/04/16 3SM 422-423; OHC 88; FLB 35; 5MR 78-80
“Then came the day of unleavened bread…”MS-03597/04/06 RH 05/31/1898 and 06/07/1898
“But I have a baptism to be baptised with”MS-03697/04/01 ST 12/23/1897
The CrucifixionMS-037  Refiled as Ms 91, 1897
“The object of conversion is twofold…”MS-03897/04/01 1BC 1087; see ST 05/05/1898 and 05/12/1898
“I feel deeply over the sudden apostasy…”MS-039  Refiled as Ms 29, 1897
Christ or Barabbas?MS-04097/00/00 6BC 1107; 3SM 415-418; 10MR 338; see RH 01/23/1900 and 01/30/1900
Words of ComfortMS-04197/04/29c HM 07/1897
In GethsemaneMS-04297/05/16c 11MR 345; CTr 266-268
MinistryMS-04397/05/21c 5BC 1138-1139; 2MR 59-60; 6MR 23-24; 17MR 24
Christ’s RepresentativesMS-04497/05/13c TDG 142; Southern Review 09/13/1898 and 10/25/1898; CTr 260
“Now the chief priests and elders…”MS-04597/05/14c 5BC 1137, 1149
The Entrance of Thy Word Giveth LightMS-04697/05/02c TDG 131
JudasMS-04797/05/20c 20MR 146-149
Test. to Dr. BurkeMS-048  Duplicate of Ms 12, 1888
“When thou saidst, Seek ye my face…”MS-04997/05/19Cooranbong, Aus.KC 44-49
The Work of ChristMS-05097/05/31cAdelaide, Aus.UL 165
In the Judgment HallMS-05197/05/20c 5BC 1148
The Crucifixion of ChristMS-05297/05/03c 5BC 1124-1125; 7ABC 458
Lacey, Herbert/Lacey, LillianMS-053  Refiled as Lt 89, 1897
The Ordinance of HumilityMS-05497/05/20c Similar to Ms 35, 1897
“God calls upon helpers…”MS-05597/06/03c 9MR 151-152
“I am of good courage in the Lord…”MS-05697/06/24c  
Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It HolyMS-05797/06/09c Lake Union Herald 03/31/1909 and 04/07/1909 and 04/14/1909
The Truth as it is in JesusMS-05897/06/21c 1BC 1104; 3BC 1166; 4BC 1184; 5BC 1147; 8MR 290
Sanctify Them Through Thy TruthMS-05997/06/24c OHC 106, 227, 280; ML 189; 2MCP 436; 1BC 1097
True ChristianityMS-06097/06/28c WM 83, 154, 297-298
Our School WorkMS-06197/06/08c EducationalMessenger 03/19/1909
“My mind has been strongly exercised…”MS-06297/06/03Cooranbong, Aus.2MR 10; 8MR 289
The Sabbath of the LordMS-06397/06/28c ST 03/31/1898 and 04/07/1898
“When he saw the multitude, he was moved…”MS-06497/06/06c  
TraditionMS-06597/06/06c 5MR 81
The Vine and the BranchesMS-06697/06/00c 6MR 104; RH 11/23/1897
The Vine and the BranchesMS-06797/00/00c RH 11/02/1897 and 11/09/1897 and 11/16/1897 and 11/23/1897
Correct School DisciplineMS-06897/06/21c FE 454-466
The Bible in our Schools*MS-06997/06/17c CG 200; 7ABC 469; 6MR 263-265; 8MR 254, 287; 9MR 116
Diary [Jul. 29; Sep. 7, 8, 24, 25; Nov. 6]*MS-07097/07/29Cooranbong, Aus.3SM 118-119; TDG 220; UL 324; VSS 121; HP 326; 8MR 254
Words of ComfortMS-070a97/07/12c RH 10/26/1897
Denouncing the PhariseesMS-07197/07/11c 4BC 1139; 5BC 1098; Ev 496-497
“In common with the Jewish teachers…”MS-07297/07/00  
Our WordsMS-07397/07/02c RH 01/18/1898 and 01/25/1898
Our WordsMS-07497/07/04c VSS 30-32, 34-35, 42, 43, 66, 127, 149, 189-190; 3MR 360-361; 6MR 265
The Position God’s People Should OccupyMS-07597/07/29c 1MR 37-38
Sermon/“The words of truth…”MS-075a97/00/00 Variant of Ms 75, 1897
True EducationMS-07697/07/08c SpM 56-59
On Which Side Will You Stand?MS-07797/07/18c CC 26; VSS 30, 47; 1BC 1086; 9MR 379
The Blessing of ObedienceMS-07897/07/28c ST 09/22/1898 and 02/08/1899 and RH 12/13/1898 and 12/20/1898 and 12/27/1898
Christ’s Second ComingMS-07997/07/29c 4MR 115-116
Diary/“At three o’clock my sleep is ended”MS-08097/07/04Cooranbong, Aus.MRmnt 124
“I have a burden that I must communicate…”MS-08197/07/07Cooranbong, Aus.8MR 254; 11MR 156-157; SpM 75-77
“I must speak to the students at our school”MS-08297/07/18Cooranbong, Aus.KC 95-99
The Need of Missionary EffortMS-08397/07/22c Ev 343; 9MR 200-201
Study for Time and for EternityMS-08497/07/30c 1BC 1085; SpM 93-94
Christ on the CrossMS-084a97/00/00 TDG 236; 11MR 345
The Attitude in PrayerMS-084b97/08/01c 21MR 59-63
“I desire that the book…”MS-08597/08/29Cooranbong, Aus. 
“I have many things to say…”MS-08697/08/25Cooranbong, Aus.20MR 1-9
All That Will Live Godly in Christ Jesus Shall SufferMS-08797/08/19c RH 04/19/1898
As It Was in the Days of NoahMS-08897/08/20c 19MR 179-184
“Looking for that blessed hope…”MS-08997/08/20c RH 04/12/1898
God’s Chosen PeopleMS-09097/08/02c ST 05/26/1898 and 06/02/1898
The CrucifixionMS-09197/08/11c 12MR 385-387
God’s MessengersMS-09297/08/12c TM 404-415
The ArrestMS-09397/08/16c  
The Lord is Risen IndeedMS-09497/09/29c 5BC 1114; OHC 315
The CondemnationMS-09597/09/22c  
The Jews’ Rejection of ChristMS-09697/09/23c TDG 275
“The Lord has moved upon us here…”MS-09797/09/12Cooranbong, Aus. 
“I have written many things for our youth”MS-09897/09/13Cooranbong, Aus.8MR 255
The Truth Revealed in JesusMS-09997/09/14c RH 02/08/1898
The Arrest of ChristMS-10097/09/15c TDG 267
The True High PriestMS-10197/09/26c 12MR 387-399
CaiaphasMS-10297/09/26c 5BC 1105
Prophecy Fulfilled in ChristMS-10397/09/19c CC 325
Condemned by the JewsMS-10497/09/00c 19MR 162-170
“That which is of great interest to all…”MS-10597/09/28c  
Christ and the LawMS-10697/09/22c 18MR 70-78
Search the ScripturesMS-10797/09/15c 8MR 413
“Last night I was troubled and anxious…”MS-10897/09/01Cooranbong, Aus. 
“And when the servant of the man of God…”MS-10997/10/00c 16MR 295-300
“And I will put enmity…”*MS-11097/10/10c CTr 93
Our Substitute and Surety*MS-11197/10/07c 12MR 399-421
Before Pilate and HerodMS-11297/10/00c CTr 270-273
The Walk to EmmausMS-11397/10/14c CTr 295-298
“I attended meeting, and spoke…”MS-11497/10/07Cooranbong, Aus.6BC 1065; 7ABC 466; TDG 289
The Risen SaviourMS-11597/10/14c 5BC 1110; 6BC 1092; CTr 283-286
“I have been listening to the words…”MS-115a97/10/27c SD 30; 3MR 249, 308-309; 9MR 163-164
The Building of the Lord’s HouseMS-11697/10/03c 3BC 1133-1134; 4BC 1175-1176; 3MR 346; 10MR 122-126
“But ye shall receive power…”MS-117  Refiled as Ms 21, 1890
Adopting Infant ChildrenMS-118  Refiled as Ms 35, 1896
“Letters have come to me from Oakland…”MS-119  Refiled as Ms 17, 1897
JudasMS-12097/10/27 See DA 716-722
“Brother Baker wrote to me…”MS-121  Extract from Lt 13, 1897
DanielMS-12297/03/10 UL 83; 6BC 1108-1109; 4MR 125-127; 5MR 210; 7MR 333-334; CTr 173
Christ’s Commission*MS-12397/11/17c TDG 330
Go, Preach the Gospel*MS-12497/11/17c RH 03/15/1898 and 03/22/1898
“We are living amid the perils of…”MS-12597/11/12 Ev 565
The Training of ChildrenMS-12697/11/15c CG 27, 86-87, 151, 213-214, 232, 272; AH 187, 283, 287, 432; OHC 143; 4MR 99-100, 360-361; 8MR 380-381
“Here we are at Stanmore…”MS-12797/11/22Stanmore, Aus.3SM 311-312; LDE 111; 3MR 314-315
The Only True Mediator*MS-12897/11/28c FLB 76; TMK 73; TDG 341; 6BC 1115; 7BC 913-914; 7ABC 470; 17MR 24; CTr 293-294
Condemnation of ChristMS-12997/00/00  
The Truth as it is in Jesus*MS-13097/11/23 OHC 32, 208; HP 142; 1MCP 324-325; 2MCP 656-657; 5MR 210-211
I am the Resurrection and the LifeMS-13197/00/00 5BC 1113
Holiday PresentsMS-13297/00/00 RH 11/21/1878
The Wrath of the LambMS-13397/11/26 BE 05/30/1898
“God is gone up with a shout…”MS-13497/00/00 6BC 1053
“The reasons for the transgression…”MS-134a97/11/24c  
Diary/“At the seven o’clock meeting…”MS-135  Refiled as Ms 12, 1891
“In the night season some things…”MS-136  Refiled as Ms 41b, 1896
The JudgmentMS-13797/12/16c LDE 276; see RH 09/20/1898
The Gospel MessageMS-13897/12/02c 7ABC 478; VSS 339-340; Ev 291-292; 10MR 290-291
The Work Before God’s PeopleMS-13997/12/09 Ev 430; 9MR 129; BTS 09/1908
God’s Claim on UsMS-14097/12/14c CG 482-483; ML 102; AH 35-36
God’s Claim on UsMS-141  Refiled as Ms 140, 1897
“Yesterday was a hard day for me…”MS-141a97/12/17Stanmore, Aus. 
God’s Care for his WorkersMS-14297/12/16c 6BC 1057, 1105; UL 364
Christ’s Mission to Earth*MS-14397/12/09 16MR 115-125
“I would now speak…”MS-14497/12/30  
“I have a deep interest for every…”MS-14597/12/30Cooranbong, Aus.21MR 193-197
“I very much desire the presence…”MS-14697/12/05Stanmore, Aus. 
All Power is Given Unto MeMS-14797/12/09c VSS 233-234; see RH 07/19/1898 and 07/26/1898
The Christian Life*MS-14897/12/05c 12MR 50-55
The Remission of SinsMS-14997/12/01c See RH 06/13/1899
Our Reasonable ServiceMS-15097/00/00 From CTBH 15-24
An Appeal to our Churches in Behalf of HomeMS-15197/00/00 PH007 3-21
The Church Must be QuickenedMS-15297/00/00 PH007 21-27
Every Individual Member Should Be An ActiveMS-15397/00/00 PH007 27-29
Christ the Center of the MessageMS-154  Refiled as Ms 84, 1894
To the Teachers and Students in our College in B.C.MS-155  Refiled as Ms 51, 1893
“He that is faithful in that which is least…”MS-156  Duplicate of Ms 20, 1896
“Make Straight Paths for Your Feet”MS-157  Duplicate of Ms 39, 1896
“Side by side, wearing the yoke of Christ”MS-158  Refiled as Ms 15, 1897
“The Lord has made His people…”MS-159  Refiled as Ms 27, 1897
Daniells, A.G./Colcord/Faulkhead/SalisburyMS-160  Extract from Lt 27, 1896
Laborers Together With GodMS-16197/12/16Cooranbong, Aus.RH 03/10/1904
How To Conduct SanitariumsMS-16297/00/00 MM 141, 163-164, 199-201, 207, 214-216, 227-229
“We are laborers together with God…”MS-16397/12/17Stanmore, Aus.7BC 981; 7ABC 471; LDE 136; 5MR 102-103
The Southern Field*MS-16497/03/02Cooranbong, Aus.SWk 79-82
“I have been unable to sleep much…”MS-165  Refiled as Ms 39, 1887
Hopeful Words for StanmoreMS-16697/12/00 2MR 38-39
“In answer to the questions…”MS-16797/07/00 OHC 40, 43; Story of Our Health Message 441-445
The Avondale School*MS-16897/11/00  
God, Not Men, To Be Our Counselor*MS-16997/00/00  
Great in the Sight of the Lord*MS-17097/04/21Cooranbong, Aus. 
Diary [Mar. 5-7]*MS-17197/03/00Cooranbong, Aus. 
Diary [Apr. 6-28]*MS-17297/04/00Cooranbong, Aus.4Bio 293, 302
Diary [Jun. 18-30]*MS-17397/06/00Cooranbong, Aus.5MR 187; 8MR 368; 10MR 342
Diary [Jul.]*MS-17497/07/00Cooranbong, Aus.TMK 141, 143; 5MR 187; 4Bio 304, 306-311, 327-329, 391
Diary [Aug.]*MS-17597/08/00Cooranbong, Aus.3MR 274-275, 292; 5MR 187-188; 13MR 407-408; 20MR 39; 4Bio 317-320, 326
Diary [Sep.]*MS-17697/09/00Cooranbong, Aus.20MR 37-38; 4Bio 329-330
Diary [Oct.]*MS-17797/10/00Cooranbong, Aus.4Bio 333, 337-338
Diary [Nov. 1-28]*MS-17897/11/00Cooranbong, Aus.4Bio 338
Diary [Dec. 3-28]*MS-17997/12/00Cooranbong, Aus. 
“I appeal to the teachers in our school…”*MS-18097/00/00  
“There is a work to be done here…”*MS-18197/09/08  
“For we are laborers together with God…”*MS-18297/09/24Cooranbong, Aus.TDG 276; 11MR 37-39
The Two ClassesMS-18397/03/09Cooranbong, Aus.RH 06/15/1897
“Believe in Me”MS-18497/00/00 7BC 989
ApostasiesMS-18597/00/00 2SM 392-395
Apostasy of McCullagh and HawkinsMS-18697/00/00  
An Appeal for SydneyMS-18797/12/20Cooranbong, Aus. 
“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”MS-18897/02/03  
Diary [Jan. 11]*MS-18997/01/11  
Diary [Feb. 9]*MS-19097/02/09Ashfield, Aus. 
“Yesterday was a hard day for me…”MS-001  Refiled as Ms 141a, 1897
“We are laborers together with God…”MS-002  Refiled as Ms 163, 1897
Matthew’s FeastMS-00398/01/09c ST 06/23/1898 and 07/07/1898 and 07/14/1898
The Christian’s DutyMS-00498/01/09c RH 08/23/1898
“Sunday, May 18, 1895, with Elder Corliss”MS-004a98/01/09c RH 08/09/1898
“Sunday, May 18, 1895, with Elder Corliss”MS-004b  Refiled as Ms 4a, 1898
ForgetfulnessMS-005  Refiled as Ms 1, 1897
“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”MS-006  Refiled as Ms 4, 1897
True Education in our ChurchesMS-00798/01/14c TM 120-131
The Necessity of Studying the WordMS-00898/01/16c 20MR 178-181
Our Talents*MS-00998/01/25c ST 08/18/1898; RH 01/24/1899
“My mind is exercised in regard to…”MS-010  Refiled as Ms 49, 1893
The Necessity of Establishing SchoolsMS-010a98/02/01c 2MR 212; 3MR 364; CTr 348
The Word of God as a Study BookMS-01198/02/04c 9MR 379-380; 11MR 157; YI 06/30/1898 and 07/07/1898
A God-given WorkMS-01298/02/09c AH 265, 324; CG 52-53, 69, 175-176, 205, 223-224, 259, 482, 520; 7MR 207
Seed Sown Among ThornsMS-01398/02/09c 4BC 1161; 7MR 178-179
Like Unto LeavenMS-01498/02/09c TDG 48
The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of WisdomMS-01598/02/10c HP 137; 1MCP 92, 194-195, 357-358; 5MR 359-360; CTr 251
Wholehearted ServiceMS-01698/02/10c CC 34; 8MR 291
The Work for TodayMS-01798/02/13c Ev 565; 2BC 1035; Te 30, 36, 34, 62; GH 09/1898
One That is MightyMS-01898/02/18c TMK 48, 67; YI 12/29/1898
The Unjust StewardMS-01998/02/18c 6MR 25
His Wonderful LoveMS-02098/02/18c 8MR 39-41
Ye Are Not Your OwnMS-02198/02/20c HP 165, 170; CTr 244
Christ the Great MissionaryMS-02298/02/20c TMK 39, 43; TDG 59; 3BC 1140; WM 19-20, 172-173
The Character of God Revealed in ChristMS-02398/02/20c  
Christ’s Life on EarthMS-02498/02/22c UL 67
The Man of SorrowsMS-02598/02/24c 3MR 425-426
The Parable of the SowerMS-02698/02/28c RH 09/26/1899
The Pure in Heart Shall See GodMS-02798/02/18c 5BC 1114
Teaching From NatureMS-02898/03/02c 2MCP 423, 465, 564; 3BC 1143-1144
The Great SupperMS-02998/03/03c RH 01/17/1899
The Seed is the WordMS-03098/03/04c 3MR 343; RH 10/03/1899
Ask, and It Shall Be Given Unto YouMS-03198/03/04c  
“At that time Jesus went on the Sabbath…”MS-031a98/03/07c UL 80; CC 34; 12MR 307
The Barren Fig-TreeMS-03298/03/08c ST 02/15/1899; CTr 256
The Unjust JudgeMS-03398/03/09c 2BC 1013-1014; ST 09/08/1898 and 09/15/1898
“After Christ had talked with the…”MS-03598/03/09c  
Christ’s MissionMS-03698/03/10c KC 159-163
And the Grace of God was Upon HimMS-03798/03/10c YI 09/08/1898
Lessons From IsraelMS-03898/03/11c CD 375
The Day of ReckoningMS-03998/03/11c UL 84; 6BC 1100; 5MR 353-354; 8MR 348; 12MR 308; RH 11/22/1898
“Because of transgression, Adam and Eve…”MS-04098/03/13c CC 193; CTr 159
“How many are seeking earthly treasures…”MS-04198/03/16c TDG 84
To Every Man His WorkMS-04298/03/17c KC 153-159; RH Supp. 06/21/1898
Remember the Former Things of OldMS-04398/03/22Orange Grove, Aus.2MCP 533-534, 728; UL 95; 5MR 2
The Laborer is Worthy of His HireMS-043a98/03/22c 5MR 162, 323-327; 15MR 161-163
The Pearl of Great PriceMS-04498/03/29c 7BC 907; 5MR 423; CTr 301
Hidden TreasureMS-04598/03/30c 1MCP 194; UL 103; 3MR 347
“There is a work to be done in our cities”MS-04698/03/31c TDG 99; WM 199-200, 311-312; CW 66-67; 2MR 193-196
The Echo Office and Commercial WorkMS-04798/03/31 CC 200; OHC 254; Ev 491-492; 3BC 1158; 4MR 123-124; 6MR 266-270; 7MR 74; CTr 352
Our Relation to Commercial WorkMS-047a98/05/16c 3MR 40
Treasure Hid in a FieldMS-04898/04/03c 13MR 129-134
The Lack of Spirituality in our ChurchesMS-04998/04/09c 21MR 27-39
The Jews Require a SignMS-05098/04/28c TDG 127; 5BC 1095-1096; 6MR 81
The Hebrew CaptivesMS-05198/05/01c 12MR 120-123
The Work Required of God’s PeopleMS-05298/05/01c WM 273; 7BC 941; 1MR 14; 15MR 163-164; see RH 11/29/1898
The Source of All TruthMS-05398/05/11c 3MR 367
Our SchoolMS-05498/05/02c 11MR 157-158, 169-170
Union with Christ and with Each OtherMS-05598/05/04c 11MR 170-171
The Need of Harmonious ActionMS-05698/04/27c 3SM 26; OHC 26; 8MR 283-284; MR311 25; SpM 119-122
Our School at AvondaleMS-05798/05/08c 8MR 260
The Mistake of a Low Fee for TuitionMS-05898/04/17Stanmore, Aus.11MR 178; SpM 128-131; 5Bio 199-200
Notes on the WorkMS-05998/05/10c 1SM 116-117; 12MR 360-362
How the Echo Office Should be RegardedMS-06098/05/12c  
True GreatnessMS-06198/05/08c HP 173; 7BC 962
Selection of the School Land at CooranbongMS-06298/06/28 16MR 152-156
Home Missionary WorkMS-06398/05/18c TDG 147
The Danger of Rejecting LightMS-06498/05/19c 20MR 315-322
“I have a word to speak to all who are…”MS-06598/05/19c  
Words of Instruction to Ministers and PeopleMS-065a98/05/22c Variant of Ms 42, 1898
The Poor Have the Gospel Preached Unto ThemMS-065b98/05/21c WM 22, 170-172
To the General Conference & our PublishingMS-06698/05/24c 17MR 221-235
Search the ScripturesMS-06798/06/09c 1MCP 188-189; OHC 35; TDG 169; 1BC 1083; 7BC 904-905, 989; 3MR 433; 11MR 172-173; 17MR 25; CTr 33
The Leaven of TruthMS-06898/06/09c 5MR 346-347; see RH 07/25/1899
“I have not been able to sleep much…”MS-06998/06/02c 12MR 161-162
The Need of Missionary EffortMS-07098/06/13c Christian Educator 10/1898
“On Monday afternoon I met with those…”MS-07198/06/14c 7BC 989; 11MR 177-178
Shall Not God Avenge His Own Elect?MS-07298/06/14c 5MR 416-418
Brethren in Battle CreekMS-073  Refiled as Lt 55, 1898
Extracts From Personal Letters re W.C.T.U.MS-07498/12/01 WM 164
Brethren in the MinistryMS-074a  Refiled as Lt 54, 1898
Come Out From Among Them, and Be Ye SeparateMS-07598/06/16c 4MR 449; 5MR 418; 9MR 129-131
“During the week of prayer we appointed…”MS-07698/06/16Cooranbong, Aus.4MR 129-130; 4Bio 354
Notes of the Work During the Week of PrayerMS-07798/06/16Cooranbong, Aus.3MR 302; 12MR 144
I am the True VineMS-07898/06/17c UL 182
Missionary Work a Means of EducationMS-07998/06/22c 8MR 258
Love as BrethrenMS-08098/06/23c AH 217, 311
The Rich Man and LazarusMS-08198/06/23c TDG 183
The Leaven of TruthMS-08298/06/26c 2SAT 115-122
“All who are led by the Spirit of God…”MS-08398/06/28c  
Notes on the Work During the Week of PrayerMS-08498/07/03c 8MR 259; 11MR 177
Notes of the Week of Prayer—3MS-08598/07/03c  
Notes of the Week of Prayer—5MS-08698/07/03c UL 198; 3MR 347-349; see RH 11/08/1898
Go, Work Today in My VineyardMS-08798/07/07c Te 232-235, 243, 254-255; 6MR 25
The Parable of the HouseholderMS-08898/07/10c UL 205; TDG 200; see ST 03/01/1899
How Oft Shall I Forgive My Brother?MS-08998/07/13c See RH 01/03/1899
“Know ye not that they which run…”MS-090  Refiled as Ms 50, 1893
“We find that we have much to be…”MS-09198/06/17Cooranbong, Aus.16MR 39-44
The Revelation of GodMS-09298/07/06c 7MR 371
The Parable of the Ten Virgins*MS-092a98/07/22c 16MR 267-276
“July 21, W.C. White, Sister Sara…”MS-09398/07/22Stanmore, Aus. 
