Ellen G. White Writings

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A New Life (Revival and Beyond), Page 3

Read This First

The name of Jesus has today become a part of the witnessing vocabulary of many thousands of young and old alike. The second coming of Christ, being born again, what Jesus means to us here and now, have become topics for everyday conversation. Songs of religious experience are competing with those about romance. Revival has happened before, and has accomplished startling results. But today, as never before, it's happening among youth.

On many college and university campuses—even those not particularly noted for religious connections—the name of Jesus is openly discussed in a new, positive way. Youth from comfortable homes, from the poor, the drug scene, from the well educated, have been moved to accept Christ in large numbers. Thousands have sensed the miraculous experience of being converted. And Seventh-day Adventist youth are experiencing revival too. But now what? Where do we go from here?

Being born again, justified, converted—whatever we choose to call it—is the beginning. But what about the days and weeks and months of growing up into Christ? What about that lifetime experience we sometimes call sanctification?

The word of God and the counsels of Ellen White lead us to the conclusion that we are justified by faith and accepting Christ, but we are sanctified by faith and obedience. The truly born-again Christian not only talks about, but lives a life that testifies that he is, in fact, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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