Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to Ministers and Church Officers, Page 12

approached in the right manner, will often donate without stint. PH010 11.5

“This ingathering of funds should be the greatest event in our financial history. It should bring into the treasury of the Mission Board a large sum of money with which to help our work in foreign fields. A united army of sixty thousand Seventh-day Adventists filled with the Holy Spirit ought to do much for God in a week's consecrated effort. PH010 12.1

“All our schools could plan for a foreign mission week. All our office employees could gain a rich experience by helping to gather in this fund. This week can mark a new era in our foreign mission work, if we arise, as did the Jews in the days of Mordecai, and seek God with all the heart. If Israel's God goes before us, if the fiery pillar leads the way, there will be great blessings before us. PH010 12.2

“Let us not forget the date,—Thanksgiving week: nor the idea,—a large ingathering of funds for foreign missions.” PH010 12.3

The Example of Nehemiah

Letters of inquiry have come to me regarding the advisability of carrying out the plan outlined above. In answer, I would refer all to the example of Nehemiah. When about to journey to Jerusalem with the hope of restoring the walls about the stricken city of his fathers, he frankly told King Artaxerxes of the work he contemplated doing, and requested help to insure the success of the enterprise. He obtained a letter to the keeper of the king's forest in the mountains of Lebanon, directing him to furnish such timber as would be needed for the wall of Jerusalem PH010 12.4

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