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An Appeal for Self-supporting Laborers to Enter Unworked Fields, Page 44

Chapter 7—Encourage the Self-supporting Workers

Many Waiting to Commence Work

There are many who with proper encouragement would begin in out-of-the-way places to make efforts to seek and to save that which is lost. The Lord blesses these self-sacrificing ones, who have such a hunger for souls that they are willing to go anywhere to work. But in the past how much encouragement has been given to such workers by their brethren? Many of them have waited long for something to do, but no attention has been given to them.

If the ministers had given help and encouragement to these men and women, they would have been doing the work appointed them by the Lord. Some have seen the spiritual poverty of unworked fields, and have longed to do something to help. But it has taken so long for encouragement to come to them that many have gone into other lines of work....

The Macedonian cry is coming from every quarter. Shall men go to the regular lines to see whether they will be permitted to labor, or shall they go out and work as best they can, depending on their own abilities and on the help of the Lord, beginning in a humble way and creating an interest in the truth in places in which nothing has been done to give the warning message.

The Lord has encouraged those who have started out on their own responsibility to work for him, their hearts filled with love for souls ready to perish. A true missionary spirit will be imparted to those who seek earnestly to know God and Jesus Christ, whom He hath sent. The Lord lives and reigns. Young men, go forth into the places to which you are directed by the Spirit of the Lord. Work with your hands, that you may be self-supporting, and as you have opportunity proclaim the message of warning.—Letter 60, 1901.

In Union There is Strength

If Christians were to act in concert, moving forward as one, under the direction of one Power, for the accomplishment of one purpose, they would move the world. Testimonies for the Church 9:221.

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