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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 132

30—This Thy Great Work

Date: March 3, 1905
Location: St. Helena, California
Source: Manuscript 174, 1905
Status: Previously unpublished

The pst [past] night has been a very trying one to me. After half-past eleven o'clock I could not sleep. Left my bed at four o'clock. I presented my case before the Lord, and with all my heart I prayed for the healing power of God to remove from me the infirmities which were keeping me from doing the work that burdened my mind.

Oh, my Saviour, we must have a power which Thou, my Saviour, hath promised to give us in this Thy great work that is to be done. My physical strength is gone, my courage weak. I long after Thee, Lord Jesus, the great Medical Missionary Worker, to strengthen my courage; for I tremble before Thee lest I shall in my weakness fail in emergencies where I must be a success.

I know I can say, Thou, Lord, hath made me Thy messenger. Thou, Lord, hast laid upon me great responsibilities in various lines, and I am grieving my soul because of my physical weakness. Thou hast commissioned me to speak the words Thou hast given me and declare with pen and with voice the things Thou hast shown me. I have tried and am trying to do this in messages of reproof, messages of warning, and also messages of encouragement; but my hope is failing, that those who are departing from the faith will receive the messages.

Grant, O Lord, that I shall be truly strong in the strength Thou shalt give me, to make clear the representations and figures presented in the power of Thy Spirit, that those who are out of the way may be convicted and return to Thy way. I must have physical strength to carry these important burdens. I must have daily a sense of Thy favor, for I am hungering and thirsting after Thy righteousness.

I am relieved. Praise the Lord, oh, my soul. I am rejoicing in the peace of Christ. Hope is strengthening me that this day shall not be as the many days that are past for several weeks—with a tired brain, a burdened heart. Show me Thy ways, o my Lord. I thank Thee, Lord, that Thy peace and courage have come to me.

I have been able to read and prepare most excellent matter for [the] Oakwood School. I must have courage in the Lord and not faint when I see that the very men who ought to be a help and to be true guides are being misguided by the many, many words and sentiments coming from mind and voice in night sessions. Oh, will he [J.H. Kellogg] ever understand that the enemy has been working to deceive him in order that he shall put his deceiving science into other minds? This now is my burden, that men are so perplexed with the influence going forth from J. H. K. that they are partakers of his deceiving theories; and notwithstanding all the warnings God has given, they will take up with his specious devising. May the Lord awaken him before it shall be everlastingly too late!


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