Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page 77

Chapter 4—Manuscripts/Testimonies

In some instances, Ellen White's writings were not published or she wrote about particular subjects in a style that cannot be classified as letters, articles or books. Such materials are designated as manuscripts. A few of Mrs. White's statements on Oakwood can be found in these manuscripts.

Mrs. White's correspondence on the Oakwood School was current and active. She could support the school most effectively by dialoguing with others about it. So, comments about Oakwood and other denominational happenings are, for the most part, not included in her books. Most books that do have comments about Oakwood are posthumous compilations. A couple of quotations are in her books, however, and these are classified as testimonies. These testimonies are similar to letters and articles, but are not necessarily addressed to anyone in particular.

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