The Unity of the SpiritMS-09498/07/28c  
Meat in Due SeasonMS-09598/08/08c PM 222-224; 3BC 1144; 7BC 989
Christ Our PortionMS-09698/08/10c MM 161; Ev 139; TDG 231; 2MCP 557-558; 5BC 1144-1145
The Necessity of a Close Walk with GodMS-09798/08/11Cooranbong, Aus.13MR 6-12
God’s Promises Our PleaMS-09898/08/11Cooranbong, Aus. 
The Southern FieldMS-099  Refiled as Ms 164, 1897
Through Nature to Nature’s God*MS-10098/08/20c TDG 241
Draw With Christ*MS-10198/08/23c 4MR 11
Doers of the WordMS-10298/08/23c  
A Word to our Ministers in Regard to HealthMS-10398/08/23c 4MR 372-373
Christ’s Manner of Teaching*MS-10498/08/24c 20MR 241-248
The Education Our School Should GiveMS-10598/08/26c HFM 38-42; PM 149-150; 1MR 392; 2MR 212; 4MR 244; SpM 134-140
Diary [Dec.]MS-106  Refiled as Ms 28, 1890
The MinistryMS-10798/08/28c 1SAT 292-299
Higher EducationMS-10898/09/01c TDG 253
Peter’s Fall and RestorationMS-10998/09/08c TDG 260
“Why is it a great advantage…”MS-11098/09/08c  
“During the night I slept well…”*MS-11198/07/22 1BC 1087; 2MR 26; 5MR 121; CTr 54
BelieveMS-11298/09/08c 5BC 1135
Present your Bodies a Living SacrificeMS-11398/09/08c 2MCP 388, 694; 5MR 360-361; 7MR 133; 10MR 306
Not in Man’s WisdomMS-11498/09/12c See RH 07/18/1899
The Avondale School Farm/“I have words…”MS-11598/09/14c 6T 181-192; 8MR 265
The Avondale School FarmMS-115a  Refiled as Ms 170, 1899
The Two Great Principles of the LawMS-11698/09/16 18MR 1-9
A Personal God*MS-11798/09/21c 3MR 326-327, 335-336, 355-356; 7MR 371-376
The Lost Sheep*MS-11898/09/22c  
The Word of God our Study Book*MS-11998/09/22c Te 75; 4MR 97-98
The Need of Simplicity and ConsecrationMS-12098/09/24 20MR 268-270
An Example of Faithfulness*MS-12198/10/02c 2MCP 688-689; TDG 284; 12MR 255; 1NL 100; CTr 180; see RH 05/02/1899 and 05/09/1899
An Appeal for HelpMS-121a  Refiled as Ms 123, 1898
Danger of Restricting the WorkMS-121b98/10/01 2MR 19; from Lt 5, 1885
Prepare ye the Way of the LordMS-121c98/05/03c RH 08/02/1898
An Appeal for Help II/“The obligations which”MS-12298/10/04c CTr 349
An Appeal for Help I/“I arose at half past…”MS-12398/10/03Cooranbong, Aus.Ev 249-250
Those on the Avondale SchoolMS-123a  Refiled as Lt 123a, 1898
An Appeal for Help III/“God’s people have a…”MS-12498/10/05  
Education in the HomeMS-12598/10/06c TDG 288
Search the Scriptures*MS-12698/10/17c  
Words to ParentsMS-12798/10/17c AH 197; CG 216
Self-Culture*MS-12898/10/17c OHC 219
Words to Parents*MS-12998/10/17c AH 196, 295; CG 352-353
Moses as a ShepherdMS-13098/10/17c  
True Education*MS-13198/10/17c  
The Bible the Foundation of EducationMS-13298/10/17c  
Parents and Children*MS-13398/10/17c AH 310-311; CG 197-198; 10MR 112
“Last evening Elder Daniells spoke…”MS-133a  Refiled as Ms 145, 1898
The Youth to Improve their CapabilitiesMS-13498/10/19c LDE 242; Te 236; Ev 24; PH136 9
True EducationMS-13598/10/19c 4MR 121-122
Fragments on Religion in the Home*MS-13698/10/20c 1NL 92
Labor and Amusement*MS-13798/10/20c  
Words to Parents*MS-13898/10/20c 1NL 91
A Call for HelpMS-138a  Refiled as Ms 138a, 1899
An Appeal for MissionsMS-13998/10/21c PH004
Christ’s Teaching*MS-14098/10/22c  
Ye are the Salt of the Earth*MS-14298/10/17c AH 174; CG 240, 484-485
The Parable of the Wedding Feast*MS-14398/10/17c UL 304
The Ten Virgins*MS-14498/10/19c  
“Last evening Bro. Daniells spoke…”MS-14598/10/18S. Brisbane, Aus. 
True EducationMS-146  Refiled as Ms 54, 1896
“I must make an appeal to our brethren…”MS-14798/10/24cBrisbane, Aus. 
“I have just been reading the article…”MS-14898/10/26c 10MR 350
He Spoke to Them by ParablesMS-14998/10/26c  
How Shall We Use Our Lord’s Goods?MS-15098/10/27c Te 17
“On Wednesday evening, Oct. 12…”*MS-15198/11/02cBrisbane, Aus.HP 175; 2MCP 637; 2SM 331; 3MR 218; 10MR 275-276
Notes of Travel*MS-15298/11/20c Ev 634; HP 101; 4MR 257-258, 412
“We all feel very grateful to…”MS-15398/10/28Brisbane, Aus.Ev 296; TMK 70, 340; 4Bio 368
The Pearl of Great PriceMS-15498/11/22c HP 49; 7MR 180-181
“Let not your heart be troubled…”MS-15598/12/02c  
The Need of Self-Sacrificing EffortMS-15698/12/05c 5MR 370-371; 1NL 99-100
Be Ye Therefore PerfectMS-15798/12/05c 5MR 369; 6MR 5
The Gift of the Holy Spirit*MS-15898/12/07c 11MR 158, 178-179; 12MR 144-145; MR311 36
Speak Evil of No ManMS-15998/12/08c TDG 351; ChL 60; HFM 42-43
“The ways of man are before the Lord…”*MS-16098/12/08c 5BC 1140
“The ways of man are before the Lord…”*MS-160a98/12/08cCooranbong, Aus.Edited copy of Ms 160, 1898
“I speak to the students who come…”MS-16198/12/10c 7MR 320
Be Ye Kind One to AnotherMS-16298/12/10c  
Talk/Address to Echo EmployeesMS-16398/04/14 2SAT 123-129
The Two Great Principles of the Law*MS-163a98/12/10c  
“Be Ye Therefore Perfect”*MS-16498/12/14c TDG 357; 6MR 5
Unity a Test of DiscipleshipMS-16598/12/13c TDG 356; 5MR 370; 15MR 165-166
The Lord’s VineyardMS-16698/12/15c 6BC 1079; 17MR 26
The Good SamaritanMS-16798/12/16c 6BC 1116
FragmentsMS-16898/00/00c CS 255; OHC 245; CM 95-96; 7BC 933-934; 5MR 371
“I arise this morning early…”MS-169  Refiled as Lt 13, 1898
Dangers of Relocating the WorkMS-170  Refiled as Ms 121b, 1898
Re Wessels FamilyMS-171  Duplicate of Lt 141, 1898
The Character and Work of Avondale SchoolMS-17298/12/20Cooranbong, Aus.11MR 168, 180-181
Go Forward*MS-17398/12/20Newcastle, Aus.13MR 395-399
Diary/“We, Sara, W.C. White…”*MS-17498/11/02Gladstone, Aus. 
Diary/Medical Missionary Work & the Minister*MS-17598/01/00 BCL 11-13
Test. to the Members of the Prahran ChurchMS-17698/04/04Ballarat, Aus.21MR 1-4
Test. to Metcalf Hare/“It would be an…”*MS-17798/00/00 17MR 26
Haskell, Br-Sr.*MS-178  Refiled as Lt 142, 1898
Test. re Metcalf Hare and C.B. Hughes*MS-17998/00/00  
Diary [Jan.]*MS-18098/01/00  
Diary [Feb.-Mar.]*MS-18198/02/00  
Diary [May 9-31]*MS-18298/05/00 5MR 188; 4Bio 348-350
Diary [Jun.]*MS-18398/06/00 5MR 188-189; 4Bio 351
Diary [Jul.]*MS-18498/07/00 5MR 189; 4Bio 353-357, 360
Diary [Aug.]*MS-18598/08/00 5MR 189; 8MR 260-261
Diary [Sep.]*MS-18698/09/00 5MR 190; 4Bio 353
Diary [Oct.]*MS-18798/10/00 TDG 298, 300; 4Bio 367-368, 371
Diary [Nov. 1, 6, 7]*MS-18898/11/00  
Diary [Dec. 18-31]*MS-18998/12/00  
Church Members/“We are living in a most…”*MS-19098/01/01Cooranbong, Aus. 
Evils of Tobacco/“I have been wakened…”*MS-19198/10/21Brisbane, Aus. 
Diary/“I will write a few lines more…”*MS-19298/00/00  
“Our first meeting in the chapel…”*MS-19398/04/00Stanmore, Aus.HP 283; 17MR 26
“Slept well last night but all…”*MS-19498/12/00Newcastle, Aus.HP 55, 84, 277
Week of Prayer in AustraliaMS-19598/06/00 RH 09/27/1898
Appealing to LawyersMS-19698/00/00 3SM 299-301
“In the parable of the call…”MS-19798/00/00  
Talk/Thoughts from Talks to the StudentsMS-19898/00/00Cooranbong, Aus. 
Re Elder Haskell*MS-19998/07/04  
Talk/Thoughts on Colossians 2*MS-20098/07/09Stanmore, Aus. 
Diary Fragments*MS-20198/00/00  
Diary/Education for our Time*MS-20298/00/00  
“And he gave some apostles…”MS-00199/01/19c UL 33; OHC 176; Te 32; 9MR 320
The Need of Greater ConsecrationMS-00299/01/24c UL 38; BTS 10/1908
The Work for this TimeMS-00399/01/25c GCDB 03/02/1899
The Effective Use of Means in MissionaryMS-00499/01/25c GCDB 03/02/1899
The Need for Consecrated WorkersMS-00599/01/26c 4MR 98
The Poor Rich ManMS-00699/01/31c UL 45
Home-TrainingMS-00799/01/31c 1NL 93-95
Talk/Talk at School Opening/“There is a great…”MS-00899/02/01c OHC 19; 1MCP 190; 2MCP 806; 8MR 261
God’s Purpose for His PeopleMS-00999/02/08c OHC 21
Words of WarningMS-01099/02/16c TDG 55
The Work at NewcastleMS-01199/02/21c Ev 501, 529; VSS 302; see RH 04/24/1900 and 05/01/1900
The Need of a Knowledge of God’s Word*MS-01299/02/22c 3SM 21
Christian PerfectionMS-01399/02/23c 5BC 1110; CTr 52; see ST 10/25/1899
Re Wessels FamilyMS-013a  Duplicate of Lt 141, 1898
To Every Man His WorkMS-01499/02/23c UL 68; 6MR 384-385
“In the third chapter of Malachi…”MS-01599/02/23c 4BC 1182
The Marriage at Cana at GalileeMS-01699/02/19c 10MR 197-203
CooperationMS-016a99/03/01c RH 05/28/1908
The New CommandmentMS-01799/03/02c OHC 24, 231; SD 101; 2MCP 579
The Call to the FeastMS-01899/03/06c  
Compel Them to Come InMS-01999/03/06c WM 286-288
The Second Advent*MS-02099/03/08c FLB 288; HP 34
Give Unto the Lord the Glory Due Unto His NameMS-02199/03/08c 1MCP 271; UL 81; VSS 14
Diary/“I spoke this evening…”MS-022  Refiled as Ms 29, 1890
“And it came to pass…”MS-02399/03/09c OHC 18, 36, 82, 130; 1MCP 262-263; 6BC 1058; 7BC 942-943; CTr 140; 12MR 255-256; 17MR 27
“God’s servants are to impress…”MS-024  Refiled as Ms 30, 1890
Faithfulness in the Work of GodMS-02599/03/12c Ev 354; TDG 80; 5MR 358-359; 9MR 102
“When anyone heareth the word…”MS-02699/03/14c  
The Great Standard of RighteousnessMS-02799/03/19c 1BC 1088; 2BC 994; 3BC 1152; 7BC 951, 970, 980-981; see RH 04/23/1901 and 05/07/1901
Think Not That I am Come to Destroy the LawMS-02899/03/19c TDG 87
Sacrificed for UsMS-02999/03/17c UL 90; 5BC 1085; 7BC 914-915; 6MR 2
“Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread.”MS-030  Refiled as Ms 48, 1895
Do All to the Glory of GodMS-03199/03/19c 11MR 279; see ST 10/18/1899
Home-TrainingMS-03299/03/20c AH 236, 245-246; CG 106-107, 205, 247-248, 251; see RH 12/05/1899
“The Lord accepts those who will accept…”MS-03399/03/20c  
The Home-LifeMS-03499/03/21c UL 94; CD 315; 3BC 1129; 5BC 1085
Teaching From NatureMS-03599/03/21c 13MR 335-338
The Marriage at CanaMS-03699/03/21c 10MR 187-190
The Need of Consecrated WorkersMS-03799/03/21c 8MR 287-288; 10MR 319
The Will of God Concerning YouMS-03899/03/26c 1SAT 300-303
Loyalty or DisloyaltyMS-03999/03/23c RH 02/06/1900
I Will Have Mercy and not SacrificeMS-04099/03/26c WM 24; 9MR 160; 10MR 95-96
The Religion of ChristMS-04199/03/28c  
Kept in TrialMS-04299/03/28c RH 06/19/1900
Diary/“During the past night matters…”MS-043  Refiled as Ms 64, 1894
“I have been unable to sleep much…”MS-044  Refiled as Ms 165, 1897
Sabbath-School WorkMS-04599/03/29c  
The Pearl of Great PriceMS-04699/03/29c  
God Loveth a Cheerful GiverMS-04799/03/29c TDG 97; WM 279-280
Work in Christ’s LinesMS-04899/03/29c See ST 12/20/1899 and 12/27/1899
Come Out From Among ThemMS-049  Refiled as Ms 7, 1885
Words of Counsel to Young PhysiciansMS-050  Refiled as Ms 4b, 1885
The Seal of GodMS-05199/04/02c ST 11/01/1899 and 11/08/1899
The Danger of Self-SufficiencyMS-05299/04/02c  
Words of Instruction to those Connected with the…MS-05399/04/03c TDG 102; Ev 539, 542-543; VSS 52
“After the closing exercises of…”MS-05499/04/04c PM 84-85, 93; 4Bio 53
“We left Battle Creek for Kalamazoo…”MS-055  Refiled as Ms 8, 1889
Following ChristMS-05699/04/07c GCB 2nd Quarter 1899, 33-35
Words of GratitudeMS-05799/04/11c GCB 2nd Quarter 1899, 36-38
The Duty of Parents to ChildrenMS-05899/04/13c AH 172-173, 389-390; 7MR 7
The Perfect StandardMS-05999/04/13c  
Sermon/Words to MinistersMS-060  Refiled as Ms 2, 1883
The Teacher Sent from GodMS-06199/04/20c 16MR 89-96
Judge NotMS-06299/04/18c 8MR 309
“Yesterday Miss McEnterfer and Miss Maggie”MS-06399/04/22cHamilton, Aus.15MR 29-42
Words to ParentsMS-06499/04/25c CG 27, 80, 97, 101, 194; 1MR 112-113
“At a counsel meeting held last Thursday…”MS-06599/04/25c 16MR 245-249
Talk/“School work is a work of partnership”MS-06699/04/13Cooranbong, Aus.2SAT 135-139
“I must write in regard to the way in…”MS-06799/04/25c 2SM 284-285, 347-348; 8MR 258
Diary [Apr. 14-25]/“This is the preparation…”*MS-06899/04/25c 2SM 299-300; 1MR 392; 3MR 425; PC 15
Words of Counsel in Regard to the PublishingMS-06999/05/08  
Laborers Together with GodMS-07099/02/26 TDG 65; 7BC 906
Diary [Nov. 24]MS-071  Refiled as Ms 23, 1890
Remarks/By Sr. White in Battle CreekMS-072  Refiled as Ms 1, 1869
Abide in MeMS-07399/05/11c TDG 140
“The third chapter of first Corinthians…”MS-07499/05/11c 6BC 1082, 1086
“Those who have been separating from…”MS-07599/05/11c 1888 1687-1692
Diary/[De. 28-31]MS-076  Refiled as Ms 20, 1891
God’s Law ImmutableMS-07799/05/14c LDE 18, 217; 1BC 1102; 4BC 1147-1148; 5BC 1131
He Casteth Out DevilsMS-07899/05/15c 5BC 1092-1093
How Much Owest Thou Unto My Lord?*MS-07999/05/01Cooranbong, Aus. 
The Selection of Articles for our Papers*MS-08099/05/16c CW 17-19 with PH070
The Parable of the TalentsMS-08199/05/21c WM 245
In the Master’s Service*MS-08299/05/21c 4BC 1172; RH 04/17/1900
That They All May Be One*MS-08399/05/17c 6MR 331
God in NatureMS-084  Refiled as Ms 4, 1882
The Sanitarium—Where Shall It Be Located?MS-08599/06/05c 10MR 234-248
The Sanitarium—Where Shall It Be Located?MS-085a  Extract from Ms 85, 1899
The Review & Herald and the College DebtMS-08699/06/06c SpM 147-150
The Last Shall Be First And the First Last*MS-08799/06/13c 2SM 182
Lessons from the Christ-Life*MS-08899/06/14c See RH 02/13/1900
Shall We Erect Homes for ConsumptivesMS-08999/06/19c 9MR 281-284
“I cannot sleep past eleven o’clock…”*MS-09099/04/27 SWk 94-96
Words of Counsel Regarding the ManagementMS-09199/06/19 13MR 179-191
The Importance of Christ’s Lessons to His*MS-09299/07/12c CG 79-80; 7BC 932-933, 936; 7ABC 460; 4MR 245
“Know ye not, Paul asks,…”*MS-09399/07/13c 6BC 1089; 7BC 912, 924; TDG 203
Sermon/“These words spake Jesus…”MS-093a99/07/23 1SAT 304-311
To Do Justly, to Love Mercy, and to Walk Humbly*MS-09499/07/18c HP 236; 1MR 272-273; GCB 4th Quarter 1899, 99-103
The Apostle Paul and Manual WorkMS-09599/07/20c 6BC 1065
The Bible as our Study-Book*MS-09699/07/20c 13MR 260-268
The Minister and Physical WorkMS-09799/07/24c TDG 214; 2SM 196-197
The Need of Liberality*MS-09899/07/24c 6BC 1103-1104
Talk/“I want to say that I am very…”MS-09999/07/20 11MR 158-159
An Appeal for HelpMS-10099/07/24c AUCR 07/28/1899
The [Avondale] School and Its WorkMS-10199/07/24c AUCR 07/28/1899
Talk/“I desire that we shall know the very”MS-10299/07/09Cooranbong, Aus.UL 204; 5MR 339-340
Diary/“I attended the ministerial…”MS-103  Refiled as Ms 19, 1891
Remarks/“The first I knew anything about this”MS-103a99/07/25Cooranbong, Aus. 
Battle Creek Sanitarium/Large BuildingsMS-103b99/00/00 Compiled from other letters/manuscripts
The Board of Directors*MS-10499/07/30c  
Words of Instruction to Responsible Men*MS-10599/07/30c WM 123, 228-229
Remarks/Report of Committee MeetingMS-10699/07/26 CS 275-276
The Debt on Battle Creek CollegeMS-10799/08/02c  
He That Loveth Not His Brother Abideth in DeathMS-10899/08/02 7BC 962-963; 11MR 274
The Need of Equalizing the WorkMS-10999/08/03c 1MR 229-231; 3MR 324
The Unfaithful Husbandmen*MS-11099/08/06c UL 232
Talk/Our Sanitarium and Its WorkMS-11199/07/17 AUCR 07/21/1899
The Character and Work of Avondale SchoolMS-112  Refiled as Ms 172, 1898
The Wages of Unrighteousness*MS-11399/08/11c 1BC 1111-1112; 1MR 271-272
“And there came a man from…”*MS-11499/08/13c LHU 62; 5MR 305-306
Words of Exhortation to the Workers*MS-11599/08/15c 1MR 236-241
The Sin of JezebelMS-11699/08/15c 2BC 1038; 10MR 384
The Medical Missionary WorkMS-11799/08/15c BCL 25-27
The Work in the SouthMS-11899/08/21c 4MR 12-13
Words to ParentsMS-11999/08/21c AH 320, 526; CG 210, 237, 277, 303, 334-336; 5MR 338-339
Go, Work Today in My Vineyard*MS-12099/08/23c TDG 244
Lessons from Israel*MS-12199/08/24c 1BC 1112; 1MCP 241; 3MR 347; 6MR 394; 16MR 277
The Canvasser and His WorkMS-12299/07/02c Collection of extracts largely taken from 5T 396-407; see also 1MCP 51; 6MR 271-273
The Vineyard*MS-12399/08/25c 16MR 328-331
Diary/“On October 1, 1896, we assembled…”MS-124  Refiled as Ms 55, 1896
Diary Fragments/A Beautiful DreamMS-125  Refiled as Ms 56, 1896
Words of WarningMS-12699/08/28c 2BC 998; CM 29; 3MR 239
The Parable of the Two SonsMS-12799/09/05c OHC 81; HP 42; CG 248; 5BC 1097; RH 02/20/1900 and 02/27/1900
Christ’s Entry Into JerusalemMS-12899/09/07c CTr 253-255
The Wicked HusbandmenMS-12999/09/06c  
The Test of ObedienceMS-13099/09/08c SD 313, 314; Te 65, 79-80, 195-196; 5BC 1121; 4MR 410; 11MR 274-275; 15MR 166
The Danger of Extravagance in Illustrating our…MS-13199/09/12c 15MR 105-113
Diary/“Last night was a night of great…”*MS-13299/09/13  
The Importance of the Law of GodMS-13399/09/20c 21MR 408-411
The Unfaithful Husbandmen*MS-13499/09/20c 2BC 998-999; CTr 133
Joshua’s Last WordsMS-13599/09/20c  
The True and the False*MS-13699/09/20c 5BC 1107, 1136; CTr 35
Notes of the Work/“Sept. 22, 1899 we drove”MS-13799/09/22  
Parables of the VineyardMS-13899/09/27c  
A Call for HelpMS-138a99/09/25c RH 11/14/1899
Lessons from the VineyardMS-13999/09/27c Te 29
Sermon/Counsel to MinistersMS-140  Refiled as Ms 8a, 1888
What Do Ye More Than Others?MS-14199/10/02c Ev 46
God’s Care for His ChurchMS-14299/10/03c 7BC 922, 930-931; see ST 02/14/1900
Co-Workers with ChristMS-14399/10/04c ChL 7-8, 26; 4MR 365-367; 6MR 105-106
No Other Gods Before MeMS-144  Refiled as Ms 49, 1895
Give, and It Shall be Given Unto YouMS-14599/10/06c 4BC 1143, 1151
“The question was asked by Christ…”MS-14699/10/07Cooranbong, Aus. 
The Yoke of Restraint and ObedienceMS-14799/10/09c 8MR 266-267; 17MR 27
The Need of Self-SurrenderMS-14899/10/08c Southern Review 12/05/1899; BTS 10/1910
“I was instructed in America…”MS-14999/10/24Cooranbong, Aus.18MR 65-69
“The revelation of Jesus Christ…”MS-15099/10/26c CG 310; 7BC 954; 4MR 416; CTr 312
A Lesson from Israel’s DisobedienceMS-15199/10/30c 2BC 1017; 4BC 1144, 1146, 1156
The Temple of God Must be HolyMS-15299/10/31c TSB 15; 3SM 419; 4MR 380-381, 398
Victory Over TemptationMS-15399/10/31c Ev 591; 1BC 1105; CTr 200
Restitution Due to the Southern FieldMS-15499/11/18c 3MR 262-263
Temperance from a Christian StandpointMS-15599/11/17c 1BC 1101; Te 162, 196; CG 391
Diary/“Yesterday, although it had been…”MS-15699/11/17Maitland, Aus. 
