Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 3

Chapter 1—Speeches

Late June of 1904 is the first recorded visit of Ellen White to Oakwood in Huntsville, Alabama. Thanks in no small part to the counsel and efforts of Ellen White, by the time of her visit, Oakwood was off to a solid start. Mrs. White, her son Edson, and a small group of other church workers toured various fledgling Adventist efforts in the South in the trilogy of cities central and crucial to the Adventist work.

Ellen White spoke, shared counsel and admonished at the various sites she visited. Following her deliveries, she often grouped together her counsels for convenience, publication, and future reference.

On such a tour she made an historic visit to Huntsville and spoke for the first time at Oakwood. Two of her talks were transcribed. These speeches, delivered to the student body in the school chapel, are full of positive exhortations and high admonitions.

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