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The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 4, Page 1155

power took away man’s sole dependence upon Christ’s all-sufficient, vicarious, atoning sacrifice, made “once for all” for all mankind (Hebrews 9:25-28). And it has also taken away the understanding of, and reliance upon, Christ’s unceasing priestly mediation thereafter for man, in the heavenly sanctuary. In this way this obstructing power robbed man of the supreme redemptive provisions of God-Christ’s death as atoning Sacrifice on earth, eighteen centuries prior, followed by His mediatorial ministry as Priest in heaven ever since. And it has practiced and prospered long in its perversion and obscuring of the truth of these saving provisions (Daniel 8:11, 12).

“How long,” was the anxious inquiry heard by the prophet, shall this lawless power be permitted to tread underfoot the cardinal truths and provisions of redemption concerning “the sanctuary and the host” (verse 13)? Until the 2300 year-days shall expire, was the explicit response, and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed—at the close of that long, fateful period (verse 14). Then these downtrodden truths that have such vital relationship to the judgment hour and its immutable standard, the law of God, will again be lifted up under the banner of last-day reformation and restoration. Then, according to the prophetic promise, at the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary its provisions will be vindicated and restored to their rightful place.

Thus O. R. L. Crosier and James White had reasoned and clearly declared, as we have seen, in 1846 and in 1851 respectively. 1Crosier, in his extended exposition, clearly establishes the fact that the “sanctuary,” here described by Daniel, is the great sanctuary “in heaven,” which was “polluted” and “cast down” when the pope in his earthly “counterfeit ‘temple of God’ professes to do what Jesus actually does in his sanctuary.” (Crosier. “The Law of Moses,” The Day-Star, Extra, Feb. 7, 1846, p. 38.)
And James White likewise maintained that Christ’s true “sanctuary in heaven” had been trodden underfoot by the pope’s assumption of power that “belongs alone to Christ.” And, sitting in his substitute temple, the pope turns men unto himself and “away from Jesus, who alone could forgive sins, and give eternal life.” It is thus, James White says, that the Papacy has “trodden down” the “heavenly Sanctuary.” (James White, Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, January, 1851, pp. 28, 29.)
And this principle began likewise to be clearly grasped and declared by some back in the Millerite movement. 2One Millerite writer, in 1843, openly differing from Miller, clearly declared in the Midnight Cry: “The very heart of the gospel was removed when the little horn took away the daily—or continual mediation of Jesus Christ, and cast down the place of his gospel sanctuary.... They cast down the true doctrine of the cross of Christ, ... that ‘sacrifice’ was ‘taken away’—and that ‘truth’ was ‘cast down to the ground.’” (Midnight Cry, Oct. 4. 1843, p. 52.)

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