A Message to the Battle Creek ChurchMS-15799/12/04c HP 283; Ev 512
Diary/“Today is my birthday…”MS-15899/11/26Maitland, Aus.4MR 44
The Privileges and Duties of a ChristianMS-15999/12/13c 2SM 284; MM 41; CS 66-67; 5MR 133-134
God’s Design in Establishing SanitariumsMS-16099/12/15c  
Notes of the WorkMS-16199/12/17c  
This Do, and Thou Shalt LiveMS-16299/12/17c  
Our Need of FaithMS-16399/12/18c  
Faithful or Unfaithful StewardsMS-16499/12/26c 2SM 183-185
Words of Counsel to Ministers and PhysiciansMS-16599/12/26c TMK 304; 1BC 1113; 6BC 1084-1085, 1087; 7ABC 461, 476; 1MR 223-224; 5MR 114, 134-135
God’s Design in Establishing SanitariumsMS-16699/12/22c KC 12-14
The Medical Missionary Work and the GospelMS-16799/12/22c KC 15-18
The Physician’s Work a Cure of SoulsMS-16899/12/22c KC 49-53 (see 6T 229-234)
Dangers and Duties of the PhysicianMS-16999/12/22c KC 53-61
Exorbitant FeesMS-169a99/00/00From 1899/1900 Lts/MsMM 125-127, 169-171
The Avondale School FarmMS-17099/07/22 AUCR 07/31/1899
DiscourseMS-171  Duplicate of Ms 66, 1899
Diary/“I have slept until half past two…”*MS-17299/00/00c MM 159-161, 166-167; CD 75; 7BC 982, 985
  MS-173  Unassigned
Diary/“The canvassing work is one of the…”*MS-17499/00/00c 1MR 60-65
Diary/“I attended the morning service…”*MS-17599/00/00Summer Hill, Aus.19MR 157-161
Diary/“I thank the Lord for his great…”*MS-17698/11/04Rockhampton, Aus.Filed in 1899; 21MR 402-407
The Medical Missionary Work*MS-17799/05/10 WM 253-254; Ev 523; 4MR 412; 9MR 129; MR311 47
“I may soon be called to lay off…”MS-17899/11/11Maitland, Aus.TSA 56-57
The Work of Elder W.C. WhiteMS-179  Refiled as Ms 6, 1913
Re Elder HaskellMS-180  Refiled as Ms 199, 1898
Experiences in Medical Missionary WorkMS-18199/08/00 From GH 10/1899
Diary [Jan. 1-5, 26, 27]*MS-18299/01/00  
Diary [Feb. 13-28]*MS-18399/02/00  
Diary [Mar.]*MS-18499/03/00 4Bio 416-417
Diary [Apr. 1-25]*MS-18599/04/00  
Diary [May 12-30]*MS-18699/05/00  
Diary [Jun. 14-30]*MS-18799/06/00  
Diary [Jul. 1-26]*MS-18899/07/00  
Diary [Aug. 12-19]*MS-18999/08/00 4Bio 400
Diary [Sep. 29, 30]*MS-19099/09/00  
Diary [Oct. 1-16]*MS-19199/10/00  
Diary [Nov. 3-14]*MS-19299/11/00  
Helping Needy Families at Cooranbong*MS-19399/00/00  
Diary*MS-19499/11/23Cooranbong, Aus. 
Royalties—Robbery Toward God*MS-19599/00/00  
“As the head of humanity…”MS-19699/00/00 Incomplete
Comments on Luke 8-10 and an Appeal to Dr. Kellogg*MS-19799/00/00  
Diary Material*MS-19899/00/00  
Diary/Dangers of Dr. Kellogg*MS-19999/00/00  
Diary Material*MS-20099/00/00  
Diary Fragments*MS-20199/00/00  
Diary/“I thank the Lord for His great…”*MS-001  Refiled as Ms 176, 1899
The Need of a Reformation*MS-00200/01/02c UL 16; 6MR 39-40; 9MR 229-230; MR311 45-46
The Death of Sr. S.M.I. HenryMS-00300/02/28c RH 04/03/1900
The Medical Missionary WorkMS-003a  Refiled as Ms 177, 1899
The Unjust StewardMS-00400/01/02c  
The Work for this TimeMS-00500/01/02c GCB 1st Quarter 1900, 108-109
Words of Instruction Regarding the MedicalMS-00600/01/12c Ev 289-290, 581-582; 4MR 416
The Importance of Camp Meeting WorkMS-00700/01/15c Ev 137, 151; CTr 236
Last Words of Instruction to the Disciples*MS-007a00/01/25cToowooba, Aus.Ev 647-648
The Ministry of AngelsMS-00800/01/25c ML 88; 6BC 1109, 1120
Our Duty Under PersecutionMS-00900/01/26c UL 40; 3SM 400-402; 12MR 149
Help to be Given to our SchoolsMS-01000/01/22c PH139 5-13
Good and Evil AgenciesMS-01100/01/28c ML 67; CTr 307-308
Who Will Help?MS-01200/01/31c Te 89; 6BC 1102-1103; 11MR 221-223
The Necessity for Immediate ActionMS-012a00/01/00c Sanitarium Announcement 01/01/1900; Edited from Ms 12, 1900
Words to StudentsMS-01300/02/02c 1SAT 312-317
Offer Unto God Thanksgiving*MS-01400/02/11c 9MR 265
Whoso Offereth Praise Glorifieth GodMS-01500/02/14c Compiled from Scripture
The Work for This Time/“The third angel’s…”MS-01600/02/20c Ev 230; WM 258-259; 7BC 974, 980
Investing Means in Building SanitariumsMS-017  Refiled as Ms 23a, 1887
Diary/“We left Geelong, Friday…”MS-01800/03/25Geelong, Aus. 
A Perfect MinistryMS-01900/03/05c AUCR 06/01/1900
Diary/“On Sabbath Willie accompanied me…”*MS-020  Refiled as Ms 85, 1894
God’s Love ManifestedMS-02100/02/16c AUCR 06/01/1900
Witnessing for ChristMS-02200/03/08c  
Unfaithful ServantsMS-02300/04/01c  
Words of Instruction to PhysiciansMS-02400/04/03c SpTB #15 16-23
A Physician’s OpportunitiesMS-02500/04/08c KC 41-43
Diary/“To spend money…”MS-02600/04/18 In Ms 92, 1900
Obedience or DisobedienceMS-02700/05/06c UL 140; 1MCP 321
God’s Purpose for His PeopleMS-027a00/04/19c Ev 273; UL 123; 6BC 1075
Obedience or DisobedienceMS-02800/05/10c 4BC 1148-1149; 5MR 82
Faithful StewardshipMS-02900/05/21c UL 155; OHC 114; ML 304; 6BC 1065; 7BC 922-924
Diary/“Some things have been presented…”MS-03000/06/18c KC 75-80
Diary/“This has been a trying day for me…”MS-03100/06/18cSummer Hill, Aus.KC 80-82
Dangers in AmusementsMS-03200/06/26c 6BC 1068-1069, 1120; 12MR 257-258
Unfaithful Shepherds*MS-03300/06/25c CG 513; 5MR 82; 10MR 106-107
Faithful StewardshipMS-03400/06/26c KC 108-120
Our Work for this TimeMS-03500/06/28c Ev 225
Diary—The Canvassing Work*MS-03600/07/05c 19MR 152-156
The Revelations of the Judgment*MS-03700/07/08c UL 203
Diary—The Canvassing Work*MS-03800/07/08c  
Words of Instruction Re the Building of the San.MS-03900/07/13c  
A Work to be Done for GodMS-04000/07/16c 7BC 971-972
Fragments/Commandment-keepingMS-04100/07/23c MM 211-212; Ev 610-611; 2MR 244-246
Words of Instruction Regarding the SanitariumMS-04200/07/23c ML 54; 1BC 1087-1088; 1NL 48; 11MR 223-224; CTr 49, 56
Fragments B/The Prophet, EnochMS-04300/08/02c AH 28, 197, 202, 245, 255; CG 92, 123, 195, 216-217, 230, 433-434; UL 228; 1BC 1088; 3MR 218; 6MR 146-147, 274; 7MR 8; CTr 50-51
Jots and Tittles/The Last Days*MS-04400/07/24c CG 113; Ev 18; WM 232-233, 238; 2MR 41; 11MR 196-197; 19MR 370
What is the Chaff to the Wheat?MS-04500/04/28Hamilton, Aus.UL 221; 4BC 1157; 5MR 88-89, 340-342
The Temperance WorkMS-04600/07/25c AH 394; 4MR 133-136
Christian LiberalityMS-04700/08/06c  
A Warning for this TimeMS-04800/00/00c 4BC 1150, 1152; 5MR 32-33
“I may soon be called to lay off…”MS-049  Refiled as Ms 178, 1899
Christ Our High PriestMS-05000/03/28c 1SM 340-344; 7ABC 485
Knowledge, Spurious and GenuineMS-05100/00/00c 20MR 40-44
The Work to be DoneMS-05200/02/28c Te 203, 242-243; Ev 584; 7BC 985
The Simplicity of Christ’s TeachingMS-05300/04/03c 16MR 97-99
“In the beginning was the Word…”MS-054  Refiled as Ms 24, 1890
The First LoveMS-05500/00/00c 4BC 1154
Preparation for Baptism IMS-05600/08/12c 6MR 155-165
Preparation for Baptism II*MS-05700/08/12c FLB 143; 6BC 1074, 1114-1115; 6T 93-95
The Law and the GospelMS-05800/08/14c FLB 104; OHC 46; 1BC 1107-1108; 2BC 1005; 6BC 1099-1100; 10MR 328-331
Jots and Tittles/Dishonesty among CanvassersMS-05900/08/16c 19MR 313-332
The Transgression of God’s LawMS-06000/08/20c LDE 248; 4BC 1155; 12MR 145-146
“I have been passing through…”MS-06100/10/11St. Helena, Ca.UL 298; ML 152, 178
Talk/Medical Missionary Work and the GospelMS-06200/11/13St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 140-144
“The Lord is soon to come…”MS-06300/10/02St. Helena, Ca.2MCP 786; 2MR 28; 10MR 100
Diary [Jan. 7-9]MS-064  Refiled as Ms 25, 1890
An Appeal in Behalf of our Work in ScandinaviaMS-06500/11/20c PH008 7-16
“I make an appeal to our brethren…”MS-065a00/11/19St. Helena, Ca.Variant of Ms 65, 1900
An Appeal in Behalf of our Sanitarium in DenmarkMS-06600/12/03c PH008 18-24
An Appeal in Behalf of our Sanitarium in DenmarkMS-066a00/12/03c Variant of Ms 66, 1900
Words of Instruction to the ChurchMS-06700/11/29c TDG 342; 3MR 40-41; 5MR 449
God’s People to be Living Epistles*MS-06800/11/30c  
Regarding the Heating of ChurchesMS-06900/12/03c  
What God Expects From UsMS-07000/12/03c CG 510; 5MR 83-84
Children to be the Lord’s HelpersMS-07100/12/03c 7MR 8-10
Instruction for Those Planning to Attend the Conf.MS-07200/12/03c  
Bring an Offering Unto the LordMS-07300/12/12c UL 360
Our Life-WorkMS-073a00/12/18c 2SM 154-157
Our Camp-MeetingsMS-07400/12/12c AH 422-423; CG 143; 7MR 10-11
Regarding the Journey to Battle CreekMS-074a00/12/18c  
A Call to Young MenMS-07500/12/12c Ev 686; CM 105
Judge NotMS-075a00/12/18c UL 366; HP 34
Fragments C/Words to MinistersMS-07600/12/14c 1MCP 169-170, 289; 2MCP 656; Ev 277; 6BC 1093
Fragments/“It is a solemn thing to live…”MS-076a00/12/19c  
God’s SignMS-07700/12/19c RH 10/28/1902
“I Know Thy Works”*MS-07800/12/19c Ev 155; 2MR 181-182; 13MR 339-340
Diary/“Some work has been done…”*MS-07900/12/23San Francisco, Ca.CD 274-275; Ev 403, 545-546; MM 329; HFM 49; TDG 366
A Holy People*MS-08000/07/04Cooranbong, Aus.5MR 347; 9MR 121-122
Diary/Solomon’s Reign*MS-08100/00/00 WM 101; CM 18; 3BC 1129, 1131; CTr 156; 7BC 944, 955, 959; 1MR 372; 3MR 316
Diary [Aug. 29-Sep. 14]/“We are on our way”*MS-08200/08/29To Ca.20MR 24-34
The Manufacture of Health Foods*MS-083  Refiled as Ms 79, 1902
Medical Missionary Work in the Cities of CaliforniaMS-084  Refiled as Ms 81, 1902
Notes of WorkMS-085  Refiled as Ms 3, 1901
Diary/“Last night in a meeting…”*MS-086  Refiled as Ms 15, 1901
The Law in Galatians*MS-08700/00/00Oakland, Ca.1SM 233, 234
Sabbath Meeting in West Maitland*MS-08800/01/00 17MR 27
Caution re Over-Illustrating of Books*MS-088a00/01/20 1Bio 91-92
Diary [Jan. 1-28]*MS-08900/01/00 2MR 167-169; 17MR 28; 4Bio 404-405
Diary [Feb.]*MS-09000/02/00 7MR 84-85
Diary [Mar. 1-25]*MS-09100/03/00  
Diary [Apr. 7-28]*MS-09200/04/00 8MR 74, 75, 262-263; 4Bio 442, 444-445, 455
Diary [May 9-29]*MS-09300/05/00 4Bio 383
Diary [Jun. 1-20]*MS-09400/06/00 4Bio 445
Diary [Jul. 1-Aug.20]*MS-09500/07/00 5Bio 15
Diary [Aug. 29-Sep. 30]*MS-09600/09/00 TMK 219, 296; 3MR 379; 13MR 33; 5Bio 16, 18, 21, 29, 32-33
Diary [Dec. 20]*MS-09700/12/20  
True Soldiers of Christ*MS-09800/08/04Cooranbong, Aus.UL 230
Canvassing for Christ’s Object LessonsMS-09900/00/00 PH153
Working for our Neighbors*MS-10000/10/11Crystal Springs, Ca. 
Diary Fragment*MS-10100/03/22Geelong, Aus. 
Instruction re the Work of Dr. Caro*MS-10200/03/13Geelong, Aus.2SM 201-202
Notes of WorkMS-00101/01/01 17MR 38-46
Notes of WorkMS-00201/01/12 4MR 251-254
Notes of WorkMS-00300/12/20Filed in 190117MR 47-49
The Need and Importance of Voice CultureMS-00401/01/15 AH 435
A Very Present HelpMS-00501/01/15 Ev 524; TDG 23
Words of TeachersMS-00601/01/16  
Camp MeetingsMS-00701/01/21  
Re Elder Haskell*MS-008  Refiled as Ms 199, 1898
Diary/“We, Sara, W.C. White…”*MS-009  Refiled as Ms 174, 1898
“We are sorry that…”*MS-01001/01/04St. Helena, Ca. 
Words of Instruction to the ChurchMS-01101/02/05St. Helena, Ca.AH 37; 6BC 1102; 7BC 968; ML 341; 1MR 323-324
The Living Water*MS-01201/02/07 Ev 267-268; UL 52; 3MR 431-433
To Those Who Are Worried over Minor MattersMS-012a01/02/12St. Helena, Ca.5MR 343
Diary/Medical Missionary Work & the Minister*MS-013  Refiled as Ms 175, 1898
Diary/“The Lord has appointed his work…”*MS-01401/02/21 2SM 158-160; CD 271; Te 245-246; 6BC 1078; 2MR 41-42; 1NL 62
Diary/“Last night in a meeting…”*MS-01500/05/00Filed in 190112MR 150
Testimony to the Battle Creek ChurchMS-01601/02/25 1SM 112-115; UL 70; ChL 15
Testimony to the Battle Creek ChurchMS-01701/02/26 UL 71; WM 255; 8MR 302
Canvassing for Christ’s Object LessonsMS-01801/02/27 OHC 306; UL 72; 8MR 263
“I have been instructed that all…”MS-018a01/00/00 CM 89
Help for Our Scandinavian InstitutionsMS-01901/02/27  
“The canvassing work is one of…”MS-020  Refiled as Ms 174, 1899
Diary/“I am awakened this morning…”MS-02101/03/03 1SM 43-45
Diary/“I thank my heavenly Father that…”*MS-02201/03/03 Ev 516-517; UL 76
Diary/“I slept until half past two…”*MS-023  Refiled as Ms 172, 1899
“This afternoon I had a conversation…”MS-02401/03/04 1MCP 327-328; OHC 106
Diary/“Dealing in mining stocks…”MS-025  Refiled as Ms 26, 1890
The Canvassing Work and the ScandinavianMS-02601/03/05 CM 31, 32, 47; LDE 76; 1SM 174-175; 7MR 315-316
Talk/“I will present to you…”MS-02701/03/16Vicksburg, Ms.GH 03/1901
Talk/“I am thankful to the Lord…”MS-02801/03/27Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 145-150
Talk/“I feel an intense desire…”MS-02901/03/28Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 151-155
Reply to H.T. NelsonMS-03001/03/00 RH 07/30/1901
Sermon/The Christian LifeMS-03101/04/14Battle Creek, Mi.1SAT 318-329
Medical Missionary WorkMS-03201/04/16 MM 315-318
Diary/“I am not able to sleep past…”*MS-03301/04/19 MM 33-34, 240-241, 249-250, 312; Ev 518; 1MR 228
Our Aged WorkersMS-03401/04/20 RY 34-35; ChL 18
Consumers, but not ProducersMS-03501/04/25 17MR 244-251
Diary/“Last night I spoke in the College…”MS-03601/04/26 Ev 333
Talk/Regarding the Southern WorkMS-03701/04/00Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 156-162
Sermon/The Unity of the SpiritMS-03801/05/06Des Moines, Ia.HP 321
Sermon/Living for ChristMS-03901/05/00Denver, Co.TMK 149
An Appeal for the Southern FieldMS-04001/04/02Battle Creek, Mi.PM 194; Ev 88
Instruction to those who are working in theMS-04101/00/00  
Revealing the ChristlikenessMS-04201/06/02 TMK 199; 1BC 1110; 3BC 1149; 4BC 1148; 7BC 928-930; Ev 653-654; 6MR 119-121; 7MR 183; 8MR 192
Talk/“I would prefer not to speak today…”MS-04301/04/01Battle Creek, Mi.13MR 192-207
Talk/“Elder A.G. Daniells in the Chair…”MS-043a01/04/01Battle Creek, Mi.Variant of Ms 43, 1901
Talk/“I would prefer not to speak today…”MS-043b01/04/01Battle Creek, Mi.Variant of Ms 43, 1901
Talk/“I would prefer not to speak today…”MS-043c01/04/01Battle Creek, Mi.Variant of Ms 43, 1901
Talk/“I would prefer not to speak today…”MS-043d01/04/01Battle Creek, Mi.Variant of Ms 43, 1901
Instruction to BelieversMS-04401/06/04 15MR 253-257
“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people…”*MS-04501/00/00  
“This Conference is an important…”MS-04601/04/00Battle Creek, Mi. 
“Then opened he their understanding…”MS-04701/06/12 See RH 01/07/1902
Bring an Offering to the LordMS-04801/06/23St. Helena, Ca.See RH 11/26/1901
Work Out Your Own SalvationMS-04901/06/26 AH 201-202, 235-236, 268; CG 79, 276-277, 498; 6MR 16-18; 7MR 11-12
“What shall we render to God…”MS-05001/06/09 4BC 1182; UL 174; 3MR 333
The Need of Self-ExaminationMS-05101/06/26 1SM 89-93
Watch and PrayMS-05201/06/26 SD 13
“Christ, the Majesty of heaven…”MS-05301/06/30 UL 195
Go Work Today in My VineyardMS-05401/07/01 1MR 262-263; see RH 08/26/1902
Go, Work Today in My VineyardMS-054a01/07/01 Variant of Ms 54, 1901
Words of Instruction*MS-05501/07/01 13MR 208-214
The Need of Missionary EffortMS-05601/07/03 See RH 12/24/1901
Robbing God*MS-05701/07/04 RH 12/03/1901 and 12/10/1901
A Union of Ministerial & Medical Missionaries*MS-05801/07/07 14MR 269-272
  MS-059  Unassigned
Diary/“Today I spoke both in the…”*MS-06001/04/23Battle Creek, Mi.OHC 209, 255
Diary/“I praise the Lord this morning…”*MS-06101/04/28Battle Creek, Mi. 
Sermon/“Simon Peter, a servant…”MS-06201/07/09Battle Creek, Mi.CG 120, 489-490, 561; 5MR 17
Diary/“I have passed another sleepless…”MS-06301/04/30 HP 283, 302; 6MR 166; see RH 06/13/1907
Physicians and Meat-eatingMS-06401/07/17 CD 290-291
Sermon/“To every one in this room…”MS-06501/07/28 VSS 45, 144-145; Ev 498; 4MR 130
Fragments/Work in the SouthMS-06601/07/28 2MCP 390; UL 223
The Church SchoolMS-06701/07/29 SpM 183-191
Test. to the Members of the Prahran ChurchMS-068  Refiled as Ms 176, 1898
The Unity of the SpiritMS-06901/07/29 11MR 276-277
Diary/What is the Chaff to the Wheat?*MS-07001/07/30 20MR 335-340
The Blood of Jesus Christ His Son CleansethMS-07101/07/31  
True Obedience to the Commandments of GodMS-07201/08/02 1BC 1086; 5BC 1084; 6BC 1115-1116; 9MR 235-236
“Thus saith the Lord, Go down…”MS-07301/08/02 14MR 343-352
Lessons from the Training and Character of MosesMS-074  Refiled as Ms 36, 1885
Parental ResponsibilityMS-07501/08/05 AH 246-247; 7MR 13-14
Diary/Words of Instruction*MS-07601/08/08 21MR 442-445
Regarding the late movement in IndianaMS-076a01/04/17 GCB 04/23/1901
Diary/The Southern Work*MS-07701/08/08  
Sermon/“I have words to speak to our…”MS-07801/06/00Oakland, Ca.LHU 292; 1BC 1081; 9MR 380
Testimony to the Parents of the Los AngelesMS-07901/08/18 CG 107, 110, 251, 259; AH 174, 220-221, 314; 7MR 14-16, 75
A Message to the Los Angeles ChurchMS-08001/08/19 AH 174; CG 500-501
Talk/To Board of Directors of Pacific PressMS-08101/08/21 PM 61, 91-94, 195-196; 9MR 95
Talk/The Work in EnglandMS-081a01/04/19Battle Creek, Mi.GCB Extra 04/19/1901
Interview/With Dr. and Mrs. SandersonMS-08201/08/25St. Helena, Ca.CG 85-86, 253-254; CD 489-490; 1MR 71-72, 282-283; 1Bio 21
Interview/With Dr. and Mrs. Sanderson [variant]MS-082a01/08/25St. Helena, Ca. 
God’s Purpose for His SanitariumsMS-08301/08/26 Ev 210-211; 1MR 227
Talk/Teachers To Have a Living ExperienceMS-08401/08/28Healdsburg, Ca.6BC 1083-1084; 11MR 159-160
Talk/Teachers to Have an Abiding ChristMS-08501/08/30Healdsburg, Ca.5BC 1092, 1095, 1142-1143; 6BC 1075; UL 256
The Need of Medical Missionary WorkMS-08601/09/12 RH 03/04/1902; CH 575-579
“Many temptations will come…”MS-08701/00/00  
“I am instructed to say…”MS-08801/00/00 8MR 394-396
“The Lord would have all who are…”MS-08901/00/00 SW 10/09/1901
The Southern California ConferenceMS-09001/09/17 PUR 09/26/1901
Talk/Teachers to Make the Lord TheirMS-09101/09/04Healdsburg, Ca.OHC 325; HP 78; 2MCP 650-651; LHU 185
Talk/“And unto the angel of the church…”MS-09201/09/05Healdsburg, Ca.SD 351; 5BC 1110; 7BC 937-938, 957, 959-961; 7MR 125-126
Care to be Shown in the Establishment ofMS-09301/09/23 MM 153-154; CD 136, 281, 297; 1MCP 179; 2MCP 391-392; VSS 64; CG 548
The Importance of Care and Faithfulness inMS-09401/09/23 See PUR 12/19/1901
Regarding the Importance of CookingMS-09501/09/29 MM 269-271; 3MR 324
Instruction to Church-MembersMS-09601/09/24Healdsburg, Ca. 
