Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to Our Churches in Behalf of Home Missionary Work, Page 27

It is the duty of every one who claims to believe on Jesus Christ to become a worker for God. Entire consecration and unity are demanded in the work which must be done to bring the grand results. I inquire, How can any one be silent when they know what the Lord Jesus expects from every human being? I implore you that name the name of Christ to no longer be selfishly and wickedly indifferent to your duty. Live unto Christ, who died for you, and rose again.

Every Individual Member Should Be an Active Missionary Worker

The church of Christ has been organized on earth for missionary purposes, and it is of the highest importance that every individual member of the church should be a sincere laborer together with God, filled with the Spirit, having the mind of Christ, perfected in sympathy with Christ, and therefore bending every energy, according to his entrusted ability, to the saving of souls. Christ requires that every one who would be called by His name, should make His work the first and highest consideration, and disinterestedly cooperate with heavenly intelligences in saving the perishing, for whom Christ has died.

The members of the church of Christ are to be faithful workers in the great harvest field. They are to be diligently working and earnestly praying, making progress, and diffusing light amid the moral darkness of the world; for are not the angels of heaven imparting to them divine inspiration? They are never to think of, and much less to speak of, failure in their work. They are to be filled with hope, knowing that they do not rely upon human

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