Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 160

B. Oakwood Quotables

1. He has given you talents to be improved. He has bestowed on the colored race some of the best and highest talents. He will bless in the work of transforming mind and character.

Sources: The Southern Missionary, June 1, 1904; Manuscript Releases 6:211; Manuscript 60, 1904

2. I say again, I am so glad that we have this farm. Not long ago one came to me, and said, “I think it is a mistake to keep that large farm. It is not half cultivated. I think they might better sell a portion of it.” That night instruction was given me regarding the matter. It was God's purpose that the school should be placed here. He saw that the workers here would not have to fight every inch of ground in order to establish the truth, as the workers in some places have had to do. The instruction was given me, Never part with an acre of this land. It is to be used in educating hundreds.

Sources: The Southern Missionary, June 1, 1904; Manuscript Releases 6:214; Manuscript 60, 1904

3. I need not say any more this morning. I am very thankful that I could visit your school. For years I have done what I could to help the colored people, and I have never found the work so well begun in any place as I find it here at the present time.

Sources: Manuscript 27, 1909; Manuscript Releases 2:85; Southern Field Echo, June 1, 1909

4. It have been shown that with proper management the Huntsville School and the Graysville School could be self-supporting. But I was instructed, also, that the difficulties to be overcome in the Huntsville School would be far greater than in some other schools. A school for colored students cannot be compared with or treated in the same way as a school for white students.

Sources: Letter 200, 1903; Manuscript Releases 2:66

5. Recently the suggestion has been made that the school at Huntsville is too large, and perhaps it would be better to sell the property there, and establish the school elsewhere. But in the night season instruction was given me that this farm must not be sold. The Lord's money was invested in the Huntsville School Farm to provide a place for the education of colored students. The General Conference gave this land to the Southern work, and the Lord has shown me what this school may become, and what those may become who go there for instruction, if His plans are followed.

Sources: Letter 215, 1904; The Review and Herald, September 1, 1904; Manuscript Releases 2:67-68; Manuscript Releases 14:38; The Oakwood Manual Training School, 7; Spalding and Magan Collection, 359; Last Day Events, 102

6. Over and over again the light has been given that a special work is to be done in Huntsville. Those who are rooted and grounded in the truth, in all its bearings, are to be placed in charge of the work. A beginning has been made on the orphanage for colored children, but this work stands unfinished. On the beautiful farm of over three hundred acres, God purposes that an efficient missionary training school shall

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