Sin and Its ResultMS-09701/09/24 CTr 19; see RH 02/11/1902
Fragments/The Need of Church SchoolsMS-09801/09/25 10MR 107-111
The Southern California ConferenceMS-09901/09/25 13MR 408-410
Talk/Parents to Cooperate with Church SchoolMS-10001/09/08Healdsburg, Ca. 
The Need of the Grace of ChristMS-10101/04/00Battle Creek, Mi.2SM 24
Sermon/“We give thanks to God…”MS-10201/09/21St. Helena, Ca.HP 246, 247; 2MCP 579; AH 323; CG 95; 7MR 130, 376-377
“I have a most earnest desire for…”*MS-10301/10/08St. Helena, Ca.7MR 226-227
The Need of a ReformMS-10401/10/08 5MR 449-450; 7MR 131
Sermon/“God, who at sundry times…”MS-10501/09/28St. Helena, Ca.1MCP 128; 2MCP 539; MM 115-117; 4BC 1171; 5BC 1095, 1135
Simplicity in DressMS-106  Refiled as Ms 1, 1877
Instruction Regarding the Publishing WorkMS-10701/10/16  
Diary/“I had an interview with Brethren…”MS-10801/08/14Los Angeles, Ca.UL 240; 4MR 447
Work for the Higher ClassesMS-10901/10/22  
Sermon/The Christian’s HopeMS-11001/10/05St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 171-179
Sermon/“I beseech you therefore…”MS-11101/10/19St. Helena, Ca.VSS 392; UL 306
Make Ready a People Prepared for the LordMS-11201/11/03 5BC 1077, 1115
Canvassers NeededMS-11301/11/04 CM 7, 14-15, 23-24, 90, 132, 139; CD 402; 4MR 129; 7MR 377
Lessons from the Experience of ElishaMS-11401/11/13 UL 331
Be Ye Therefore Sober*MS-11501/11/13  
Regarding Dr. Sanderson’s WorkMS-11601/11/14  
The Need of Aggressive EffortMS-11701/11/14 Ev 387; 4MR 322
Fragments/Respect for Aged WorkersMS-117a01/11/14 RY 32-33; 6BC 1112; 7BC 918; Ev 173
The Teacher’s WorkMS-11801/11/21  
The Church in the HomeMS-11901/11/24 16MR 143-148
Fidelity to PrincipleMS-12001/11/24  
The Debt of the Healdsburg ChurchMS-120a01/00/00  
Physical LaborMS-12101/11/28 CG 355
The LawMS-12201/11/23 8MR 98-100
Injurious Effects of Wrong HabitsMS-12301/11/28 Te 68-69
Satanic LiteratureMS-12401/12/09 17MR 236-243
The Unchangeable Law of GodMS-12501/12/09 SD 55, 325; LDE 155; 1SM 107-108; UL 357; 4BC 1178; 7MR 334; 8MR 346; 17MR 28
The Giving of the LawMS-12601/12/10 2SAT 180-189
Fragments/“This is my seventy-fourth…”MS-12701/11/26S. Lancaster, Ma.Ev 75, 378; 4MR 44; 5MR 331; 6MR 320; 10MR 14-15; 5Bio 140-141
The Principles that should ControlMS-12801/12/24 AH 283, 388, 488; SD 312; Ev 42, 86; 4MR 297; 11MR 276
Continuation of the Situation in the SouthMS-12901/12/07S. Lancaster, Ma.CD 52; LHU 321; VSS 151-152
Training Children for God’s ServiceMS-129a01/12/24  
A Call to ServiceMS-129b01/00/00 SW 02/27/1902, 03/06/1902, 03/13/1902
“Sunday the 24th was a rainy…”MS-13001/11/27S. Lancaster, Ma.16MR 188-205
“Our school interest are important…”MS-13101/12/29Nashville, Tn.5BC 1115
Extracts from Testimonies on Daniel 1MS-13201/00/00 CG 166-167; BTS 11/1912; 4MR 123
Proper Books and Literature to ReadMS-13301/00/00 Extracts from published sources
MusicMS-13401/00/00 Extracts from 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, RH, PP, and Ms 157, 1899
Union and OrganizationMS-13501/00/00 Extracts from published sources
Letters to Fannie BoltonMS-136  Duplicate of Lt 120, 1900
Parable of the Ten VirginsMS-137  Refiled as Ms 47, 1895
The Mistake of a Low Fee for TuitionMS-138  Refiled as Ms 58, 1898
OrganizationMS-13901/00/00 Extracts from published sources
Letters Regarding the Publishing WorkMS-14001/00/00 4BC 1179; 10MR 389-390
The Divine and Human Nature of ChristMS-14101/00/00 17MR 336-340
Extracts on Daniel and the RevelationMS-14201/00/00 Extracts
Testimonies on the Book of RevelationMS-14301/00/00 7MR 78-81 and RH sources
Talk/“I thank the Lord that so many…”MS-14401/04/03Battle Creek, Mi.2SAT 163-170
“Sunday, the 24th, was a rainy day…”MS-145  Extract from Ms 130, 1901
Talk/“The Lord God is our helper…”MS-14601/04/04Battle Creek, Mi.GCB 04/05/1901 83-86
Talk/Will a Man Rob God?MS-14701/04/06Battle Creek, Mi.GCB 04/08/1901 124-128
Talk/The Need of Missionary EffortMS-14801/04/09Battle Creek, Mi.GCB 04/10/1901 182-184
Talk/MS-14901/04/15Battle Creek, Mi.GCB 04/16/1901 267-269
Talk/Give the Medical Missionary Work Its PlaceMS-15001/04/11Battle Creek, Mi.GCB 04/12/1901 203-205 and GCB 04/23/1901 424
Diary/The Reward of the Obedient*MS-15101/09/07 1BC 1118; 3BC 1150; LHU 160; 8MR 193
Diary/A Message to our Brethren and Sisters in Ca.MS-15201/10/10St. Helena, Ca.1BC 1105; LHU 139, 145; 1MR 246-247
Growing in Grace*MS-15301/04/00Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary/Neglected Duties and Privileges*MS-154  Refiled as Ms 4, 1902
Diary/The Need of an Awakening*MS-155  Refiled as Ms 5, 1902
Diary/Unheeded Admonitions*MS-15601/11/27S. Lancaster, Ma.CD 268-269, 271-272; 2MR 101; MRmnt 118
Unheeded Warnings I.MS-156a01/11/27S. Lancaster, Ma.BCL 43-47
Unheeded Warnings II.MS-156b01/11/27S. Lancaster, Ma.UL 177
Diary/A Call to Service*MS-157  Refiled as Ms 6, 1902
God’s People to be Light-BearersMS-158  Refiled as Ms 13, 1902
Evidences of DiscipleshipMS-159  Refiled as Ms 19, 1902
The Location and Management of New SanitariumsMS-160  Refiled as Ms 26, 1902
Diary/The Long-Sufferance of God*MS-161  Refiled as Ms 55, 1902
Our Attitude Toward the Southern FieldMS-162  Refiled as Ms 59, 1902
A Partial Outline of J.E. White’s Work in the SouthMS-163  Refiled as Ms 63, 1902
Diary/Execute True Judgment*MS-164  Refiled as Ms 64, 1902
Diary/Words of Counsel to Students*MS-165  Refiled as Ms 131, 1902
Settling in America*MS-16601/02/10St. Helena, Ca. 
An Appeal for the Work in the South*MS-16701/04/21Battle Creek, Mi. 
Diary Fragments [Jan.-Jun.]*MS-16801/01/00  
Diary Fragments [Aug.-Nov.]*MS-16901/08/00 4MR 313
Individuality in Educational Work*MS-17001/05/00 10MR 302-305
Regarding Christ’s Object Lessons*MS-17101/00/00  
Use and Misuse of Means*MS-17201/00/00  
Shall the Work at Nashville Go Forward?MS-17301/07/19  
Morning Lesson from Hebrews TwoMS-17401/11/14 UL 332
How to Study the BibleMS-17501/00/00 2MR 89-92
“All Ye Are Brethren”MS-17601/00/00  
Remarks at Meeting of Cal. M.M. & B. Assn.MS-17701/08/20Oakland, Ca. 
Remarks at Meeting of Cal. M.M. & B. Assn.MS-17801/10/01San Francisco, Ca. 
Sermon/Ephesians 3MS-17901/09/07Healdsburg, Ca. 
Sermon/On the Twelfth of RomansMS-18001/12/01S. Lancaster, Ma.RH 01/07/1902
The Need and Importance of Voice Culture, Part 1MS-18101/01/16c  
The Need and Importance of Voice Culture, Part 2MS-18201/01/16c  
Faithfulness in ServiceMS-18301/02/15c  
A Man of Sorrows and Acquainted with GriefMS-18401/02/17c  
Betrayed and TakenMS-18501/02/17c  
The Los Angeles Camp MeetingMS-18601/09/06c  
The Physician’s Opportunities and PrivilegesMS-18701/10/06c  
Glorifying GodMS-18801/12/22c  
Diary/Re St. Helena Sanitarium*MS-18901/09/22St. Helena, Ca. 
Diary/Thoughts on 1 Timothy 2, 3*MS-19001/08/16Los Angeles, Ca. 
Diary/Regarding President McKinley’s Widow*MS-19101/09/00 WM 338-339
Diary Fragment*MS-19201/00/00  
Diary/St. Helena Sanitarium*MS-19301/01/15St. Helena, Ca. 
God’s JusticeMS-00102/01/06 TDG 14; CTr 289-291
Rivalry in the Publishing WorkMS-00202/01/12  
Diary/Christ and the LawMS-003  Refiled as Ms 48, 1893
Diary/Neglected Duties and Privileges*MS-00401/06/20Oakland, Ca. (1902) 
Diary/The Need of an Awakening*MS-00501/06/21Oakland, Ca. (1902)UL 186
Diary/Unheeded AdmonitionsMS-005a  Refiled as Ms 156, 1901
Diary/A Call to Service*MS-00601/06/22Oakland, Ca. (1902)20MR 123-131
Ministerial WorkMS-006a02/02/26 AUCR 07/15/1902
“In carrying on the different lines…”MS-00702/01/26  
God’s LawMS-00802/01/27c AUGleaner 8/19/1903
Diary/“Some work has been done…”*MS-009  Refiled as Ms 79, 1900
Diary/“I attended the morning service…”*MS-010  Refiled as Ms 175, 1899
Christian MinistryMS-01102/02/04c 17MR 28
Remember Therefore from Whence Thou ArtMS-01202/02/03c PM 111
God’s People to be Light-BearersMS-01301/06/08Filed in 1902UL 173
Regarding Health FoodsMS-01402/02/10c  
The Need of Self-DenialMS-01502/02/10c  
The Payment of WorkersMS-01602/02/11c MM 275
Parents’ WorkMS-01702/02/11c 20MR 275-277
Lessons from the First Chapter of EphesiansMS-01802/02/12c  
Evidences of DiscipleshipMS-01901/12/17Nashville, Tn. (1902) 
Our Elder BrotherMS-02002/02/12c 2SAT 190-192
Fragments/Christ’s Filial LoveMS-02102/02/13c 7BC 946-947; 1NL 26, 95-96
“I wish to make some statements…”MS-02202/02/14  
A Call to ServiceMS-022a02/02/26c  
A Word of ExplanationMS-02302/02/19St. Helena, Ca. 
These Things Ought Not So To BeMS-02402/02/20c PUR 10/09/1902
The Sin of Withholding Tithes and OfferingsMS-02502/02/20c  
The Location and Management of New SanitariumsMS-02601/05/00Des Moines, Ia. (1902)MM 34-35; 151-152
Instruction Regarding Sanitarium WorkMS-02702/02/23c MM 175-179
Medical Missionary Work to be RecognizedMS-02802/02/26c  
The Journey to the General ConferenceMS-02901/01/31Filed in 19025Bio 57-58, 60, 64, 67, 69
Christlikeness in Business DealingMS-03002/03/02c UL 75
Fragments/God’s Purpose in TrialMS-03102/03/02c  
“And it shall come to pass…”MS-03202/03/02c  
Re President of the Australian ConferenceMS-033  Refiled as Ms 22, 1892
The Waste Places in the Lord’s VineyardMS-03402/03/04c  
Christ the Redeemer of Both Soul and BodyMS-03502/03/04c  
Make Full Proof of thy MinistryMS-03602/03/05c CTr 48
Of Some Have CompassionMS-03702/03/09c 12MR 96-97
Faithful in Every Good WorkMS-03802/03/10c  
The Spirit of ServiceMS-039  Refiled as Ms 6, 1885
Diary/Unheeded Admonitions*MS-040  Refiled as Ms 156, 1901
The Location of the Sanitarium in SouthernMS-04102/03/14St. Helena, Ca.17MR 348-362
The Health Food Question*MS-04202/03/17c  
The Southern California SanitariumMS-04302/03/17St. Helena, Ca.MM 232-233; LLM 476
Diary/God’s Plan for the Location of Our Sanitarium*MS-04402/03/12 LLM 475-476
Laborers Together with GodMS-04502/03/23  
Unity a Sign of DiscipleshipMS-04602/03/31c UL 104
Lessons from the Eighteenth of MatthewMS-04702/04/02c UL 106
What the Sale of Christ’s Object LessonsMS-04802/04/06St. Helena, Ca.RH 06/17/1902
Noble Service for the MasterMS-04902/04/17c  
On Various Phases of Medical Missionary WorkMS-05002/04/13St. Helena, Ca.2SM 306-308; 5MR 177
God’s Unchangeable Law*MS-05102/04/17c 18MR 133-136
Fragments/Go ForwardMS-05202/04/18c 18MR 146-152
Fragments/The Work of God’s ServantsMS-05302/04/18c 18MR 137-145
How to Solve Perplexing ProblemsMS-05402/04/29c UL 133
Diary/The Long-Sufferance of God*MS-05501/01/27St. Helena, Ca. (1902)UL 41; PH050 9-10
Written for our AdmonitionMS-05602/05/09c 4BC 1156-1157; UL 143; TMK 270
Sermon/“If ye then be risen with Christ…”MS-05702/04/19St. Helena, Ca. 
The Making of WillsMS-05802/05/26c  
Our Attitude Toward the Southern FieldMS-05901/12/00Nashvile, Tn. (1902)SpTB #18 5-6
Fragments/The Sermon on the MountMS-06002/05/12c 18MR 83-91
Instruction Regarding Church DisciplineMS-06102/05/13St. Helena, Ca. 
Christ’s Sacrifice Our InspirationMS-06202/05/14c TMK 81, 344
A Partial Outline of the Beginnings of J.E. White’sMS-06301/12/04Nashville, Tn. (1902) 
Diary/Execute True Judgment*MS-06401/04/28Battle Creek, Mi. (1902) 
A Warning Against CoveteousnessMS-06502/05/18c  
Words to ChristiansMS-06602/05/23c  
The Southern Work*MS-06702/05/20c SW 06/19/1902; SpTB #18 6
The Misappropriation of Gifts*MS-06802/05/20c  
The Grace of CourtesyMS-06902/05/26c 3SM 237-240
Instruction Regarding the Southern WorkMS-07002/05/28St. Helena, Ca.SpM 219-223
Fragments/Satan’s WorkMS-07102/05/29c UL 163
As It Was in the Days of NoahMS-07202/06/04c 18MR 92-100
The Value of Out-Door LifeMS-07302/06/09c  
Unheeded Warnings I.MS-074  Refiled as Ms 156a, 1901
Unheeded Warnings II.MS-075  Refiled as Ms 156b, 1901
The Establishment of SanitariumsMS-07602/06/10c MM 154-156
Sermon/Lessons from the First Chapter ofMS-07702/06/07Petaluma, Ca.2SAT 193-203
The Health Food QuestionMS-07802/06/16c KC 132-133
The Manufacture of Health Foods I.*MS-07900/03/10Cooranbong, Aus. (1902)KC 133-135; see 7T 124-126
The Manufacture of Health Foods II.MS-08001/02/16St. Helena, Ca. (1902)KC 135-137; see 7T 127-131
Medical Missionary Work in the Cities of CaliforniaMS-08100/12/12San Francisco, Ca (1902)KC 138-140; see 7T 110-114
On the Location of SanitariumsMS-08202/06/11c From Ms 41, 1902 and Ms 43, 1902
Locating SanitariumsMS-08302/06/11c 7T 88-89
The Sanitarium—Where Shall It Be Located?MS-084  Refiled as Ms 85a, 1899
Report of Council Re Medical Missionary WorkMS-08502/04/13St. Helena, Ca.From Ms 50, 1902; KC 140-146
Report of Council Re Medical Missionary WorkMS-08602/04/13St. Helena, Ca.From Ms 50, 1902; 7T 78-79, 82-83
Sermon/On The Training of ChildrenMS-08702/06/08Petaluma, Ca.BE 02/16/1903 and 02/23/1903 and 03/02/1903 and 03/09/1903 and 03/16/1903 and 03/23/1903
A World-Wide Work*MS-08802/06/18c MM 252-253, 322; UL 183
Choosing a Site for a SanitariumMS-08902/06/26c  
God to Control His HeritageMS-090  Refiled as Ms 51, 1895
Christ’s Sacrifice for UsMS-09102/06/26c UL 191
Report of Council MeetingMS-09202/06/22St. Helena, Ca. 
Report of Council MeetingMS-09302/06/22St. Helena, Ca. 
God’s Purpose for His PeopleMS-09402/06/27c  
Ye Are Clean Through The WordMS-09502/06/30c 4BC 1176-1177
Talk/“Conformity to the world…”MS-09602/06/19St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 204-212
Talk/Medical Dispensary WorkMS-09702/06/12Petaluma, Ca.LLM 72-72b
Consideration to be Shown to Those Who in theirMS-09802/07/10c SpM 232-238
Fragments/A Holy PeopleMS-09902/07/12c SD 68, 112, 286, 333; HP 232; UL 207; MM 221; OHC 294; 1BC 1104; 7BC 941-942, 955; 5MR 15, 53-54
Talk/On the Church School QuestionMS-10002/07/14St. Helena, Ca.SpM 239-246
Ministers and Teachers to Take Time to Talk With*MS-10102/07/21c 2SM 187-188; VSS 304
The Relation That Should Exist Between Teacher &MS-10202/07/27c 12MR 146-147
Doing God’s Will*MS-10302/07/29c UL 224; OHC 208; 5BC 1141; CG 23
Report of MeetingMS-10402/07/14St. Helena, Ca.17MR 50-56
Instruction to WorkersMS-10502/07/16St. Helena, Ca.Ev 196-197, 404-406, 654; HFM 59; MM 32-33; 17MR 263-265
An Aggressive WorkMS-10602/07/21St. Helena, Ca.7T 18-19
The OutlookMS-10702/07/07St. Helena, Ca.See 7T 270-272
The Object of Establishing Hygienic RestaurantsMS-10802/08/07 4MR 107-108; see 7T 121-123
The Favor of God of More Value Than WorldlyMS-10902/08/11c WM 239-240; MM 157-158; 11MR 186-187
Test. on the Establishment of SanitariumsMS-11002/08/12c Compiled from earlier manuscripts
Testimonies on the Health Food QuestionMS-11102/08/12c Compiled from earlier manuscripts
The Relation that the Medical Miss. WorkMS-11202/08/12c Compiled from earlier manuscripts
Tempted In All Points LIke as We AreMS-11302/09/07c OHC 87; Ev 58; 7BC 908; 17MR 28; CTr 217-218
Instruction Regarding Sanitarium WorkMS-11402/09/01c 10MR 209-214
The Danger of Self-Sufficiency*MS-11502/09/07c TDG 259; WM 116; 6MR 24-25; 17MR 29; CTr 276
Sermon/“Cry aloud, spare not…”MS-11602/08/30St. Helena, Ca.3BC 1143; 4BC 1144, 1151; Ev 240
“I can not sleep after half past ten…”MS-11702/09/18Los Angeles, Ca.7BC 963-964
Christ’s Method of Imparting TruthMS-11802/10/06c 21MR 150-153
An Appeal for the Work in Southern Cal.MS-11902/10/08Fresno, Ca.HFM 84
Report of Ministers’ MeetingMS-12002/10/06Fresno, Ca.Ev 282
The Results of Genuine ConversionMS-12102/10/15c 1MCP 10; 2MCP 781; HP 28; 6MR 58
Our Restaurant WorkMS-12202/10/16c See 7T 115-120
Report of Council MeetingMS-12302/10/19St. Helena, Ca.MM 83; 5Bio 162, 191, 200-201; 4MR 146; 17MR 266-275
The Work in NashvilleMS-12402/05/00St. Helena, Ca.1888 1772-1779
Talk/Words to StudentsMS-12502/10/01 1SAT 334-339
Talk/The Student’s PrivilegeMS-125a02/10/01 1SAT 330-333
Sermon/“And they, when they had…”MS-12602/10/11Fresno, Ca.HP 322; PM 303, 368; Ev 172; 3MR 375; 4MR 294-296; see RH 11/11/1902
Talk/Words to MinistersMS-12702/09/16Los Angeles, Ca.Ev 91, 146, 174, 346, 663, 685-686; 6MR 63-64
The Work in NashvilleMS-12802/10/28c 17MR 276-279
Consideration for the Colored RaceMS-12902/11/11c 9T 223-224
Diary/Christ Our Example in Every Line of Work*MS-13002/10/27St. Helena, Ca.18MR 101-111
Diary/Words of Counsel to Students*MS-13101/12/03S. Lancaster, Ma. (1902)Ev 666
The Saviour’s CharacteristicsMS-13202/10/30c 18MR 112-117
Fragments/Is Not This the Carpenter’s Son?MS-13302/10/30c MM 280-281, 310; 4MR 275
His Own Received Him NotMS-13402/10/30c  
Instruction to the Churches*MS-13502/10/31c 14MR 150-157
The Message of Revelation*MS-13602/10/22c 7BC 956; MM 37-38, 189-190
Diary/“During the past night I have…”*MS-13702/10/26St. Helena, Ca.5Bio 203
Diary/The Formation of Character*MS-13802/07/07St. Helena, Ca.18MR 162-167
Words of CounselMS-13902/09/15Los Angeles, Ca.18MR 168-173
Principles for the Guidance of Men in Positions ofMS-14002/11/03c SpM 279-282
Instruction to Workers*MS-14102/10/19St. Helena, Ca. 
Establish the Work in Many PlacesMS-142  Refiled as Ms 12, 1889
To Every Man His WorkMS-14302/11/06c Ev 633-634; MR311 31-32
The Results of Following Human WisdomMS-14402/11/09St. Helena, Ca.CS 281-282; 5Bio 198-199
Diary/“I thank the Lord with heart…”*MS-14502/09/02St. Helena, Ca.SpM 246-250
Diary/Prayer*MS-14602/08/02St. Helena, Ca.20MR 271-274
An Appeal for More Earnest EffortMS-14702/11/12c UL 330
Diary/Be Ye Therefore Perfect*MS-14802/09/05St. Helena, Ca.TMK 130; MM 253-256; 10MR 161
Diary/“In the visions of the night…”MS-14902/10/00Fresno, Ca. 
Diary/Our Attitude Toward the Work and Workers in*MS-15002/11/17c SpM 274-278
The Work in the South*MS-15102/11/07St. Helena, Ca.SpM 269-274
Establishing Schools in the South*MS-15202/11/16c SpM 253-256
Calamities*MS-15302/11/05c 19MR 279-282
Instruction to Men in Positions of ResponsibilityMS-15402/10/24c Ev 42; MM 165; 2BC 1026; SpTB #13 3; 1MR 228; 4MR 274-275; 7MR 211-213; 9MR 172
Sermon/The Study of the Book of RevelationMS-15502/11/22St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 213-224
Diary/Gather Up the Fragments That Remain*MS-15602/12/03c  
The Canvassing WorkMS-15702/12/03c  
Fragments/Go ForwardMS-15802/12/14c UL 362
Fragments/The Food WorkMS-15902/12/15c UL 363; HFM 51
Words to Parents*MS-16002/12/15c 18MR 118-120
The Home LifeMS-16102/12/15c 18MR 121-123
Diary/The Ministry is Ordained of God*MS-16202/12/11c  
David’s Testimony to God’s GoodnessMS-16302/12/15c 2BC 1018; 3BC 1128; CTr 146
Solomon’s DreamMS-16402/12/15c 2BC 1025-1026; 3BC 1128; CTr 158
Diary/The Christ-Life*MS-16502/08/31St. Helena, Ca.18MR 174-184
The Need of Earnest EffortMS-16602/12/17c 18MR 185-196
Diary/Regarding the Work in Nashville*MS-16702/10/00Fresno, Ca. 
