Ellen G. White Writings

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Peter’s Counsel to Parents, Page 7

Introduction to 2 Peter 1

There are portions of scripture that seem to have been tailor-made for the needs of God's last-day people. Second Peter summarizes the message of all sixty-six books of the Bible—that God is worthy of man's admiration and trust—in a way that is particularly helpful to believers living just prior to Christ's second coming.

Ellen White was fascinated with Peter's second epistle. She loved its optimism and often used it as a touchstone for letters, sermons, and articles. Of special interest to her was the clear help 2 Peter provided in the area of child guidance.

We live in an age when many individuals are skeptical about the value of Christianity. And this skepticism goes largely unchecked because most forms of Christianity do not hold out much hope to the individual who wishes to experience real Christlike character development in this life, in the here and now.

But Seventh-day Adventists are different. They rejoice in the possibility of daily change after the likeness of Jesus. Further, they believe not only that this growth has to do with the soul but that it is reflected in all aspects of living, whether health, education, citizenship, or parenting. They refer to this renewal and growth process as character development.

Sometimes nonbelieving friends interpret the Seventh-day Adventist emphasis on character development as legalism and a system of salvation by works. But Adventists have a realistic understanding of man's grave limitations. Consequently, their

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