Ellen G. White Writings

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Peter’s Counsel to Parents, Page 35

Chapter 4—Sermon at Loma Linda University


In this selection Ellen White is specifically addressing parents. Notice this up-to-date comment she makes about daughters trying to persuade their mothers to let them wear the latest exotic fashions: “Will you [the parents] allow them to tease this thing out of you, letting them mold you instead of molding them according to the principles of the gospel?” Clearly, some issues haven't changed in parent-child relationships!

Adventists are sometimes perceived to be legalists. To support this criticism individuals will point to our church's dress standards. Yet Ellen White's comments on dress do not suggest legalism of any kind. Instead, the basic elements of the gospel are vividly present: humility, not drawing attention to oneself, concern for others’ feelings and needs, quality, taste, natural elegance. The question of dress reveals the foundation principles of Christianity.

Two other challenging questions receive attention in this reading: How should we discipline our children? And what is the relation of what we do in this present life to our future living in heaven?


These words [2 Peter 1:1-13] should mean a great deal to us; and we should study this chapter diligently, that we may learn to practice the virtues it presents before us. If we do these things, the apostle says, we “shall never fall.” It is of great consequence to us in our spiritual experience that we have the assurance that we

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