Diary/Regarding the Work in NashvilleMS-167a02/10/00Fresno, Ca.Variant of Ms 167, 1902
The Sin of Evil-SpeakingMS-16802/12/24c 18MR 197-207
The Work of the St. Helena SanitariumMS-16902/07/14St. Helena, Ca.19MR 38-54
Sermon/“Cry aloud, spare not…”MS-170  Refiled as Ms 116, 1902
Instruction to Those who are Working in the SouthMS-171  Duplicate of Ms 41, 1901
On the Establishment of a Restaurant in L.A.MS-17202/05/07St. Helena, Ca. 
Medical Missionary Work in Southern Cal.MS-17302/09/15Los Angeles, Ca.10MR 248-252
Talk/School DisciplineMS-17402/10/10  
Justice in Sanitarium Management*MS-17502/00/00  
God’s Church the Light of the World*MS-17602/00/00 18MR 208-210
  MS-177-MS-199  Unassigned
Instruction Regarding the Publishing WorkMS-200  Refiled as Ms 12, 1903
A Call to RepentanceMS-201  Refiled as Ms 18, 1903
Talk/The Work of Our Fernando SchoolMS-202  Refiled as Ms 54, 1903
Diary/That They All May Be One*MS-203  Refiled as Ms 62, 1903
Diary/Feeding Upon the Word of God*MS-204  Refiled as Ms 63, 1903
Diary/The Need of Repentance*MS-205  Refiled as Ms 65, 1903
The Burning of the Sanitarium*MS-206  Refiled as Ms 76, 1903
Diary/The Promise of the Spirit*MS-207  Refiled as Ms 82, 1903
Diary/Christ Our Example in Medical Missionary Work*MS-208  Refiled as Ms 83, 1903
Diary/“I am grateful for the sleep…”*MS-209  Refiled as Ms 85, 1903
Co-Laborers with Christ*MS-210  Refiled as Ms 102, 1903
Instruction to Ministers and PhysiciansMS-211  Refiled as Ms 103, 1903
Diary/Unity With the Father*MS-212  Refiled as Ms 107, 1903
Diary/Instruction Concerning Wages*MS-213  Refiled as Ms 108, 1903
Diary/Notes of Travel*MS-214  Refiled as Ms 109, 1903
Diary/Instruction Regarding Sanitarium Work*MS-215  Refiled as Ms 115, 1903
Counsels Regarding the Review and Herald Publ.*MS-21602/11/11St. Helena, Ca. 
Cautions Regarding Restaurant Work*MS-21702/00/00  
Methods of Labor—E.E. FrankeMS-21802/00/00 Missing
True Medical Missionary Work*MS-21902/00/00  
Diary Fragment*MS-22002/01/01Nashville, Tn.18MR 124-126
Diary Fragments [Feb. 2-May 10]*MS-22102/02/00St. Helena, Ca.18MR 211-216
Diary Fragments [Aug. 1-Sep. 29]*MS-22202/08/00 5MR 453; 8MR 295
Diary [Nov. 12-30]*MS-22302/11/00St. Helena, Ca.18MR 217-222
To God be the Glory*MS-22402/00/00 18MR 127-132
“We have had rain, rain…”*MS-22502/12/12St. Helena, Ca. 
Our Denominational Book WorkMS-22602/00/00  
I Stand Alone*MS-22702/07/00St. Helena, Ca.3SM 66-67
Bible Writers Inspired, Not Extinguished*MS-22802/00/00 11MR 347
Sermon/1 John 3MS-22902/09/13Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Matthew 6:19MS-23002/09/14Los Angeles, Ca. 
Remarks/Report of Council MeetingMS-23102/09/25San Diego, Ca. 
Remarks/Report of Council MeetingMS-23202/10/01Fernando, Ca. 
Diary/Corruption of the Cities and Unfaithful Shepherds*MS-23302/09/02  
Diary Material*MS-23402/11/00  
Diary/“Blessed are the Pure in Heart”*MS-23502/00/00  
Diary/Regarding J.H. Kellogg*MS-23602/01/05St. Helena, Ca. 
Diary/Lean Only on God*MS-23702/00/00  
Diary/Responsibilities of the Christian Physician*MS-23802/00/00  
Diary/“Learn of Me”*MS-23902/05/00  
Diary/Consecration Needed at the RH Office*MS-24002/11/10St. Helena, Ca. 
Diary/False Ideas of Sanctification*MS-24102/03/20  
An AppealMS-00103/01/07 RH 01/27/1903
Following ChristMS-00203/01/16c 1BC 1095; 5BC 1096; AH 386-387; CG 151, 193, 249, 271-272, 487-488; 2MCP 453-454; 13MR 364-365; CTr 89
To Every Man His WorkMS-00303/03/01c UL 74; 8MR 332
The St. Helena SanitariumMS-003a03/01/23St. Helena, Ca.CD 414-415; 1MR 284
Diary/“Nearly the entire day I have…”*MS-004  Refiled as Ms 23, 1891
Diary/Circulation of Great Controversy*MS-005  Refiled as Ms 24, 1891
Diary/Christ Our Righteousness*MS-006  Refiled as Ms 21, 1891
Adonijah’s RebellionMS-006a03/02/17 2BC 1024; CTr 104-105; RH 10/08/1903
Words of Counsel to Burden-BearersMS-00703/10/08c HFM 62-63; 8T 140-142, 190
  MS-008  Unassigned
Written for our Admonition*MS-00903/00/00 OHC 81; 17MR 29
Sermon/Lessons from the Sending Out of theMS-01003/03/28 GCB 03/30/1903 7-11
Talk/Words of CounselMS-01103/03/26 PM 170-171; 1BC 1099, 1117; 4MR 353-354, 367-368
Instruction Regarding the Publishing WorkMS-01202/11/26Filed in 1903 
A Division of ResponsibilitiesMS-01303/04/20c PM 145-146
Talk/Lessons From Josiah’s ReignMS-01403/03/30 GCB 04/01/1903 29-33
Talk/How to Receive God’s BlessingMS-01503/03/31 GCB 04/02/1903 55-57
Talk/Unity of EffortMS-01603/04/01 GCB 04/02/1903 57-59
Talk/Unity of SpiritMS-01703/04/02 1BC 1087
A Call to Repentance*MS-01802/11/10Filed in 19034MR 321; 6MR 217
Unselfishness in Service*MS-01903/04/08c SpTB #19 18-20
Talk/Our Duty to Leave Battle CreekMS-02003/04/03 GCB 04/06/1903 84-88
Talk/A Call to RepentanceMS-02103/04/04 GCB 04/06/1903 88-91
Talk/The Work Before UsMS-02203/04/05 GCB 04/07/1903 104-106
Prove All Things*MS-02303/04/08c  
The Trial Volume of the ReviewMS-02403/04/24c PM 221-222; Ev 15, 565; 1SM 118; 1NL 95
Words of CounselMS-02503/04/09c LLM 68-69
Regarding Work of General ConferenceMS-02603/04/03Oakland, Ca.14MR 279-280
Talk/Our HelperMS-02703/03/25  
The Southern WorkMS-02803/04/19c  
The Southern WorkMS-02903/04/19c 3MR 264-265
Instruction Re the Establishment of InstitutionsMS-03003/04/20c 2SAT 225-227
Lessons From the Third Chapter of First John*MS-03103/08/22 RC 28; UL 248
Found WantingMS-03203/04/21 8T 247-251
Instruction for Men in Positions of Responsibility*MS-03303/04/27c 14MR 99-103
The Two Great Principles of the LawMS-03403/04/27c  
False Repentance: What Is It?MS-03503/04/27c RH 08/19/1971
Diary [Jan. 10-Mar. 1]MS-036  Refiled as Ms 22, 1890
Directions for WorkMS-03703/05/01Oakland, Ca.UL 135
Talk/The Southern WorkMS-03803/04/09 GCB 04/14/1903 202-205
Copy of Old Manuscript (Apocrphyal)MS-039  Unauthenticated; filed in DF 103-c
Perseverance in the Work of GodMS-04003/05/04c 6BC 1051; PM 281; 8MR 26
Less Preaching; More TeachingMS-04103/05/05c VSS 235-237; CG 531; ML 194
The Training of ChildrenMS-04203/05/04c RC 179; CG 261, 280; 7MR 16
The Result of Self-Denying EffortMS-04303/03/06 7MR 336
Dangers in the Health Food BusinessMS-04403/04/28St. Helena, Ca.HFM 61-66
Make the Health Food Work a BlessingMS-04503/05/17c HFM 67-71
Christ’s Object LessonsMS-04603/05/15c RH 06/02/1903
Talk/The Student’s PrivilegeMS-047  Refiled as Ms 125a, 1902
A Call for Repentance*MS-04803/01/02St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #6 56
A Sermon, By PaulMS-05003/05/19c 6BC 1080; 2SM 360
Our Duty to Needy FieldsMS-05103/05/19c 3BC 1153; 17MR 29
Diary/“This morning, I feel thankful…”*MS-05203/01/02 1BC 1108
Memorials in Many PlacesMS-05303/05/20c 17MR 286-288
Talk/The Work of Our Fernando SchoolMS-05402/09/17Filed in 19038MR 2-7 and CT 205-210
A Cause of Spiritual WeaknessMS-05503/05/22c SW 06/18/1903 and 07/09/1903
A Present HelpMS-05603/05/22c 1MR 115-116
An Appeal for Consecration and ServiceMS-05703/05/27c CG 549; 1MR 21; CTr 360
Nehemiah’s PrayerMS-05803/06/16c 3BC 1136; CTr 182-184
A Call to Repentance*MS-05903/07/02c  
Unity in the Home and in the ChurchMS-06003/06/24c 19MR 67-72
Learn of MeMS-06103/07/02c SW 06/11/1903
Diary/That They All May Be One*MS-06202/11/28Filed in 1903Ev 31
Diary/Feeding Upon the Word of God*MS-06302/12/01Filed in 19036MR 37
God’s Covenant with Israel*MS-06403/07/02c 1MR 104-109
Diary/The Need of Repentance*MS-06502/11/08Filed in 19039MR 380
Our Duty Toward the Lord’s InstitutionMS-06603/07/15c RH 08/04/1903
Sermon/Fishers of MenMS-06703/05/30Healdsburg, Ca.RC 237, 255; CG 21, 435; PM 283; 4MR 109
Answering Christ’s Prayer for Us, By Obeying HisMS-06803/07/06Healdsburg, Ca. 
Talk/Instruction Regarding School WorkMS-06903/07/07 2MR 213-216
Sermon/“Behold, what manner of love…”MS-07003/06/07Calistoga, Ca.RH 09/03/1903
Talk/To Every Man His WorkMS-07103/06/18 MM 293; Ev 109, 687; 3SM 303; ML 47; 1MR 27; 4MR 87; LLM 66-67
“Bought With a Price”*MS-072  Refiled as Ms 18, 1892
The Color-LineMS-07303/07/27c Compiled from earlier manuscripts
Lessons From Paul’s MinistryMS-07403/07/27c 6BC 1088-1089, 1106
Practical Christianity*MS-07503/08/01c  
Diary/The Color-Line*MS-075a03/07/29  
The Burning of the Sanitarium*MS-07602/02/20Filed in 1903SpTB #6 5-10; 6BC 1074; 7BC 904; HP 10; 3MR 358
The Color-LineMS-07703/08/02c See 9T 213-221
A Worldwide MessageMS-07803/07/24 RH 08/20/1903
How God Trains His WorkersMS-07903/08/04c 8MR 422-424
Sermon/Whoso Offereth Praise Glorifieth GodMS-08003/08/01St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 228-237
God’s Chosen PeopleMS-08103/08/04c  
Diary/The Promise of the Spirit*MS-08202/09/25Filed in 19035MR 126-127; 11MR 219-220
Diary/Christ Our Example in Medical Missionary*MS-08302/10/29Filed in 1903MM 21-22; TDG 311; 8T 206-212
Diary/The Restaurant Work*MS-08403/08/03c MM 306-308
Diary/“I am grateful for the sleep…”*MS-08502/09/29Filed in 19038MR 398
The Work at Yountville*MS-08603/08/09c 12MR 315-317
The Hour of Satan’s Triumph*MS-08703/08/11c  
Be Not Weary in Well-Doing*MS-08803/08/09St. Helena, Ca.UL 235; SpM 314-315
First Be Reconciled To Thy BrotherMS-08903/08/12c UL 238; 6BC 1115; 7BC 905
A Time of Peril*MS-09003/06/11  
Talk/Self-ImprovementMS-09103/08/20Healdsburg, Ca.2SAT 238-248
Honor to be Shown to Our Pioneer WorkersMS-09203/07/24St. Helena, Ca.RY 32; 7BC 947
Concerning the Signing of Contracts*MS-09303/08/31c UL 257
Lessons From the PastMS-09403/08/27c KC 1-9
Lessons From the Past [edited]MS-094a03/08/27c Edited copy of Ms 94, 1903
The Contending Forces of Good and EvilMS-09503/08/28c 6BC 1119; SD 100, 105
Diary/A Message to our Brethren and SistersMS-096  Refiled as Ms 152, 1901
Diary/Solomon’s Reign*MS-097  Refiled as Ms 81, 1900
Go Forward*MS-098  Refiled as Ms 173, 1898
Christian Education in our Schools*MS-09903/09/01c 3SM 141-142
Diary/The Reward of the Obedient*MS-100  Refiled as Ms 151, 1901
Diary/Temperate in All Things*MS-10103/09/01c 6MR 37
Co-Laborers With Christ*MS-10202/11/17Filed in 19036BC 1087, 1098; 10MR 323-327; 17MR 29
Instruction to Ministers and PhysiciansMS-10302/09/15Filed in 19032SM 396
A Holy People*MS-104  Refiled as Ms 80, 1900
Rules for Christian WorkersMS-105  Refiled as Ms 27, 1890
The Last SupperMS-10603/09/14c CTr 261-264
Diary/Unity With The Father*MS-10702/10/31Filed in 1903ML 58; 17MR 29-30
Diary/Instruction Concerning Wages*MS-10802/08/15Filed in 19032SM 186-187; Ev 636
Diary/Notes of Travel*MS-10902/09/11Filed in 1903 
Diary/Blessed With All Spiritual Blessings*MS-11003/06/10St. Helena, Ca.6BC 1113
That They May Be One*MS-11103/10/22 5BC 1148
The Work to be Done in Battle Creek*MS-11203/08/22Healdsburg, Ca.SpTB #6 16-19
That They All May Be OneMS-11303/10/08c OHC 226
Talk/Duties and Privileges of the ChristianMS-11403/06/14Calistoga, Ca.CG 98, 246, 499; AH 197, 536; UL 179
Diary/Instruction Regarding Sanitarium Work*MS-11502/09/04Filed in 1903MM 306; CG 486; 3BC 1148; 10MR 164-165; PC 38-40; SpM 256-259
Lessons from the Story of CorneliusMS-11603/10/08c  
A Neglected WorkMS-11703/09/24St. Helena, Ca.WM 36-37, 43, 48, 217-218, 242; 8MR 197
Decided Action to be Taken NowMS-117a03/10/00St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #7 36-42
What a Medical Missionary Leader Should BeMS-11803/08/13St. Helena, Ca. 
Lessons From Israel*MS-11903/10/07c UL 294; 6BC 1081
Lessons from the Epistle of John*MS-12003/10/08c UL 295; RH 06/30/1910
A Solemn WarningMS-12103/10/08c PH058
The Time of the EndMS-12203/10/09c 3SM 76-77; 2MR 21-22; RH 10/13/1904
The Battle Creek College DebtMS-12303/10/08c SpM 325-327
A Personal GodMS-12403/10/14c 5BC 1145; 6BC 1079-1080; 9MR 122-124
The Workers Needed NowMS-12503/10/16c RH 11/05/1903 and 11/19/1903
Christ at the Marriage FeastMS-12603/10/26c CD 436-437; Te 18; 10MR 204-207; CTr 229
A Call to ServiceMS-12703/10/27 BSL #181 3-9
Wrong-Doing to be CondemnedMS-12803/10/04c 16MR 1-14
Wrong-Doing to be CondemnedMS-128a03/10/04c Variant of Ms 128, 1903
Lessons from the Past—3MS-12903/10/28c 10MR 252-259
Christ Stilling the Tempest*MS-13003/11/03c UL 321
Genuine Conversion*MS-13103/11/06c  
God’s Chosen People*MS-13203/11/08c 7BC 981; MM 91-94; UL 326
Lessons from the Past [edited]MS-133  Refiled as Ms 94a, 1903
A View of the ConflictMS-13403/11/03c 8T 41-47
Establishing the Foundation of our FaithMS-13503/11/04c 3MR 412-414
Extracts/The Need of an Awakened ChurchMS-13603/00/00 Compiled from earlier manuscripts
The Personality of God*MS-13703/11/12c  
How We Can Help the Southern WorkMS-13803/11/17St. Helena, Ca.Southern Missionary, 1903 #4
The Message in RevelationMS-13903/10/23c 18MR 26-41
The Fall of our First ParentsMS-14003/09/27Healdsburg, Ca.5BC 1129-1130; LHU 235; 6MR 102
“We are nearing the closing scenes…”MS-14103/08/17St. Helena, Ca.Ev 525; see SpTB #6 46-48
A Collection of Mss. on AuditingMS-14203/00/00 Compiled from earlier manuscripts
Unity*MS-14303/00/00 UL 358
Leadership*MS-14403/11/17St. Helena, Ca.8T 236-238; 1BC 1117-1118
Beware of Fanciful DoctrinesMS-14503/12/02c RH 01/21/1904
Abiding in ChristMS-14603/12/20St. Helena, Ca.WM 272; 1NL 40-41
The Narrow WayMS-14703/12/31c UL 379; 3BC 1147
Diary/The Need of Humility and Unity*MS-14803/03/00Oakland, Ca. 
One With Christ in GodMS-14903/12/31c SW 02/02/1904
The Blessing of ServiceMS-15003/12/20St. Helena, Ca.RC 202; see RH 05/05/1904
Through Nature to Nature’s GodMS-15103/11/20c Compiled from published sources
A Collection of Mss re Living TempleMS-15203/11/17c Duplicates earlier manuscripts
A Collection of Mss re the Personality of GodMS-15303/11/09c Duplicates earlier manuscripts and published sources
Talk/Words of Counsel to EducatorsMS-15403/09/25Healdsburg, Ca. 
Our Youth to be Shielded from Evil InfluenceMS-15503/10/25c  
Christ, Our Divine-Human ExampleMS-15603/10/26c UL 313
The Reception of the Holy SpiritMS-15703/10/27c AUCR 06/01/1904
Wrong-Doing to be CondemnedMS-158  Refiled as Ms 128, 1903
A Message to Leading PhysiciansMS-15903/09/04c UL 261; 5BC 1146; 6BC 1118
Be Not Weary in Well-Doing*MS-160  Refiled as Ms 88, 1903
The Peril of Rejecting Light*MS-16103/07/01St. Helena, Ca.UL 196
Written for our Admonition*MS-16203/06/29St. Helena, Ca.Ev 233; 5MR 83
Josiah’s Mistake*MS-16303/05/15 2BC 1039-1040
A Warning Against Present Dangers*MS-164  Refiled as Ms 126, 1905
A Solemn Appeal*MS-165  Refiled as Ms 122, 1905
A Message of Warning*MS-166  Refiled as Ms 2, 1904
The World to be WarnedMS-167  Refiled as Ms 18, 1904
Redeem the TimeMS-168  Refiled as Ms 30, 1904
Words of Warning Against Present DangersMS-16903/10/12c UL 299
Coming Destruction of Cities*MS-17003/00/00  
Diary [Jan. 3-31]*MS-17103/01/00 5MR 453; 12MR 83
Diary [Feb. 2-17]*MS-17203/02/00  
Diary [Apr. 17-Jun. 30]*MS-17303/04/00 12MR 83-84
Diary [Jul. 5-31]*MS-17403/07/00 3SM 76; 3MR 211; 6MR 102
Diary [Aug. 1-22]*MS-17503/08/00 11MR 200
Diary [Sep. 12-Nov. 1]*MS-17603/09/00  
Diary [Dec. 2-17]*MS-17703/12/00 UL 350; 12MR 84
Who are Subjects of the Kingdom of God?*MS-17803/00/00  
If I Should Be Removed by Death*MS-17903/00/00  
Dangers in Overemphasis of Health Food*MS-18003/03/16  
Warning in Regard to Food Factories*MS-18103/00/00  
Humility Above Reputation*MS-18203/00/00 HP 220
The Child Jesus in the Temple*MS-18303/00/00  
The Gospel to be Lived*MS-18403/00/00  
The Gospel Invitation & the Great Commissio*MS-18503/00/00  
Economy in our School WorkMS-18603/00/00  
Diary/“The Lord is my helper…”*MS-18703/08/09St. Helena, Ca.UL 236; 5BC 1084-1085; 10MR 299-300
Sermon/John 14MS-18803/06/13Calistoga, Ca. 
Sermon/On Ephesians Chapter TwoMS-18903/06/20St. Helena, Ca.Incomplete
Sermon/Matthew 6:19-21MS-19003/07/11St. Helena, Ca. 
Talk/“This is the first time…”MS-19103/11/03St. Helena, Ca. 
Talk/“Never was there a time…”MS-19203/00/00St. Helena, Ca. 
Stand Firm for the RightMS-193  Refiled as Ms 172, 1904
Remarks at Ca. M.M. & B. Assn. BoardMS-19403/02/09St. Helena, Ca. 
Interview/With A.T. JonesMS-19503/08/15  
A Divine Sin-BearerMS-19603/08/16c ST 06/14/1905
Our DelivererMS-19703/11/29c  
Living for ChristMS-19803/00/00  
Family Worship*MS-19903/09/00  
Diary/Warnings re Dr. Kellogg and the Work in BC*MS-20003/03/00  
Parents’ Responsibility*MS-20103/00/00  
Marriage a Sacred Ordinance*MS-20203/00/00?  
Diary/The Marriage Supper*MS-20303/04/17St. Helena, Ca. 
Diary/The Use of Means and Family Responsibilities*MS-20403/10/20St. Helena, Ca. 
