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An Appeal to Our Churches in Behalf of Home Missionary Work, Page 12

spirituality, and make them fall as dead weights upon the church. PH007 11.2

Set the Members to Work

There are scores who have real ability, who are rusting from inaction, and yet many of these do not know how to set themselves at work for the Master. But let some one who has ability to devise ways whereby this talent may be utilized, lay out before these inactive ones the line of work that they could do, and let them understand that this is expected from them, and many who are now unemployed will become true laborers. PH007 12.1

The parable of the talents should be explained to all. The members of the churches should be made to understand that they are the light of the world, and, according to their several ability, the Lord expects that His professed followers will enlighten and bless those around them. Those who have heard so much preaching ought certainly to know that if they undertake to work for the Lord, they will have divine aid. PH007 12.2

Do not pass by the little things and look for a large work. You might do successfully the small work, but fail utterly in attempting a large work, and fall into discouragement. Take hold wherever you see that there is work to be done. Whether you are rich or poor, great or humble, God calls you into active service for Him. It will be by doing your might what your hands find to do that you will develop talents and aptitude for the work, and it is by neglecting your daily opportunities that you become fruitless and withered. This is why there are so many fruitless trees in the garden of the Lord. PH007 12.3

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