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An Appeal to Ministers and Church Officers, Page 3

An Appeal to Ministers and Church Officers

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Dear Brethren, PH010 3

As I read the reports of labor published in the Review and our other denominational periodicals from week to week, my heart is rejoiced over the progress of the third angel's message in the home field and abroad. Our workers are having many remarkable experiences. The Lord is going before them, preparing the way, and the cause of present truth is making rapid advancement. This should be a source of profound gratitude to God. As we contrast the present prosperity of the work with the early years of poverty passed through by the pioneers of this cause, when our numbers were but few and our resources were limited, we can but exclaim, “What hath God wrought!” PH010 3.1

And yet there remains much to be done. In the past we have not been as diligent as we ought to have been in seeking to save the lost. Precious opportunities have been allowed to pass by unimproved. This has delayed the coming of our King. Had the people of God PH010 3.2

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