[Odd numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
A Message of Warning*MS-00203/12/15St. Helena, Ca.Filed in 1904
The Result of Failure to Heed God’s Warnings*MS-003  Refiled as Ms 120, 1905
True Repentance*MS-00404/01/15c  
Diary/“The past night has been one of…”*MS-00504/01/20St. Helena, Ca.13MR 377-383
Growing in Grace*MS-006  Refiled as Ms 153, 1901
Interview/Counsel on Age of School EntranceMS-00704/01/14St. Helena, Ca.6MR 348-374 (3SM 214-226)
Sermon/Lessons from the Fifty-Eighth of Isa.MS-00804/01/23St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 249-259
Instruction Re the Medical Missionary WorkMS-01004/01/29c BCL 103-105
The Blessing of ObedienceMS-01204/01/11St. Helena, Ca.CW 109
Duties and Privileges of the PhysicianMS-01404/02/03c MM 40-41
Working for ChristMS-01604/02/03c MM 319-320
The World to be WarnedMS-01803/02/03St. Helena, Ca. (1904)RH 07/28/1904
Instruction to Canvassing AgentsMS-02004/02/18c PM 258-259
Co-operation Between School and HomeMS-02204/01/00St. Helena, Ca.CG 260-261, 557-558; SD 321; CC 49
Words of InstructionMS-02404/03/08c CG 420-421; 1SM 86-88
Persecution Not To Be Needlessly EncounteredMS-02604/03/11c LDE 151-152
Unwise SpeculationsMS-02804/03/11c 1SM 172-174
Redeem the TimeMS-03003/10/29St. Helena, Ca. (1904)CG 328-329; UL 316; 1SM 169-170
  MS-032  Unassigned
Instruction re the Work of Dr. Caro*MS-034  Refiled as Ms 102, 1900
The New Life in ChristMS-03604/04/13c 6BC 1115; UL 117
Our Work in Washington*MS-03804/05/03Washington, D.C.6 articles used in various publications
Shall We Colonize Around Our Institutions?MS-04004/04/20c RH 06/02/1904
Diary/Shall We Colonize Around Our Institutions?*MS-040a04/03/00  
The Power of the Word of GodMS-04204/05/22 MM 88-89; OHC 132; RH 11/10/1904
Preach the Word*MS-04404/00/00 RH 11/03/1904
That They May Be One*MS-04504/05/14Washington, D.C.UL 148; 1MR 15; 6MR 389; 5Bio 326-327
Talk/The Foundation of our FaithMS-04604/05/18Berrien Springs, Mi.1SAT 340-348
Talk/Lessons from the 1st and 2nd Chap. of Col.MS-04804/05/20Berrien Springs, Mi.6MR 39
Talk/Lessons from the Third Chapter of Rev.MS-05004/05/21Berrien Springs, Mi.OHC 19; 2MCP 436-437; 5MR 407-408
Sermon/A Plea for UnityMS-05204/05/22Berrien Springs, Mi.2SAT 260-269
Talk/“We may find valuable instruction…”MS-05404/05/23Berrien Springs, Mi.SpM 352-355
Talk/“I therefore, the prisoner of…”MS-05604/05/23Berrien Springs, Mi.UL 157; Ev 398; 2MCP 727
“Last night matters were presented…”MS-05804/05/24Berrien Springs, Mi.6MR 414; 10MR 357-358; 5Bio 338
Talk/The Work of the Huntsville SchoolMS-06004/06/21Huntsville, Al.6MR 208-216
“The converting power of God…”MS-06204/06/25Nashville, Tn. 
“Before leaving Washington…”*MS-06404/06/23Nashville, Tn.SpTB #6 41-44; see Lt 259, 1904
“I praise the Lord for the good…”MS-06604/06/30Nashville, Tn. 
General Conference Men Unduly BurdenedMS-06804/06/30Nashville, Tn.2MR 199
The Huntsville SchoolMS-07004/00/00 RH 09/01/1904
The Great ControversyMS-07204/07/25Washington, D.C.SpTB #2 5-11
The Berrien Springs MeetingMS-07404/07/25Washington, D.C.SpTB #2 25-29
Freedom or BondageMS-07604/00/00 SpTB #2 44-48
Our WorkMS-07804/00/00 MM 89-90
Lessons from the ChroniclesMS-08004/00/00  
The Use of the TitheMS-08204/00/00 7MR 135-138
Revealing Christ to the World*MS-08304/08/20Melrose, Ma.UL 246
The Melrose SanitariumMS-08404/08/21Melrose, Ma.1MR 134-135; see RH 09/29/1904
The New England SanitariumMS-08604/08/21Melrose, Ma.See RH 09/29/1904
“The converting power of God…”MS-088  Duplicate of Ms 62, 1904
Notes of TravelMS-09004/09/00 RH 10/06/1904
“The great need of efficient helpers…”MS-09204/09/21College View, Ne.MM 97; 7BC 979
The Sin of Evil-SpeakingMS-09404/09/23College View, Ne.VSS 146; UL 280
A Tribute to Marian DavisMS-09504/09/26 3SM 93
An All-Sufficient SaviourMS-09604/00/00 7MR 187
Talk/Self-Denial BoxesMS-09804/09/20College View, Ne.AU Gleaner 10/05/1904
Our Duty Toward the Huntsville SchoolMS-10004/08/11c  
Sermon/“Now before the feast of the…”MS-10204/07/02Nashville, Tn.RC 243, 250, 261, 283; Ev 274
“My mind is weighed down by perplexities…”MS-10404/03/00St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/Words of EncouragementMS-10604/04/30Washington, D.C.5MR 116-118
Sermon/“Simon Peter, a servant…”MS-10804/04/30Washington, D.C.Variant of Ms 106, 1904
Sermon/Lessons from the First Chapter of DanielMS-11004/03/19Healdsburg, Ca.17MR 30; CTr 177-178
Watchman, What of the Night?MS-11204/10/25St. Helena, Ca. 
Directions Regarding Work for Colored PeopleMS-11404/09/17College View, Ne.PCO 124-127
Let This Mind Be In YouMS-11604/04/14St. Helena, Ca. 
Talk/Union With ChristMS-11804/12/11Riverside, Ca.PC 314-319
Talk/The Work in the Southern StatesMS-120  Refiled as Ms 2, 1905
“I am afraid that sufficient…”MS-122  Refiled as Ms 4, 1905
The Nebraska SanitariumMS-124  Refiled as Ms 6, 1905
Talk/Growing in GraceMS-126  Refiled as Ms 8, 1905
Non-Essential Subjects to be Avoided*MS-128  Refiled as Ms 10, 1905
Instruction Regarding the Huntsville School*MS-130  Refiled as Ms 12, 1905
Talk/Union With ChristMS-132  Duplicate of Ms 118, 1904
“I was awakened at two o’clock…”MS-134  Refiled as Ms 80, 1905
A Change of Heart NeededMS-136  Refiled as Ms 82, 1905
That Your Joy May Be FullMS-138  Refiled as Ms 84, 1905
Counsel Regarding the Work at Huntsville*MS-13904/07/06Nashville, Tn.PCO 122-123
Diary [Jan. 30-Mar. 22]*MS-14004/01/00  
Diary [Apr. 1-30]*MS-14104/04/00 5MR 119-120; 8MR 165; 5Bio 319-320
Diary [May 4-26]*MS-14204/05/00 5Bio 319, 326-327
Diary [Jun. 8-29]*MS-14304/06/00 5Bio 342-344
Diary [Jul. 14-20]*MS-14404/07/00 5Bio 378
Our Work in the Washington AreaMS-144a04/07/20Takoma Pk., Md. 
Diary [Aug. 5-Sep. 4]*MS-14504/08/00 21MR 421-424
Diary [Oct. 9]*MS-14604/10/09St. Helena, Ca.3SM 91
Diary [Nov. 23-Dec. 27]*MS-14704/11/00 14MR 221-224
Experience with Fannie BoltonMS-148  Refiled as Ms 94, 1894
Fragments/“Nevertheless I have somewhat…”*MS-14904/12/14Redfield, Ca. 
Need of the Work in the Nashville AreaMS-15004/07/23Washington, D.C. 
Sermon/“We want to give…”MS-15104/03/27Healdsburg, Ca. 
Interview/With Huntsville School BoardMS-15204/07/05Nashville, Tn.PCO 135-146
Sermon/“This is the only definition…”MS-15304/08/13Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sermon/Abide With MeMS-15404/08/14Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sermon/“The first day of the week…”MS-15504/09/04Middletown, Ct. 
Sermon/1 John 2:3MS-15604/09/07Battle Creek, Mi. 
Sermon/“If ye be therefore…”MS-15704/09/08Battle Creek, Mi. 
Sermon/“These words spake Jesus…”MS-15804/09/10Omaha, Ne. 
Sermon/Rev. 1:1-3MS-15904/09/11Omaha, Ne. 
Talk/To College StudentsMS-16004/09/15College View, Ne. 
Sermon/“The revelation of Jesus Christ…”MS-16104/09/17College View, Ne.CTr 101
A Solemn ChargeMS-16204/00/00  
The Melrose Sanitarium*MS-16304/09/02  
Sermon/Micah 6:1-8MS-16404/05/19Berrien Springs, Mi.Incomplete
Talk/“My mind is greatly stirred…”MS-16504/04/00Washington, D.C.c. April to July, 1904
Sermon/Lessons from the Fifteenth Chap. of JohnMS-16604/06/25Nashville, Tn.Notes only; filed in DF 151
Sermon/“Christ did not forget…”MS-16704/08/27Melrose Ma.Incomplete
Interview on School Verandah; Berrien Springs MeetingMS-16804/00/00  
Lessons From the Life of Daniel—XXIIMS-16904/02/07c  
Diary/Thoughts on Exodus 19 and 31*MS-17004/03/00  
Diary Fragments*MS-17104/00/00St. Helena, Ca. 
Stand Firm for the Right*MS-17204/00/00  
[Odd numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
New Years’ Day Jottings*MS-00105/01/01  
Talk/The work in the Southern StatesMS-00204/09/25College View, Ne. (1905)SpM 372-374
“I am afraid that sufficient…”MS-00404/12/27cFiled in 19051MCP 327; 2MR 181; 3MR 319-320; 9MR 287
The Nebraska SanitariumMS-00604/09/26College View, Ne. (1905)Nebraska Reporter, 02/28/1905
Talk/Growing in GraceMS-00804/09/23College View, Ne. (1905)HP 99; 4MR 369
Non-Essential Subjects to be Avoided*MS-01004/09/12Omaha, Ne. (1905)17MR 303-307
Instruction Regarding the Huntsville School*MS-01204/06/10“Morning Star” (1905)PCO 118-122
Holy and Without BlameMS-01405/02/01c AH 17, 436; CH 260
Regarding the Work of Mrs. E.G. WhiteMS-01605/02/07c  
The Reign of King SolomonMS-01805/02/20c 2BC 1026, 1029-1030
Go Ye Into All the World, and PreachMS-02005/02/20c Ev 285, 644-646; 2MCP 426-427
Christ Our Only Hope*MS-02204/03/07St. Helena, Ca. (1905)17MR 31
A Call to Reach a Higher StandardMS-02405/02/22c  
A Great Work Before UsMS-02605/02/27St. Helena, Ca.Ev 686-687; 7BC 960-961; CM 88-89
The Result of RepentanceMS-02804/08/13Philadelphia, Pa. (1905)6BC 1068, 1071; 7MR 292-293
A Visit to Redlands*MS-03005/03/06c RH 03/30/1905 and 04/06/1905
An Open LetterMS-03205/03/06St. Helena, Ca.RH 03/23/1905
A Call to the First Love*MS-03405/02/09St. Helena, Ca.7BC 958
Be Not Weary in Well-DoingMS-03605/00/00 PUR 03/16/1905
Be of Good Cheer*MS-03805/03/27c UL 100; Ev 193; 3BC 1142-1143, 1146-1147
Sermon/Who May Abide the Day of His Coming?MS-038a05/04/01St. Helena, Ca.UL 105; Te 29, 59, 119, 130-131, 163
Faithful StewardshipMS-04005/04/09c UL 113
God’s Word to Be Our Study*MS-04105/04/09St. Helena, Ca. 
Not With Outward ShowMS-04205/04/13c Ev 79, 160, 203-204, 530-531
An Appeal for Faithful StewardshipMS-04405/03/29 CS 96; 8MR 310; MR760 5-7
Lessons from Paul’s MinistryMS-04605/04/14St. Helena, Ca.6BC 1082-1084
Talk/Union With ChristMS-048  Duplicate of Ms 118, 1904
Making Up the One Hundred Thousand DollarMS-05005/02/15St. Helena, Ca.CD 281
Talk/“I want to say a few words at…”MS-05205/05/11Takoma, Pk., Md.RH 05/18/1905
Unto Seventy Times Seven*MS-05305/05/11Takoma Pk., Md.HP 297; UL 145; 8MR 187-188
Talk/Lessons from the Second Chapter of Phil.MS-05405/05/13Takoma Pk., Md.RH 06/15/1905
Talk/Lessons from the First Epistle of JohnMS-05605/05/16Takoma Pk., Md.RH 07/13/1905 and 07/20/1905
Talk/The Work in WashingtonMS-05805/05/19Takoma Pk., Md.RH 06/01/1905
Diary/The Sabbath Truth in the Sentinel*MS-05905/05/20Takoma Pk., Md.MR760 2-5
“I have been able to sleep only a very…”MS-06005/05/21Takoma Pk., Md.1MCP 29-31
“I am bidden to bear a message to our…”MS-06205/05/24Takoma Pk., Md.MR760 7-12
“A question has been brought to me…”MS-06405/05/24Takoma Pk., Md.2SM 97-98
Talk/The Need of Home ReligionMS-06605/05/25Takoma Pk., Md.RH 06/22/1905 and 06/29/1905
Talk/The Ladder of ProgressMS-06805/05/25Takoma Pk., Md.RH 07/06/1905
Talk/A Message of Warning*MS-07005/05/30Takoma Pk., Md.5MR 278-279; 6Bio 58-59
Talk/A Message of Warning [variant]MS-070a05/05/30Takoma Pk., Md. 
Talk/The Boulder SanitariumMS-07205/05/29Takoma Pk., Md.SpTB #5 39-43
Talk/Our Duty Toward the JewsMS-07405/05/29Takoma Pk., Md.9MR 309-310
Building the Waste Places*MS-07505/05/00Takoma Pk., Md.MR760 13-14
“The Lord has given me a message…”MS-07605/06/29San Jose, Ca.19MR 333-337
“During the night impressions…”*MS-07704/06/30Nashville, Tn. (1905) 
A Message to Believers*MS-07805/00/00 OHC 92; 2MCP 559; 7BC 973; 6MR 27-28
“I am awakened at two o’clock to…”MS-08004/08/25Melrose, Ma. (1905)UL 251
A Change of Heart NeededMS-08204/08/08Washington, D.C. (1905) 
That Your Joy May Be FullMS-08404/08/00Washington, D.C. (1905)RC 124; Ev 121
The Washington SanitariumMS-08605/07/14St. Helena, Ca.1MCP 11; 2MCP 713; 2MR 53
One, Even as We Are OneMS-08805/00/00 BTS 02/1906
An Appeal in Behalf of the Work in NashvilleMS-088a05/00/00 2MR 11
Collection of Matter re the Colorado SanitariumMS-09005/00/00 Same as SpTB #5 20-43
The Loma Linda SanitariumMS-09205/00/00 Same as SpTB #3b 3-17
Test. re Our General Publishing WorkMS-09405/00/00 Same as SpTB #4
Words of Counsel/The Health Food WorkMS-09605/09/07Glendale, Ca.HFM 72-75
A Message of WarningMS-09805/07/15St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #7 32-33
Ask, and Ye Shall Receive*MS-098a05/00/00  
A Solemn WarningMS-10005/06/28San Jose, Ca.SpTB #7 30-32
“During the past night we were in…”MS-10105/11/07St. Helena, Ca.BCL 3
Co-Operation Between Schools and SanitariumsMS-10205/11/14 SpTB #11 11-16
A Message to our PhysiciansMS-10405/06/02 SpTB #7 24-30
A Plea for LoyaltyMS-10605/11/20St. Helena, Ca.UL 338; 3MR 226-227; 7MR 190; Nebraska Reporter 11/30/1905
A Warning and an Appeal*MS-10805/11/20St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #7 8-18
Sermon/Education in the HomeMS-11004/08/07Takoma Park, Md. (1905) 
Standing the Way of God’s MessagesMS-11105/12/04St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #7 57-60
Test. re the Youth Going to Battle CreekMS-11205/00/00 SpTB #6
Talk/Unwise InvestmentsMS-11405/08/15Los Angeles, Ca.SpTB #17a 8-13
Diary/“Last evening I was deeply…”*MS-11505/08/00Los Angeles, Ca.10MR 333
An Entire ConsecrationMS-11605/12/19St. Helena, Ca.UL 367
Diary/“The Lord is my helper…”*MS-118  Refiled as Ms 187, 1903
The Result of a Failure to Heed God’s*MS-12004/01/01St. Helena, Ca. (1905)SpTB #7 51-57
A Solemn Appeal*MS-12203/08/00St. Helena, Ca. (1905)SpTB #7 19-23
Hold Fast That Which is GoodMS-12405/00/00 RH 08/31/1905
A Warning Against Present Dangers*MS-12603/11/27St. Helena, Ca. (1905)SpTB #7 3-7
Take Heed to Thyself and to the Doctrine*MS-12705/00/00  
Our Possibilities*MS-12805/12/19c Ev 468
Steadfast Unto the End*MS-12905/12/24c 20MR 150-151
Extracts on Medical Missionary WorkMS-13005/00/00 Compiled from published and unpublished sources
Talk/The Boulder SanitariumMS-132  Refiled as Ms 72, 1905
Our Substitute and SuretyMS-13405/03/08 2MCP 464-465; ST 08/09/1905
A Prayer for Help*MS-13605/03/03  
Sermon/The Need of Earnest, Intelligent WorkersMS-138  Refiled as Ms 14, 1887
“We had a very pleasant journey…”MS-14005/01/30St. Helena, Ca.1MR 140-142
Talk/Words of ThanksgivingMS-14205/11/26 6Bio 54-55
How to Deal With the ErringMS-14304/10/26St. Helena, Ca. (1905) 
“The good work that has been begun…”MS-14405/08/03St. Helena, Ca.LLM 338
Diary/“I awake at three o’clock…”*MS-14505/10/31St. Helena, Ca.MR760 15-18
“This morning I arise at four o’clock…”*MS-14605/07/25St. Helena, Ca.8MR 130
Diary/“This morning I rise at four…”*MS-146a05/07/25St. Helena, Ca.Cf. Ms 146, 1905
Sermon/“After the resurrection…”MS-14805/02/21Mountain View, Ca.CL 23, 29
Diary/“This morning I can not sleep…”*MS-14905/09/27St. Helena, Ca.12MR 84
Talk/The Restaurant WorkMS-15005/09/23St. Helena, Ca.8MR 171-181
Should Our Youth Go to Battle Creek?*MS-15105/10/28St. Helena, Ca.15MR 203-206
Take Heed That Ye Be Not DeceivedMS-152  Refiled as Ms 1, 1906
Diary/“I thank the Lord for a good…”*MS-15305/11/02St. Helena, Ca.Mar 270
Growing in GraceMS-154  Refiled as Ms 11, 1906
Israel’s Apostasy at Sinai*MS-156  Refiled as Ms 13, 1906
Sermon/Instruction to Sanitarium and Restaurant WorkersMS-158  Refiled as Ms 27, 1906
Gratitude to God for His Goodness and MercyMS-160  Refiled as Ms 43, 1906
Our Work*MS-16205/12/25c Ev 18-19; 10MR 228-230
Diary/“If any man serve me…”*MS-16405/12/28c  
Aggressive Work to be Done*MS-16604/12/03Filed in 1905TDG 373
Warnings Re Binding Our Medical Instit. TogetherMS-16805/00/00  
Talk/Marriage and the Christian HomeMS-17005/05/01St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 270-273
Methods of Labor*MS-17105/00/00  
Test. re Estab. the Publishing Work in Mt. View*MS-17205/01/26Oakland, Ca. 
Diary [Jan. 1-25]*MS-17305/01/00 TDG 15; 5Bio 381
Diary [Feb. 8-Mar. 6]*MS-17405/02/00  
Diary [Apr. 10- Jul. 15]*MS-17505/04/00 8MR 427
Diary [Aug. 1-25]*MS-17605/08/00  
Diary [Sep. 1- Oct. 31]*MS-17705/09/00 6Bio 62
Diary [Nov. 2- Dec. 20]*MS-17805/11/00  
Problems of the Work in Berkeley*MS-17905/07/01San Jose, Ca. 
Christ’s Object LessonsMS-18005/00/00  
“Never was there a time when…”MS-18105/00/00 1NL 123-124
The Christian LifeMS-18205/00/00 5MR 343-344
The Nashville Sanitarium*MS-18305/00/00  
A Message to our Leading PhysiciansMS-18405/00/00  
Interview re Canon City SanitariumMS-18505/09/24St. Helena, Ca. 
Remarks/At Los AngelesMS-18605/06/20Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/”I have been in…”MS-18705/01/20Mountain View, Ca. 
Sermon/Acts 1:1-4MS-18805/01/21Mountain View, Ca. 
Sermon/Mark 1:1-4MS-18905/01/22Mountain View, Ca. 
Talk/Remarks at Pacific Press Stockholders MeetingMS-19005/01/23  
Sermon/Rev. 7MS-19105/08/12Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Isaiah 58:1-3MS-19205/08/13Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon//Rev. 1:1-3MS-19305/09/18National City, Ca. 
Interview on School VerandaMS-194  Refiled as Ms 168, 1904
Testimony Regarding A.T. Jones*MS-19605/00/00  
Diary Fragment*MS-19705/10/00  
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
Take Heed That Ye Be Not DeceivedMS-00105/12/24St. Helena, Ca. (1906)7BC 957
Search the ScripturesMS-00306/01/06c RH 03/22/1906
Be Guarded*MS-00506/01/11St. Helena, Ca. 
Josiah’s Mistake*MS-007  Refiled as Ms 163, 1903
Unity in Christ*MS-00905/04/11St. Helena, Ca. (1906)SpTB #7 42-46
On the Health Food and Restaurant WorkMS-01006/00/00 CD 277; 3MR 342; 8MR 402-403; TSDF 107
Growing in GraceMS-01105/11/27St. Helena, Ca. (1906)2SAT 274-278
Israel’s Apostasy at Sinai*MS-01305/12/11St. Helena, Ca. (1906)1BC 1113-1114; 6MR 6-7
It is Time for Thee, Lord, to Work*MS-01504/01/18St. Helena, Ca. (1906)3BC 1153
The United States an Asylum for Religious Liberty*MS-01704/01/00Filed in 1906Mar 193; 4BC 1171; 7BC 975; 9MR 1-4
Ahab—A Wicked KingMS-01906/02/07c 2BC 1033
Preach the WordMS-02006/02/07c 20MR 64-69
Come Out and be Separate*MS-02105/11/00St. Helena, Ca. (1906)SpTB #7 60-64; BTS 03/1906
A God of KnowledgeMS-02306/02/08c RH 03/08/1906
It is Required in Stewards That a Man…MS-02506/02/14c  
Sermon/Instr. to Sanitarium & Restaurant WorkersMS-02705/09/09Los Angeles, Ca. (1906)1SAT 349-359
That They All May Be OneMS-02906/03/08St. Helena, Ca.5BC 1145; 7ABC 477-478, 480; 8MR 292
Be VigilantMS-03106/04/02St. Helena, Ca.RH 04/19/1906
The Chicago Work/“During the general…”MS-03306/03/20St. Helena, Ca.PC 49-52
A Message to A.T. Jones and Others in B.C.*MS-03406/03/23St. Helena, Ca. 
The Judgments of GodMS-03506/04/27c 21MR 64-69
A Solemn Warning and Appeal*MS-03606/03/24St. Helena, Ca.3SM 427; UL 97; 6Bio 78
To Ministers and PhysiciansMS-03706/05/01Loma Linda, Ca.PC 214
The Law of GodMS-03906/05/01c 20MR 14-15
Universal Guilt During the Time of the EndMS-04106/00/00 RH 10/11/1906
Gratitude to God for His Goodness and MercyMS-04305/09/11San Diego, Ca. (1906) 
A Visit to Mountain View, Cal.MS-04506/05/06Mountain View, Ca.5MR 110
The San Francisco EarthquakeMS-04706/00/00 RH 05/24/1906
Sermon/Lessons from the First Chapter of 2 PeterMS-04906/04/14Loma Linda, Ca.RH 06/14/1906
ConversionMS-05106/00/00 4MR 92
The Reward of FidelityMS-05306/00/00 LDE 219
Talk/The Work at Mountain ViewMS-05706/05/03Mountain View, Ca.PM 165-166; 5MR 193
Visit to Paradise ValleyMS-05906/04/27Loma Linda, Ca.LHU 181; 3MR 349
Hold Fast the Beginning of your ConfidenceMS-06106/06/03St. Helena, Ca.PC 66-68
God’s Judgments on the CitiesMS-061a06/06/03 2SAT 279-284
A MessengerMS-06306/05/26St. Helena, Ca.RH 07/26/1906
God’s MessengerMS-063a06/05/26 Variant of Ms 63, 1906
Teachers as Examples of Christian IntegrityMS-06506/07/04c CS 271-272; 1BC 1088, 1092
The Work in OaklandMS-06706/08/06St. Helena, Ca.1MR 258; 8MR 353; 9MR 38-39
The Medical work in Boulder*MS-06906/08/30St. Helena, Ca. 
