Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 134

32—Be Saving

Date: June 20, 1905
Location: Los Angeles, California
Source: Manuscript 186, 1905
Status: Previously unpublished

You need to be established in the truth. Don't give away all the things you have heard. Revelation 3 tells you the things to be brought to mind. Brethren and sisters, we should have more harmony. How will we have it? Take care of number one. Don't complain of others, but go in tenderness, for it will have a wonderful effect on hearts. Our sanitariums are places for the soul-sick to recover as well as those who are sick in body. We want every one who works in them to have a living connection with the Lord. The physicians can feel individual sorrows and tell them what is the truth. Don't tell them the Sabbath the first thing, but let them see Christ, and then they will ask about the Sabbath. Let them see the Bible in the lives about them. Let them lead out and ask you questions and they will see that the Lord is working, and in this way God will manifest Himself through His people. Dress so as not to be slouchy—neat, but natural. Be saving so as to help the work in Nashville, Huntsville, and New Orleans, for these places need help. We hear some talk about their field being hard. We are to endure trials so that you may go where you can be an example as workers. Young men and women should be working. “I write unto you young men because ye are strong.” We want our young men to take hold of the work. We want every one to stand by our institutions, and if you have means you do not use, sell it to prepare souls that are ready to perish, and thus give back to God His own. The Lord has given His people means, and they should be selling out to help carry on the work.


Board Meeting Minutes

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