Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 148


A. Oakwood Categories

With few exceptions, Ellen White's statements about Oakwood fit into seven categories: Admonition, Condition, Instruction, Providence, Purpose, Support, and Vision.

1. Admonition: The appeals Ellen White made to the students and workers of Oakwood to be spiritual, evangelize the world and personally develop.

2. Condition: Mrs. White's portrayal of Oakwood at the time she wrote.

3. Instruction: The heavenly directives Ellen White conveyed about the leadership of the school, its operation, the content of the curriculum, and other matters.

4. Providence: The God-ordained beginnings of Oakwood Ellen White spoke of so often.

5. Purpose: God's object for Oakwood in the context of Christian education.

6. Support: Ellen White's almost constant plea for financial, spiritual and missionary support for the fledgling institution.

7. Vision: The picture Ellen White painted of Oakwood's providential purpose and divine destiny.

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