Ellen G. White Writings

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A Place Called Oakwood, Page x

Compilation Procedural Style

Titles: At the beginning of each Ellen White quotation there is a title. The compiler has supplied titles for each speech or letter from some words or phrase that appear in the speech or letter. The articles have the original titles appearing in the periodical. The manuscript and testimony titles vary; some are supplied by the compiler (italicized), others by Mrs. White or her original editors. The unpublished document titles are also a mix of original and supplied.

Selectivity: At times Mrs. White began a letter with the standard address “Dear Brother _______” or “Dear Sister ________,” etc. This address is left out of some letters because the selected quotation is so far into the letter that the integrity of the selection would be compromised by giving the address followed by an ellipsis.

Ellipsis: An ellipsis (...) means parts of original text were left out either because of lack of relevancy or manuscript difficulties (the original document contained the ellipsis or the next part is missing from original document or is unclear). An ellipsis plus a period (....) means the sentence is complete but that some of the text following is not included.

Abridged/Unabridged: The word abridged or unabridged comes at the end of each selection. Abridged means that only portions of the document salient to Oakwood were printed; some portion of the original is not printed here. Unabridged means the entire known document is printed.

Source References: The source/sources at the end of a quotation are all the places the selection or portions thereof occur in published Ellen G. White books or in her unpublished letter and manuscript files. This is supplied for readers who may choose to go to the original sources of the reference.

Brackets: A word in brackets in the unpublished documents section means that an error occurs in the original manuscript and the compiler is inserting his correction. However, it should be noted, no corrections of ideas were made, only of grammar, spelling, or usage.

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