Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to Ministers and Church Officers, Page 10

are rejoicing in the light of present truth, now make haste to impart the truth to others. The Lord is inquiring, “Whom shall I send?” Those who wish to sacrifice for the truth's sake, are now to respond, “Here am I, Lord; send me.” PH010 10.1

Thanksgiving Week and Our Missions

We are rapidly approaching the time set apart by the General Conference Committee as a week of special endeavor in behalf of our mission fields. The plan has been set before our people in the columns of the Review and Herald by the officers of the General Conference, in the following words: PH010 10.1

“The General Conference Committee, at its late meeting in April, recommended that Thanksgiving week, November 22-28, be set apart as a time for a special ingathering of funds for foreign mission work. PH010 10.2

“The season of the year is favorable for such an effort. The crops will be nearly harvested: the fall work on the farm mostly done. The national holiday. Thanksgiving, comes November 26. At this season of the year, Americans naturally turn their thoughts toward deeds of charity, and multitudes are glad to know of some beneficent object upon which they can intelligently bestow their thank-offering to the Lord. PH010 10.3

“Nothing can appeal to the majority of our fellow citizens more than to extend help to a mission board that is carrying on a world-wide gospel campaign. PH010 10.4

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