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Peter’s Counsel to Parents, Page 49

gives the knowledge that lives through eternal ages. Those who are consecrated, diligent, persevering laborers, putting to use every capability, employing all their faculties for the glory of God, who are not slothful in business, but are fervent in spirit, serving the Lord, will reap an eternal reward. But it is our part to be courageous, to exercise firm faith in God.

Students to share knowledge of the divine

The end is near, and students should make most diligent effort to carry forward the work intelligently of acquiring knowledge that they may impart to others. _____, I had no idea of writing as I have; but I could not forbear. I felt impelled by the Spirit of God to lift up the standard of Christian character.

If we will take heed and be true one to another as the needle to the pole, we will be laborers together with God. I thank you for all the pains you have taken in writing to me, and in sending those things which you think will be of service to me. You have been kind to do this, and I thank you for seeking to help me in my need. I pray the Lord to bless you and yours. (Portion of Letter 43, 1895.).

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