Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 133

31—A People All Around in Huntsville

Date: January 22, 1905
Location: Mountain View, California
Source: Manuscript 189, 1905
Status: Previously unpublished

I believe every soul of us has a responsibility to encourage the men that are trying to work in the colored field, because I have seen it, and I understand it. And I want to say, before ever I saw Huntsville, in the night season there was a people all around in Huntsville. There is an institution right close by Huntsville where there is a colored school—the state normal school for colored teachers. There they are supported, they are sustained. They have people to look after them. But when I went to Huntsville—before I go away, if I can,—I will read you something about it.


Church Remarks

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