Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 118

24—Instructions Regarding the Huntsville School

Date: June 10, 1904
Location: Morning Star Steamer
Source: Manuscript 12, 1905
Status: Previously unpublished

There must be a change in the work of the Huntsville School. If true zeal and energy are manifested, this school may become a large educational institution for the colored people in the South. We trust there will be no falling off in the attendance. There should be many more students in the Huntsville School than there has been in the past. But it will be a difficult matter to bring the school up to a high standard and to regain that which has been lost in the past.

The farm should have careful husbandry. We are sorry that Brother Jacobs has been obliged to leave Huntsville. He has left, not because of unfaithfulness or inefficiency, but because of the condition of his health and the feebleness of Sister Jacobs, brought on by hard work. Brother and Sister Jacobs should have had the help of others who were spiritual minded and intelligent. It may be that if proper facilities are provided to make the labor on the farm less taxing, Brother Jacobs might be encouraged to return and resume his work. If he should return, however, he should have able assistants to work with him.

The Huntsville School must not be allowed to become a reproach to the cause of God. The workers having talent and ability to help must not all congregate in Graysville and leave Huntsville destitute of suitable workers. It is wrong for one place to become strong by leaving others to become weak. To our people in Graysville I would say, Be careful not to make Graysville a Jerusalem center. Some of the talent now in Graysville is needed in Huntsville.

“Ye are God's husbandry; ye are God's building.” Those who are wise may develop characters and ability that will enable them to work in the interests of the school, both in teaching the students from books and in working with them on the land. The knowledge of how to develop an upright character is an education that will tell to the saving of souls.

The Huntsville School has been presented to me as being in a very desirable location. It would be difficult to secure another location as promising as the school farm now secured. The buildings and everything connected with the work there should be in harmony with the high and sacred work to be done there. Let there be nothing unsightly connected with the buildings or about the farm, nothing that would indicate slackness.

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