Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to Ministers and Church Officers, Page 11

“Until the present time, Seventh-day Adventists have furnished their own funds for nearly all they have undertaken. Seldom have unbelievers been called upon to assist in our general work. We have been before the world for half a century. During this fifty years, Seventh-day Adventists have built many sanitariums, the benefits of which are largely reaped by the world. We have gratuitously distributed hundreds of millions of pages of gospel literature, and sold hundreds of millions more at a great sacrifice of time and money, that others might be benefited.

“During Thanksgiving week it was thought advisable to ask our people everywhere to give that week to soliciting funds for foreign mission work.

“The General Conference Committee has invited the Review and Herald Publishing Association to bring out a special Missions Number of the Review and Herald which will contain a report of what Seventh-day Adventists are doing in heathen lands and Catholic countries. It will be a thirty-two page number, amply illustrated, and filled with such information as will surely interest all who receive it.

“This paper we recommend to be given to the people, at the same time calling their attention to the lines of work we are doing. A short canvass will be prepared on the contents of the paper, so that all can be, well informed as to what to say to their friends and neighbors.

“The paper is to be given away. Those taking a copy will be urged to read it, and study its contents. Each one to whom a copy of the special number is given, is to be asked for a donation to our mission funds. Each can give what he likes; but few will care to give less than twenty-five cents. Some will wish to give much more. The business firms with whom people have traded for many years will often give liberally. The rich, if

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