Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 4

1—Some of the Best and Highest Talents

Place: Huntsville School Chapel, Huntsville, Alabama

June 21, 1904

I am so pleased to see the colored students who are here today. I wish that there were a hundred of them, as it has been presented to me that there should be. I wish there were many more here in training for service; for there is a large field to be worked among the colored people. To those who are here, I would say, “Seek to understand the Scriptures. God will help you. His eye is upon the colored race, and He will send His angels to open your understanding.”

In regard to this school here at Huntsville, I wish to say that for the past two or three years I have been receiving instruction regarding it—what it should be and what those who come here as students are to become. All that is done by those connected with this school, whether they be white or black, is to be done with the realization that this is the Lord's institution, in which the students are to be taught how to cultivate the land, and how to labor for the uplifting of their own people.

Those connected with the farm are to work with such earnestness and perseverance that it will bear testimony to the world, to angels, and to men, of the fidelity with which the land has been cared for. This is the Lord's land, and it is to bear fruit to his glory. Those who attend this school are to be taught in right lines, on the farm or in the schoolroom. They are to be taught how to live in close connection with God.

The Lord says, “Work out your own salvation.” How are you to do this? By doing the very things He wants you to do, that you may become intelligent in His service. He has given you talents to be improved. He has bestowed on the colored race some of the best and highest talents. He will bless in the work of transforming mind and character.

Students, there is something for every one of you to do in God's service. The Lord wants you to be His helping hand in reaching souls in many places. He wants you to have an intelligence so sharp and clear that you can grasp the most precious truths, and in the simplicity of Christ present these truths to those who have never heard them. There is great need for colored workers to labor for their own people. You can labor in many places where others cannot. White workers can labor for the colored people in some places. This is why we have established our printing office in Nashville. In and near Nashville there are large institutions for the education of the colored people. The men who established these institutions have opened the way for the light of the gospel to go to the colored people.

We want every one who comes to this school, to try to get some other one to come. There should be one hundred students in attendance at the next session of the school. Will you not try in every way possible to swell the number to one hundred? And when the school year is over, these students should not be sent out to go where they please. They are to be trained and educated till they are able to go out into the field to work successfully for the Master.

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