Words of CounselMS-07106/09/11Mountain View, Ca.PM 120-121
The Work in Mountain ViewMS-07306/09/10Mountain View, Ca.5MR 70-77
A Caution Against Heavy Investment in FoodMS-07506/09/19St. Helena, Ca.15MR 318-325
Counsel to Conference PresidentsMS-076  Refiled as Ms 35, 1907
Christ, the Bread of LifeMS-07706/09/28c 1NL 41-42
Leave Your Nets and Follow MeMS-07906/10/01St. Helena, Ca.TDG 283; UL 288; 17MR 300
The Object of Health Food WorkMS-08106/09/27St. Helena, Ca.SD 70; 4BC 1160; HFM 88-91
Interview/Re Washington SanitariumMS-08306/06/12St. Helena, Ca. 
Perfect Through SufferingsMS-08506/08/22 SpTB #9 8-14
And What Shall This Man Do?MS-08706/00/00 7MR 153
Humility, An Essential QualificationMS-08906/10/22St. Helena, Ca7MR 152
Praise Ye The LordMS-09106/08/00Berkeley, Ca. 
Sermon/Lessons from the Fifteenth of RomansMS-09506/10/20Oakland, Ca.1SAT 360-383
Diary/“On Sabbath day, Elder Haskell…”*MS-096  Refiled as Ms 129, 1907
Sermon/A New CommandmentMS-09705/07/02San Jose, Ca. (1906)CTr 214
Our Need of the Holy Spirit*MS-09906/12/01St. Helena, Ca.RH 01/03/1907
The Lord Loveth a Cheerful Giver*MS-10106/12/03St. Helena, Ca.OHC 198, 200; UL 351; 6BC 1104
Gifts and OfferingsMS-10306/12/06St. Helena, Ca.TDG 349; 2SM 187; WM 171
The Work in Oakland and San FranciscoMS-10506/12/26c Ev 205, 284, 315; MRmnt 113; PC 140
Sermon/Behold, What Manner of LoveMS-10706/07/25Oakland, Ca.RH 09/27/1906
Sermon/Love Toward God and ManMS-10906/07/21Oakland, Ca.RH 09/13/1906 and 09/20/1906
A Warning Against FormalismMS-11106/10/22St. Helena, Ca.UL 309; 10MR 391
Emphasize Bible Subjects*MS-11206/10/25St. Helena, Ca. 
The Use of the TestimoniesMS-11306/07/25c  
“I am bidden to warn our people…”MS-11506/09/19St. Helena, Ca. 
“When the light that God gives…”MS-11706/10/30St. Helena, Ca. 
Talk/“I have a chapter before me…”MS-11906/05/05 6MR 283-284
The Long-Sufferance of GodMS-12006/00/00  
Working for Souls*MS-12106/00/00  
Justice in Deal in the Southern Publ. Assn.*MS-12206/00/00  
Diary [Jan. 1-Apr. 15]*MS-12306/01/00 6Bio 29
Diary [May 17-Jun. 19]*MS-12406/05/00 6Bio 104
Diary [Jul. 5-25]*MS-12506/07/00 6Bio 113
Diary [Aug. 11-27]*MS-12606/08/00 11MR 361-362
Diary [Sep. 1-26]*MS-12706/09/00  
Diary [Oct. 1-Dec.15]*MS-12806/10/00  
Test. re Work in San Francisco Area*MS-12906/00/00  
Counsel to Students*MS-13006/00/00Los Angeles, Ca. 
Interview/William Foy—A Statement by EGWMS-13106/08/13 17MR 95-97
Interview/Narrative of Early ExperiencesMS-131a06/00/00 5MR 192
Remarks/At California Conf. CommitteeMS-13206/11/13St. Helena, Ca. 
Diary/“The past night…”*MS-13306/04/06St. Helena, Ca. 
Diary/“I wish this morning…”MS-13406/06/26St. Helena, Ca. 
“In the night season…”MS-13506/00/00  
Remarks/Abstract of a conversationMS-13606/06/25  
Relieving the Debt of Our SchoolsMS-13706/00/00  
Sermon/2 Peter 1MS-13806/03/24St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/Matthew 4:13-25MS-13906/07/24Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/Col. 1:1-5MS-14006/07/28Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/“I want to give you some reasons…”MS-14106/08/11St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/“We have met together…”MS-14206/08/18Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/1 Cor. 2:1MS-14306/09/01Oakland, Ca.Incomplete
Sermon/Rev. 7:1-4MS-14406/09/22Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/Lessons from the Fifteenth of JohnMS-14506/11/03San Francisco, Ca. 
Sermon/“Remember the Sabbath Day”MS-14606/11/10San Francisco, Ca. 
Sermon/“Behold, What Manner of Love”MS-14706/12/15Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/“The Word testifies…”MS-14806/07/30Oakland, Ca.Fragment only; not on file
Interview/The Work in Oakland and BerkeleyMS-14906/12/16Oakland, Ca. 
Words of Warning for Judge Arthur*MS-15006/00/00  
“Go Ye Therefore, and Teach All Nations”*MS-15106/06/09  
Diary/Dependence Upon the Life-Giving Power*MS-15206/03/03  
Diary/Thoughts on 1 Kings 13*MS-15306/00/00  
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
Sermon/Soldiers of ChristMS-001  Refiled as Ms 8, 1885
Sermon/A Chosen PeopleMS-003  Refiled as Ms 17, 1888
Sermon/Building on the RockMS-005  Refiled as Ms 27, 1886
Talk/SanctificationMS-007  Refiled as Ms 25, 1886
Sermon/Evil SpeakingMS-009  Refiled as Ms 26, 1886
Sermon/The Price of Eternal LifeMS-011  Refiled as Ms 10, 1885
Sermon/The Christian PathwayMS-013  Refiled as Ms 30, 1886
Sermon/God’s Purpose for UsMS-015  Refiled as Ms 9, 1885
Sermon/The Hope Set Before UsMS-017  Refiled as Ms 28, 1886
Talk/Gaining a Fitness for HeavenMS-019  Refiled as Ms 29, 1886
Sermon/Giving Up Our Will for God’s WillMS-021  Refiled as Ms 31, 1886
Sermon/Waiting and Watching for Christ’s AppearingMS-023  Refiled as Ms 11, 1885
A Practical FaithMS-02507/01/18c 6MR 284
Extracts re the New England SanitariumMS-02707/01/22c Compiled from earlier published and unpublished sources
Individual Responsibility & Christian UnityMS-02907/01/16St. Helena, Ca.TM 485-505
Awake! Awake! Awake!MS-03107/01/24c SpTB #9 3-8
Faithful StewardshipMS-03307/01/24 9T 245-251
Counsel to Conference PresidentsMS-03506/09/27Filed in 1907 
Sermon/Genuine Faith and HolinessMS-037  Refiled as Ms 3, 1883
Erroneous Teaching Regarding Holy FleshMS-03907/00/00  
Encourage the WorkersMS-04107/03/04St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #11 3-4
Exhortation to FaithfulnessMS-04307/03/12c 7MR 353-361
The Misappropriation of Gifts*MS-04507/03/20c From Ms 67, 1902 and Ms 68, 1902
A Broader WorkMS-04707/04/01c SpM 405-408
The Work in New OrleansMS-04907/04/08c Ev 399-400; SD 42, 47; 17MR 31
An Expression of GratitudeMS-05106/09/10Berkeley, Ca.Filed in 1907
The Work of Christian PhysiciansMS-05307/06/03St. Helena, Ca.CH 361-366
The Work in Washington, D.C.MS-05507/05/30St. Helena, Ca.PH147
Make a Covenant by SacrificeMS-05707/05/20c SD 15, 265; 7BC 921-922
A Missionary EducationMS-05907/06/18c SpTB #11 27-32
Sermon/Address to Young PeopleMS-06107/06/27St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 285-288
Individual ResponsibilityMS-06307/06/18St. Helena, Ca.LLM 211-212
Sowing Beside All WatersMS-06507/06/18St. Helena, Ca.PUR 07/18/1907
God’s People to be Living EpistlesMS-06707/07/06c CG 148-149; 6BC 1117-1118; 1MR 117-118
The High Standard for Sanitarium WorkersMS-06907/07/12St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/Clear the King’s HighwayMS-07107/02/16Berkeley, Ca.1MR 119-120
Jehovah Is Our KingMS-07307/08/15c TM 477-484
God’s Wisdom to be SoughtMS-07507/07/29St. Helena, Ca.LLM 220-223
Extracts from Letters to Mrs. S.M.I. HenryMS-07707/08/15c LLM 232-234
Extracts/The Temperance WorkMS-07907/08/15c LLM 236-239
Extracts/To Seek and to Save That Which was LostMS-08107/08/15c From 5T and Lt 17, 1900
The Colorado Conference and the Boulder San.MS-08307/08/14St. Helena, Ca. 
The Work in Boulder, ColoradoMS-08507/08/14St. Helena, Ca. 
Our Duty Toward the JewsMS-08707/08/16c 6MR 323-330
Extracts/Workers in the CauseMS-08907/00/00 From 5T 721-729
The Work to be Done for the W.C.T.U.MS-09107/08/15 LLM 235-236
Report of Berkeley Church MeetingMS-09307/02/17Oakland, Ca. 
Arise, Shine!MS-09507/08/29 SpTB #10 5-12
In Humility and Faith*MS-09707/09/19c PC 281-285
The Essential in EducationMS-09907/09/25c  
A Message to TeachersMS-10107/09/25c FE 516-519
The Sale of “Object Lessons”MS-10307/10/03c 2MR 78
Interview/The Resp. of a Conf. PresidentMS-10507/10/05St. Helena, Ca.LLM 288-295
Interview/The Glendale Sanitarium*MS-10707/10/06St. Helena, Ca. 
Interview/The Management of Conference AffairsMS-10907/10/06St. Helena, Ca.LLM 295-300
I Am But A Little ChildMS-11107/10/15c 9T 281-284
Judge Not*MS-11307/10/21c UL 308
Sermon/Why We Have SanitariumsMS-11507/10/20St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 289-291
The Work Hindered by Lack of Faith*MS-11707/10/11St. Helena, Ca.PC 293-295; MR311 33-34; 9MR 176
Words of Encouragement to WorkersMS-11907/10/09St. Helena, Ca.NPU Gleaner 12/4/1907
The Work of Elder W.C. WhiteMS-12107/00/00 PH116 17-24
Our Duty to the W.C.T.U. WorkersMS-12307/10/23 From Lt 274, 1907
Sermon/Lessons From the Visions of Ezekiel*MS-12506/07/04Filed in 19071SAT 384-390
Lessons for Sanitarium WorkersMS-12607/11/11c KC 24-31
The Work in Southern CaliforniaMS-12707/11/03Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 310-314
Diary/“On Sabbath day, Elder Haskell…”*MS-12906/10/00Filed in 1907 
Sermon/Preaching the Word of the Living GodMS-13107/12/21Loma Linda, Ca. 
One Is You Master, Even ChristMS-13307/01/16St. Helena, Ca. 
“The ways of man are before the Lord…”*MS-135  Refiled as Ms 160a, 1898
Exalting ChristMS-13707/06/17St. Helena, Ca.Lake Union Herald 11/03/1909
A Call to ConsecrationMS-13907/06/18St. Helena, Ca.Lake Union Herald 11/17/1909
Words to Church-MembersMS-14107/06/19St. Helena, Ca.AUCR 10/07/1907
An Address to the YoungMS-14307/06/27 Canadian Union Messenger 09/03/1907
A Call to ServiceMS-14507/06/20St. Helena, Ca.AUCR 10/14/1907
An Experience in Divine HealingMS-14707/11/12  
“I have a message to speak to the…”MS-14907/05/03National City, Ca.RH 07/18/1907
Talk/The High Order of the Loma Linda SchoolMS-15107/10/30Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 303-304
Sermon/Behold, What Manner of LoveMS-15307/10/29Loma Linda, Ca.2MCP 789
Diary [Jan. 1-Mar. 30]*MS-15407/01/00 6Bio 122-123
Diary [Apr. 5-Jun. 30]*MS-15507/04/00  
Diary [Jul. 22-Oct. 29]*MS-15607/07/00 16MR 126-135
Fairness in Wage-Setting*MS-15707/08/14St. Helena, Ca. 
Unity in Council Meetings*MS-15807/12/00Loma Linda, Ca. 
Does Sister White Work Miracles?*MS-15907/00/00 18MR 372-373
Sermon/God’s Goodness*MS-16007/06/22  
Our Health Institution*MS-16107/00/00  
To Church Members*MS-16207/00/00  
The Lord Loveth a Cheerful GiverMS-16307/03/08St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #8 3-6
Sermon/God’s Plan of AdditionMS-16407/04/21San Fernando, Ca. 
God’s Work in the World*MS-16507/00/00  
Testimony Regarding Elder and Mrs. Rice*MS-16607/00/00  
“It may strike us…”MS-16707/00/00  
Stand Firm for the RightMS-16807/00/00  
Words of Counsel to Camp-Meeting LaborersMS-16907/06/15  
A Message to ParentsMS-17007/00/00  
Paradise Valley Sanitarium—Early HistoryMS-17107/00/00  
All God’s Children Indebted to HimMS-17207/00/00  
Counsel Against Large WagesMS-17307/00/00  
Dangerous Familiarity Between the SexesMS-17407/00/00  
The Sabbath a Day of PraiseMS-17507/11/11Loma Linda, Ca. 
Shall We Take Up Collections on the Sabbath?MS-17607/00/00  
Sermon/Hebrews 1:1, 2MS-17707/04/27Loma Linda, Ca. 
Talk/“We are very glad to have…”MS-17807/05/03National City, Ca. 
Sermon/Hebrews 1:1MS-17907/05/04San Diego, Ca. 
Sermon/1 Peter 2:1-5MS-18007/05/05San Diego, Ca. 
Remarks/To Helpers at Paradise Valley San.MS-18107/05/06National City, Ca. 
Sermon/John 15:1, 2MS-18207/05/11San Pasqual, Ca. 
Sermon/2 Peter 1:1MS-18307/05/12Escondido, Ca. 
Talk/Address to StudentsMS-18407/05/14Loma Linda, Ca. 
Talk/Talk to StudentsMS-18507/05/15Loma Linda, Ca. 
Sermon/Isaiah 58:1-3MS-18607/05/18Loma Linda, Ca. 
Sermon/Exodus 19:1-6MS-18707/05/19Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Rev. 22:1-5MS-18807/05/22Glendale, Ca. 
Sermon/2 Peter 1:1-11MS-18907/05/28Merced, Ca. 
Sermon/Daniel 1:1-8MS-19007/06/26St. Helena, Ca.Fragment; not on file
Sermon/“I have been awake since…”MS-19107/10/31Loma Linca, Ca. 
Sermon/2 Peter 1:1, 2MS-19207/11/02Loma Linda, Ca. 
Prayer of E.G. WhiteMS-19307/11/08Loma Linda, Ca. 
Sermon/“We are glad to hear…”MS-19407/11/09Loma Linda, Ca. 
Interview/With W.C. WhiteMS-19507/03/03  
Interview/On Our Work in the Southern StatesMS-19607/04/29Loma Linda, Ca. 
Interview/Meeting at Paradise Valley SanitariumMS-19707/05/02National City, Ca. 
Diary Fragments*MS-19807/00/00  
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
Work Among the JewsMS-00108/02/03c 14MR 136-138
The Work in Southern California*MS-00308/02/21c PC 259-260
The Medical Missionary WorkMS-00508/02/23 20MR 264-267
Enter the CitiesMS-00708/02/24c Ev 32-33, 46-47, 64-65; MM 263
A Message to the ChurchesMS-00908/02/10St. Helena, Ca.17MR 162-165
The Regions BeyondMS-01108/02/15St. Helena, Ca.Ev 19-20, 60, 428; MM 322-323; 6BC 1104; 1MR 192-193
An Appeal for the Madison SchoolMS-01308/03/25 PM 31; 7MR 195
The Need of Watchfulness*MS-01508/03/30 HP 256; ML 32-33; 7MR 45; CTr 219
Arbitrary Control*MS-01608/03/00St. Helena, Ca. 
The Work in CaliforniaMS-01708/02/15St. Helena, Ca.Ev 307; ML 42; 6BC 1059; MR311 20
A Broader ViewMS-01908/04/17c 9T 76-80
To Ministers, Physicians, and TeachersMS-02108/00/00 Ev 397-398; SpTB #10 42-48
Circulate the PublicationsMS-02308/05/04c 9T 65-75
A Plea for Aggressive WorkMS-02508/05/05c Ev 70; 5MR 111; 6MR 58
Truth to be MaintainedMS-02708/05/05c 2MR 96
The Aim of Our School WorkMS-02908/05/15c Educational Messenger 08/07/1908
Deeper ConsecrationMS-03108/05/17c CT 248-252
Home SchoolsMS-03308/05/17c 7MR 19-22
Sermon/Conflict and VictoryMS-03508/03/07Oakland, Ca.RH 07/09/1908
Sermon/Abiding in ChristMS-03708/03/10Oakland, Ca.2SAT 292-298
Sermon/Let Us Glorify GodMS-03908/03/11Oakland, Ca.VSS 121-122, 132-133, 148; 8MR 343
Sermon/Lessons from the First Chap. of 2 PeterMS-04108/03/12Oakland, Ca.2MCP 387, 389-390, 434-435, 493-494, 673; Te 139, 162
Sermon/Lessons from the Fifty-Eighth of Isa.MS-04308/03/14Oakland, Ca.OHC 15; CD 309; 4BC 1151-1154; 5MR 82-83; 11MR 188
Sermon/That Ye Should Go and Bring ForthMS-04508/05/05Lodi, Ca. 
Sermon/As Little ChildrenMS-04708/05/07Lodi, Ca.2SAT 299-304
Sermon/Lessons from the Exper. of PentecostMS-04908/05/09Lodi, Ca.1SAT 391-396
An Appeal to MinistersMS-05108/05/21c RH 07/23/1908
Our PublicationsMS-05308/05/24c 9T 61-64
The Temperance “Watchman”MS-05508/05/24c RH 06/18/1908
An Appeal for the Madison SchoolMS-05708/01/06 PH119
The New England SanitariumMS-05908/00/00 SpTB #13 3-16
Collection of Mss. re the Huntsville SchoolMS-06108/00/00 SpTB #12x 3-16
Instruction to Sanitarium WorkersMS-06308/06/03c LLM 379-382
Labor to be Given to LakeportMS-06508/06/09c CG 76; Ev 46, 50-52; PC 8-9
Modern ReflectionsMS-06708/06/20c PUR 07/02/1908
Teacher, Know ThyselfMS-06908/06/19c FE 525-527
To Workers in WashingtonMS-07108/06/19c 3SM 80-81; CD 381
Counsels RepeatedMS-07308/06/19c PC 2-3
Words to StudentsMS-07508/06/19c  
Lamps Without OilMS-07708/06/19c RH 09/17/1908
Build On a Sure FoundationMS-07908/06/19St. Helena, Ca.RH 09/24/1908
Words of Exhoration and WarningMS-08108/06/26c Educational Messenger 09/04/1908 and 09/11/1908
“I wish to make some statements regarding”MS-08308/06/25St. Helena, Ca.PC 34-35
“In company with Dr. Rand…”MS-08508/06/30St. Helena, Ca.10MR 259-264
Our Camp Meetings an Object-LessonMS-08708/07/17St. Helena, Ca.CD 329-330
Co-Operation Between Our Schools & SanitariumsMS-08908/07/24c Extracts from earlier published and unpublished sources
A Revival NeededMS-09108/08/20Los Angeles, Ca.Lake Union Herald 11/04/1908
Talk/Lessons from the Fifteenth of JohnMS-09208/08/22Glendale, Ca.7BC 982; 8MR 290; 9MR 381
Sermon/The Sabbath of the Fourth CommandmentMS-09308/08/23Los Angeles, Ca.Te 224
Sermon/Lessons From Christ’s LaborsMS-09508/09/05 RH 01/21/1909
Extracts/DressMS-09708/00/00 From Lt 19, 1897 and Lt 45, 1899
The Buena Vista PropertyMS-09908/09/23c 2SM 359; Te 252; 5MR 89; 17MR 31
Sermon/Called to Glory and VirtueMS-099a08/08/29Loma Linda, Ca.RH 01/14/1909
Sermon/Parting Words of InstructionMS-10108/08/26National City, Ca.RH 01/07/1909
Proclaiming the Truth Where There is Race*MS-10308/10/19c 9T 204-212
Words of Counsel to our Colored PeopleMS-10508/10/19c PCO 128-130
The Color LineMS-10708/10/21c 9T 213-222; OHC 287; 4MR 33
A Call for Colored LaborersMS-10908/10/21c 9T 199-203
The Paradise Valley SanitariumMS-11108/10/21c SpTB #14 15-16
Sermon/Lessons From the Sixtieth of IsaiahMS-11308/10/28St. Helena, Ca.3MR 284-291
Interview/Regarding Ralph MackinMS-11508/11/12St. Helena, Ca.RH 08/10/1972 and 08/17/1972 and 08/24/1972 (see 3SM 363-378)
A Message To Our Churches in CaliforniaMS-11708/12/17St. Helena, Ca.1SM 221-225
Regarding the Work of PublicationMS-11908/05/06St. Helena, Ca. 
Instruction re the Work of the Head PhysicianMS-12108/12/22c SpTB #19 14-17
Mss. on the Huntsville SchoolMS-12308/00/00 SpTB #12 4-16
A Missionary EducationMS-125  Duplicate of Ms 59, 1907
Diary Fragments [Jan.-Dec.]*MS-12608/00/00 6Bio 167
Concerning E.G.W.’s Donation of Books*MS-12708/00/00  
Individual Responsibility*MS-12808/00/00  
Warning Against Lending Aid to the Enemy*MS-12908/00/00  
Words to Believers*MS-13008/00/00  
“I awoke this morning at twelve o’clock…”*MS-13108/00/00  
Test. re Elder Reaser*MS-13208/00/00  
Proclaiming the Sabbath in the Last Days*MS-13308/00/00  
Arbitrary Control*MS-13408/00/00  
The Work in the California ConferenceMS-13508/03/03  
The Needs of Paradise Valley Sanitarium*MS-13608/00/00  
Honoring God By ObedienceMS-13708/00/00  
On Soliciting Means From UnbelieversMS-13808/00/00  
Sermon/“There are some things…”MS-13908/01/22St. Helena, Ca.Fragment only; not on file
Sermon/“I wanted to read a little to you…”MS-14008/11/14Healdsburg, Ca. 
Sermon/John 15:1MS-14108/11/15Healdsburg, Ca. 
Diary/Unfair Dealings in Book Circulation*MS-14208/00/00  
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
What is Higher Education?MS-00109/01/19St. Helena, Ca.10MR 295
Higher Education Revealed in Co-OperatingMS-00309/01/28 CT 397-400
Sermon/Two Kinds of ServiceMS-00509/02/06Oakland, Ca.RH 03/18/1909 and 03/25/1909
Sermon/The Need of the Holy SpiritMS-00709/02/08Oakland, Ca.RH 04/01/1909 and 04/08/1909
Talk/The Buena Vista School PropertyMS-00909/02/06Oakland, Ca.1MR 333-338
That They All Might Be OneMS-01109/00/00 RH 09/23/1909 and 09/30/1909
To the Workers and Students at Hill CrestMS-01309/04/26 UL 130
Talk/Words of Encouragement to Self-SupportingMS-01509/04/25Madison, Tn.WM 72-73, 77-78; Ev 45; 4MR 34-35
Sermon/A Holy CallingMS-01709/04/25Nashville, Tn.4MR 33; 6Bio 191-192
Sermon/Abiding in ChristMS-01909/05/15Takoma Park, Md.GCB 05/17/1909 37-39
Sermon/A Call to ServiceMS-02109/05/17Takoma Park, Md.GCB 05/18/1909 56-58
Sermon/The Work Before UsMS-02309/05/19Takoma Park, Md.GCB 05/21/1909 105
The Hillcrest SchoolMS-02509/05/17Washington, D.C.PH037 33-36
Talk/Words of EncouragementMS-02709/04/29Huntsville, Al.2MR 82-86
Sermon/A Risen SaviourMS-02909/05/22Takoma Park, Md.GCB 05/24/1909 137-138
Sermon/Individual Co-OperationMS-03109/04/17College View, Ne.AH 206; 7BC 988; 8MR 62; 11MR 190
Sermon/A Lesson in Health ReformMS-03309/05/26Takoma Park, Md.GCB 05/30/1909 213-215
Talk/Let Us Publish SalvationMS-03509/05/27Takoma Park, Md.GCB 05/31/1909 225-226
Talk/Faithfulness in Health ReformMS-03709/05/30Takoma Park, Md.9T 153-166
Talk/God’s PlanMS-037a09/05/30Takoma Park, Md.From GCB 06/01/1909 236-237
Work the Cities*MS-03809/05/00Takoma Park, Md. 
