Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 163

C. Oakwood Principles

21 Timeless Lessons From Ellen White's Counsel to Oakwood

1. Providential Beginnings: God is responsible for our origins.

2. Divine Destiny: God has a definite plan for our future.

3. God's Property: We belong to God and He has claims on us.

4. Personal Spirituality: Above all else, cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus.

5. Improve Talents: Improve and develop your God-given talents for His use.

6. Sterling Example: We are to be examples of what God can do.

7. Good Leadership: Individuals of spirituality and resolve should lead our institution.

8. Active Recruitment: Students and workers should seek to recruit others to our institution.

9. High Standards: Our schools should maintain and enforce godly standards.

10. Agricultural Activity: Working with nature will improve character.

11. Christian Economy: God's people should know when to spend money, when to save money, and when to give money.

12. Practical Trades: Each student should learn a trade that can generate income and increase usefulness.

13. Excellence Upkeep: God's institution should be lovely and well-maintained.

14. Perservering Sacrifice: Despite hardships and setbacks in life, persevere.

15. People Assistance: If it is in your power to help your fellow human beings, do it.

16. Christian Success: Trust God and do your best and you will be successful.

17. Soul Salvation: Let your life-work be the salvation of souls.

18. Financial Solvency: Strive to be institutionally sufficient.

19. Charitable Interdependence: Work with other people of faith to accomplish mutual goals.

20. Enduring Character: Develop spiritual habits and principles.

21. Focused Determination: Never, ever give up.

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