Talk/The Spirit of IndependenceMS-038a09/05/30Takoma Park, Md.From GCB 05/31/1909 (9T 257-261)
The Loma Linda College of EvangelistsMS-03909/06/01Takoma Park, Md.9T 173-178
A Message to Responsible Men and Church Mem.MS-04109/06/03 3MR 222; 10MR 359-360
Sermon/Get Ready!MS-04309/05/29Takoma Park, Md.GCB 06/06/1909 344-346
A Message to the Responsible Men in the S.P.A.MS-04509/06/03Washington, D.C. 
Words Addressed to the Workers at Rock City San.MS-04709/04/30c  
Sermon/Partakers of the Divine NatureMS-04909/06/06Takoma Park, Md.HP 280; 17MR 32; 6Bio 197
The High Standard to be Maintained in Nash. Publ.MS-05109/07/23  
Talk/Proclaiming the Third Angel’s MessageMS-05309/06/11Takoma Park, Md.Ev 38-40, 61-62; 3MR 220-222; 10MR 360-361; PC 269; 6Bio 208-209
Talk/Lessons from the Sermon on the MountMS-05509/08/16Madison, Wi.Wisconsin Reporter 09/08/1909 and 09/15/1909
Talk/Words of Counsel to Madison San.MS-05709/08/16Madison, Wi.MM 173-174, 201-202, 212; RH 12/30/1909; 2MR 42
Talk/Educational Advantages of the AngwinMS-05909/09/13Fruitvale, Ca.PUR 09/23/1909
Words of InstructionMS-06109/09/17c 10MR 214-219
Talk/Words of CounselMS-06309/09/05Boulder, Co. 
Talk/If Thou Wilt Walk in My WaysMS-06509/09/29Angwin, Ca.PUR 10/07/1909
A High StandardMS-06709/10/07c CG 80-81; HP 216
The Helpers in our SanitariumsMS-06909/09/12St. Helena, Ca.MM 172-173 and UL 269
Interview/The Relation of Loma Linda CollegeMS-07109/09/20St. Helena, Ca.LLM 424-428
Interview/The Relation of Loma Linda CollegeMS-07209/09/20St. Helena, Ca.PC 269-274 (variant of Ms 71, 1909)
Sermon/Lessons from the First of DanielMS-07309/08/27Council Grove, Ks.2SAT 314-321
Sermon/Labor for the UnconvertedMS-07509/08/29Boulder, Co.10MR 111-112
Talk/Words of Counsel and EncouragementMS-07709/08/26Council Grove, Ks.Ev 629
Sermon/That It May Bring Forth More FruitMS-07909/08/26Council Grove, Ks.UL 252
Sermon/An Extended WorkMS-08109/08/23Nevada, Ia. 
Sermon/Seek Ye the Kingdom of GodMS-08309/08/29Council Grove, Ks.Ev 237-238; 3SM 248-249
Sermon/Lessons of Self-Denial, TrustMS-08509/08/21Nevado, Ia.UL 247; VSS 220; SD 268; 8MR 291
Words Addressed to the Workers at BoulderMS-08709/09/03Boulder, Co.SD 268, 365; 6MR 286
Talk/A Work of PreparationMS-08909/08/18Madison, Wi. 
Sermon/“These words spake Jesus…”MS-09109/09/04Boulder Co.RH 01/13/1910
Talk/Address to Church Members at Salt Lake CityMS-09309/09/07Salt Lake City, Ut.CG 244-245; AH 323; 1MCP 170; 1MR 120-121; 10MR 320-322
Sermon/A Message to the ChurchesMS-09509/09/05Boulder, Co.VSS 150; 6MR 287
Sermon/I Am The True VineMS-09709/10/16San Jose, Ca.1SAT 397-405
Extracts/The Work of the PioneersMS-09909/00/00 Compiled from earlier published and unpublished sources
A Message to our Ministers and Fellow-laborersMS-10109/12/01St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/Partakers of the Divine NatureMS-10309/11/07Lodi, Ca.2MR 286-291
Inteview/The Relation of Loma Linda CollegeMS-105  Refiled as Ms 72, 1909
A Confusion of the Sacred and the Common*MS-10709/03/05St. Helena, Ca.1SM 38-39; 7MR 290-291
Foundation Principles of Healthful DressingMS-10909/00/00  
Aged Ministers to Have a Part in the Work*MS-11009/00/00  
Sermon/“And I, brethren, when…”MS-11109/11/06Lodi, Ca. 
Sermon/“Therefore we ought to give…”MS-11209/11/08Lodi, Ca. 
The Work in Portland, Maine and the East*MS-11309/07/03Portland, Me.10MR 16-19
Sermon/John 15MS-11409/06/12Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sermon/“One week ago…”MS-11509/06/19New York, N.Y. 
Sermon/Matthew 13:1-12MS-11609/06/20Newark, N.J. 
Sermon/Exodus 20:1-6MS-11709/06/26Nashua, N.H. 
Sermon/2 Peter 2:1-5MS-11809/06/27Nashua, N.H. 
Sermon/John 15MS-11909/06/29Nashua, N.H. 
Sermon/Deut. 4:1, 2MS-12009/07/03Portland, Me. 
Sermon/Acts 2:1-5MS-12109/07/05Portland, Me. 
Sermon/Thoughts from IsaiahMS-12209/07/07Portland, Me. 
Sermon/Thoughts on Luke 17-19MS-12309/07/17Buffalo, N.Y. 
Sermon/Isaiah 55:1, 2-6MS-12409/07/18Buffalo, N.Y. 
Sermon/Genesis 2:1-3MS-12509/07/24Three Rivers, Mi. 
Sermon/Isaiah 52:1-8MS-12609/07/25Three Rivers, Mi. 
Sermon/Rev. 22:1MS-12709/07/27Three Rivers, Mi. 
Prayer of E.G. WhiteMS-12809/07/29Battle Creek, Mi. 
Talk/To Workers and Inmates at the Rescue HomeMS-12909/08/04Hinsdale, Il. 
Sermon/John 14MS-13009/08/07Elgin Il.Northern Illinois Recorder, 08/17/1909
Talk/Isaiah 55MS-13109/08/08Elgin, IlIncomplete
Talk/To Patients and Workers at Hinsdale San.MS-13209/08/10Hinsdale, Il. 
Talk/To Heads of Departments at Hinsdale San.MS-13309/08/13Hinsdale, Il. 
Sermon/2 Peter 2:1MS-13409/09/15Fruitvale, Ca. 
Sermon/John 17MS-13509/10/17San Jose, Ca. 
Sermon/Deut. 5:1-3, 4MS-13609/11/05Lodi, Ca.Fragment only; not on file
Sermon/Isaiah 55:1-5MS-13709/11/13Lodi, Ca.Fragment only; not on file
Sermon/Isaiah 42:1-3MS-13809/12/11Mountain View, Ca.Incomplete
Sermon/Fruit-Bearing BranchesMS-13909/12/12Mountain View, Ca. 
Sermon/John 15:1MS-14009/12/18Oakland, Ca. 
The Needs of the CitiesMS-14109/06/00  
Diary/Working the CitiesMS-14209/12/18  
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
An Appeal to our Brethren in the Atlantic U. Conf.MS-00110/01/24c AU Gleaner 06/08/1910
Portland, Buffalo, and RochesterMS-001a10/00/00 Variant of Ms 1, 1910
An Appeal to our Churches Throughout the USMS-00310/01/20St. Helena, Ca.RH 05/18/1911
Talk/Words of Counsel to Advanced StudentsMS-00510/02/05Lodi, Ca.2MR 291-296
A Statement re the Training of PhysiciansMS-00710/01/27 LLM 486-487
Talk/Words of Counsel to WorkersMS-00910/01/27Mountain View, Ca.MM 304
Our Attitude Toward Doctrinal ControversyMS-01110/07/31St. Helena, Ca.PH020 5-10
A Call to the WatchmenMS-01310/08/08c PH020 1-5
Go, Preach the GospelMS-01510/00/00 RH 11/17/1910
Regarding Representations in our PapersMS-01710/00/00 6MR 287
Theatrical Methods of Work to be DiscouragedMS-01910/00/00 19MR 125-127
A Call to Labor in the Great CitiesMS-02110/06/22St. Helena, Ca.MM 302-303 and 3SM 50 and PC 69-70
Talk/A Promise of Life EternalMS-02310/01/29Mountain View, Ca.NPU Gleaner 03/09/1910
Talk/An Address to the Workers AssembledMS-02510/01/28Mountain View, Ca.2SAT 322-328
The Lodi SchoolMS-02610/08/24Berkeley, Ca.2MR 296-298
Let Your Light So Shine Before MenMS-02710/11/13c RH 12/15/1910 and 12/22/1910
The Work Before UsMS-02910/11/14c  
The Home School*MS-03110/00/00c RH 01/12/1911
Revealing Christ to the World*MS-033  Refiled as Ms 83, 1904
The Peril of Rejecting Light*MS-035  Refiled as Ms 161, 1903
Written for our Admonition*MS-037  Refiled as Ms 162, 1903
Lessons from EstherMS-03910/12/14c 3BC 1139
The Principles of Christianity*MS-04110/12/27c  
Talk/A Call to Consecrated EffortMS-04310/01/29Mountain View, Ca.NPU Gleaner 03/16/1910
Talk/Mission Fields at HomeMS-04510/01/28Mountain View, Ca.NPU Gleaner 04/13/1910
Talk/Come Into LineMS-04710/01/27Mountain View, Ca.NPU Gleaner 03/23/1910
Warning the CitiesMS-04910/00/00 From RH 04/07/1910
The East and the WestMS-05110/00/00 NPU Gleaner 03/30/1910
Wake up the WatchmenMS-05310/01/28Mountain View, Ca.Ev 29, 71, 114, 482; 6MR 195-196
True Conversion*MS-05510/00/00 Ev 286-287
True Conversion [variant]MS-055a10/00/00 Ev 286-287
Test. Concerning the School at Lodi, Ca.*MS-05710/00/00  
Diary Fragment*MS-06010/11/26St. Helena, Ca.4MR 44-45
Practical Sympathy for the Afflicted*MS-06110/09/27St. Helena, Ca. 
A Call to Work the Cities*MS-06210/01/00Mountain View, Ca. 
Fragments/Extension of the Work*MS-06310/00/00  
Sermon/“I want to say that the…”*MS-06410/02/02Lodi, Ca. 
Interview/At Paradise Valley SanitariumMS-06510/04/17National City, Ca. 
Our Appointed WorkMS-06610/10/19St. Helena, Ca. 
Errors and Dangers of Prescott and Daniells*MS-06710/00/00 20MR 17-22
An Appeal for Greater EarnestnessMS-06810/10/24St. Helena, Ca. 
The Family As An Educational AgencyMS-06910/00/00c PUR 08/18/1910
Interview/Discussion with Mr. TuftsMS-07010/00/00?  
Sermon/Daniel 1:1-21MS-07110/02/19Angwin, Ca. 
Sermon/“I want to read a few verses…”MS-07210/03/08Angwin, Ca. 
Sermon/Acts 1MS-07310/03/19Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/“I have words to speak…”MS-07410/03/20Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/1 Timothy 4:1MS-07510/03/21Oakland, Ca. 
Talk/2 Peter 2:1-9MS-07610/03/23Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/John 15:1MS-07710/03/26Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/2 Peter 1:1-15MS-07810/04/02Loma Linda, Ca. 
Talk/Luke 13:11MS-07910/04/05Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 533-542
Talk/To the Students at Loma LindaMS-079a10/04/05Loma Linda, Ca.Variant of Ms 79, 1910
Talk/Rev. 19:1-5MS-08010/04/07Loma Linda, Ca.Incomplete
Talk/“As I look at this company…”MS-08110/04/09San Fernando, Ca. 
Talk/Rev. 21:1-6MS-08210/04/10San Fernando, Ca. 
Sermon/Deut. 4:1-7MS-08310/04/16San Diego, Ca. 
Sermon/“I have chosen my subject…”MS-08410/04/23Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Lessons from the First Chap. of DanielMS-08510/08/20Berkeley, Ca. 
Sermon/Lessons from the Fifteenth Chap. of JohnMS-08610/08/21Berkeley, Ca. 
Synopsis of Interview on the Work in the CitiesMS-08710/06/19St. Helena, Ca.Filed in DF 151
Diary/ Fragments*MS-08810/00/00  
Diary/ Fragment [Feb. 2]*MS-08910/02/02Lodi, Ca. 
Diary/Jots and Tittles*MS-09010/04/00Loma Linda, Ca. 
Diary/Responsibility of Parents*MS-09110/00/00  
Talk/To the Students at Loma LindaMS-092  Refiled as Ms 79a, 1910
Visit to Pacific Union College*MS-09310/02/23St. Helena, Ca. 
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
Talk/A Deeper ConsecrationMS-00111/04/16National City, Ca.SpTB #15 6-11
Talk/Men and Women PhysiciansMS-00211/04/04Loma Linda, Ca.13MR 113-119
Interview/Re S.J. HarrisMS-00311/05/29St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #17a 13-20
Portion of Interview re S.J. HarrisMS-005  Extract from Ms 3, 1911
City WorkMS-00711/06/13c  
Talk/Aggressives Moves at Loma LindaMS-00911/04/20Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 563-568
Talk/Conformity to Christ’s ExampleMS-01111/06/10Angwin, Ca.HP 278
Re the Purchase of Land Adjoining Loma LindaMS-01311/08/29c LLM 579-580
An Appeal in Behalf of our Medical CollegeMS-01511/08/29St. Helena, Ca.LLM 580-582
Sermon/“If there be any consolation…”MS-01711/08/19Long Beach, Ca.UL 245
Fragments/“We should make decided…”MS-01911/10/09c MM 320; 8MR 402
Fragments/“Fathers and mothers…”MS-02111/10/09c HP 58
Regarding the TestimoniesMS-02311/10/10c PC 9-19
Sermon/“Simon Peter, a servant…”MS-02511/08/16Long Beach, Ca. 
Sermon/The Responsibility of ParentsMS-02711/08/18Long Beach, Ca.10MR 101-106
Fragments on Old Testament HistoryMS-02911/11/17c CC 36; 2SM 300; PM 142, 148; 2BC 1033; 3BC 1139; 4BC 1137; 7BC 947; 7MR 381; 10MR 76; CTr 162
Diary Fragments/Praising God*MS-03111/11/19c 18MR 331-346
Paragraphs on Various Subjects*MS-033  Refiled as Ms 31, 1889
Diary [Apr.-Jul.]*MS-035  Refiled as Ms 19, 1892
Diary [Sep. 28-Nov. 27]*MS-037  Refiled as Ms 21, 1892
Diary/“The Lord has brought me through…”*MS-039  Refiled as Ms 20, 1892
Talk/Lessons from the Fifteenth of JohnMS-041  Refiled as Ms 92, 1908
On the Establishment of a Restaurant in L.A.MS-043  Refiled as Ms 172, 1902
Sermon/“Simon Peter, a servant…”MS-04511/11/06Loma Linda, Ca.7MR 22-27
Medical Missionary Work in Southern Cal.MS-047  Refiled as Ms 173, 1902
On the Attitude of Some of our Leaders…MS-04911/11/21c  
Talk/School DisciplineMS-051  Refiled as Ms 174, 1902
What is the Chaff to the Wheat?MS-05311/11/21c OHC 277; ML 89; 6MR 287-289
Fragments/“Our ministers and teachers…”MS-05511/11/19c  
Work of J.E. and W.C. White*MS-05611/00/00 21MR 141-142
Work of J.E. and W.C. White*MS-056a11/00/00 6Bio 355-356; from Ms 56, 1911
“I attended the camp meeting held…”*MS-05711/07/26St. Helena, Ca. 
An Appeal to Fathers and Mothers*MS-05811/00/00  
Work to be Done at Riverside*MS-05911/00/00  
To Fathers and Mothers*MS-06011/00/00  
Individual Responsibility of Fathers and Mothers*MS-06111/10/15St. Helena, Ca.UL 302
Counsels on Discipline*MS-06211/07/04  
A Message to Parents and Ministers*MS-06311/00/00  
Parents to be Teachers*MS-06411/00/00  
Fragments/Messages to Parents*MS-06511/00/00  
Sermon/Parents and Preparation for HeavenMS-06611/04/15San Diego, Ca. 
A Statement Regarding Dr. Coon’s PamphletMS-06711/10/00  
Sermon/John 17:1-6MS-06811/04/08Riverside, Ca. 
Sermon/1 Peter 4:1MS-06911/04/14National City, Ca. 
Sermon/John 15:1, 2MS-07011/04/22Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Isaiah 55:1-3MS-07111/04/23Glendale, Ca. 
Sermon/Luke 9:1MS-07211/04/24San Fernando, Ca. 
Sermon/2 Peter 1:1-8MS-07311/07/08Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/Acts 2:1-47MS-07411/07/11Oakland, Ca. 
Sermon/John 14:1-31MS-07511/07/15Oakland, Ca. 
Interview/On Men and Women PhysiciansMS-07611/11/07Loma Linda, Ca. 
[Even numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
JereboamMS-00112/01/09c 2BC 1032-1033; CTr 161
Be Not DiscouragedMS-00312/01/14St. Helena, Ca.SpTB #18 32-36
Diary/Sacrificing in High PlacesMS-00512/00/00cTo Washington2BC 1025, 1030
Of Such Is The Kingdom of HeavenMS-00712/00/00  
Sermon/Behold, What Manner of LoveMS-009  Refiled as Ms 153, 1907
Interview/Re Purchase of Land at Loma LindaMS-01112/03/28Loma Linda, Ca.Medical Practice and the Educational Program at Loma Linda 128-131
Talk/Not Division, But UnityMS-01312/03/28Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 598-601
Advice to Loma Linda BoardMS-01412/04/04Loma Linda, Ca.Medical Practice and the Educational Program at Loma Linda 133-134
Discussions at Loma LindaMS-014a12/04/04  
Sermon/An Appeal for UnityMS-01512/04/16Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 601-606
Discussions at Loma LindaMS-016  Extract from Ms 14a, 1912
Sermon/Accepting the PromiseMS-01712/03/16Los Angeles, Ca. 
A Prayer for Help*MS-019  Refiled as Ms 136, 1905
The Rebuilding of the Melrose SanitariumMS-02112/00/00c  
The Washington SanitariumMS-02312/00/00  
On the Establishment of a Restaurant in L.A.MS-025  Refiled as Ms 172, 1902
Medical Missionary Work in Southern Cal.MS-027  Refiled as Ms 173, 1903
“What is the Chaff to the Wheat?”MS-029  Refiled as Ms 53, 1911
Talk/School DisciplineMS-031  Refiled as Ms 174, 1902
The Wages of Faithful MinistersMS-03312/00/00c Compiled from earlier published and unpublished sources
Interview/Re Canon City SanitariumMS-035  Refiled as Ms 185, 1905
The Spirit of SacrificeMS-037  From RH 01/04/1906
Freely Ye Have Received; Freely GiveMS-03912/00/00 RH 06/06/1912
Extracts re the Caring of Tourists in Medical Inst.MS-04112/00/00 From Lt 244, 1903 and RH 12/17/1903
Moving Out Into New PlacesMS-04312/00/00c Extracts from earlier published and unpublished sources
The Family as an Educational AgencyMS-045  Refiled as Ms 69, 1910
Good Samaritan WorkMS-04712/00/00c Compiled from earlier sources
Talk/Timely InstructionMS-04912/07/06St. Helena, Ca.6Bio 370-372
Sermon/Seeking for HeavenMS-05112/04/13Loma Linda, Ca.OHC 284
Talk/A Neglected WorkMS-05312/03/18Los Angeles, Ca.1NL 85-88
A Call to AwakeMS-05512/08/13Loma Linda, Ca.13MR 44-48
The Privilege of MinistryMS-05712/08/13c MM 194-196; 7MR 132
Fragments/Need of Greater EffortMS-05912/08/13c CD 199-200; MM 128; HFM 72; 4MR 279-280, 448; MRmnt 93
The Lodi SchoolMS-061  Refiled as Ms 26, 1910
The Sermon on the MountMS-06312/08/29c HP 315
The Fruitless Fig-TreeMS-06512/09/02 2SAT 329-333
These Things Ought Not So To BeMS-067  Duplicate of Ms 24, 1902
The Sin and Death of MosesMS-06912/09/10c 1BC 1102, 1115-1116; 4BC 1146, 1173-1174; 5BC 1134; 10MR 151-160
“Last Friday I accepted an invitation…”MS-07010/09/12Filed in 1912MM 128
Talk/Be of Good CheerMS-07112/11/09Loma Linda, Ca.LLM 611-614
The Danger in AmusementsMS-07312/08/05c CT 348-354
Fragments/WagesMS-07512/09/16c 1MR 262
Interview/William Foy—A Statement by Ellen WhiteMS-076  Refiled as Ms 131, 1906
“I am charged…”MS-07712/08/05St. Helena, Ca. 
Repent and Be ConvertedMS-07812/07/03St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/2Peter 1MS-07912/02/03St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/John 17:1-26MS-08012/03/20Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Isaiah 58:1-3MS-08112/03/23Los Angeles, Ca. 
Sermon/Romans 6:1-5MS-08212/08/10St. Helena, Ca. 
Interview/The Nashville SanitariumMS-08312/01/14  
Crisler Statement about Interviews/Feb. 13, 25, 28, 1912MS-08412/02/13 Filed in DF 151
Interview/Regarding Br. BurdenMS-08512/04/08  
Interview/Regarding Loma LindaMS-08612/00/00  
[Odd numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
Statement re W.C. WalesMS-00213/00/00c TSB 233-235
Courage in the LordMS-00413/00/00c 2SM 402-408
The Work of Elder W.C. WhiteMS-00613/00/00c PH116 17-24
Wilcox, F.M./My Work and My HelpersMS-008  Refiled as Lt 371, 1907
The Writing and Sending Out of the TestimoniesMS-010  Refiled as Lt 225, 1906
Interview/Regarding WagesMS-01213/12/04St. Helena, Ca.LLM 614-621
Interview/With E.E. AndrossMS-01413/12/12St. Helena, Ca.1MR 86-88
Talk/Following On to Know the LordMS-01613/06/15 2SAT 334-336
Sermon/I Am The True VineMS-01813/06/07St. Helena, Ca. 
Sermon/I Will Not Leave You ComfortlessMS-02013/09/27St. Helena, Ca.2SAT 337-339
Interview/With E.E. AndrossMS-02213/10/02St. Helena, Ca. 
Remarks/A Visit of the Bookmen of PPPA to EGWMS-02313/01/23St. Helena, Ca. 
[Odd numbers were unassigned except as listed.]
Consecrated Efforts to Reach UnbelieversMS-00214/06/05 Church Officers’ Gazette 09/1914
UntitledMS-00414/00/00 Missing
Diary [Aug. 29-Sep. 14]/“We are on our way…”*MS-006  Refiled as Ms 82, 1900
Fragments/Look Unto JesusMS-00814/00/00c HP 19
Interview/With Dr. ThomasonMS-01014/09/08St. Helena, Ca. 
Interview/With W.C. WhiteMS-01214/08/15St. Helena, Ca. 
Statement at end of J.N.L. Letter*MS-01314/01/18  
EGW Comments on The Value of Organization*MS-01414/08/03St. Helena, Ca.13MR 111-112
Let This Work Go Forward*MS-01514/05/00  
Interview/EGW Comments at WorshipMS-01614/08/05  
Prayer of E.G. WhiteMS-01714/12/26 LS 441
Testimony of Ellen G. WhiteMS-00115/02/24  
Interview/With Dr. PaulsonMS-00215/01/24St. Helena, Ca.LS 442
Prayer of E.G. WhiteMS-00315/01/00 Refiled as Ms 17, 1914
Interview/Comments to C.C. CrislerMS-00415/03/07 LS 443-444
Interview/Comments to C.C. CrislerMS-00515/03/10 LS 446-447

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