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Appeals for Unity, Page 3

Appeals for Unity

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Growth in Grace Essential

As we were coming from Los Angeles, I thought of many things that should be considered at this meeting; but I did not expect to be the one to speak first. This I say, however, I thank the Lord that we have this beautiful place. Last night I was considering this: We must always keep in mind that we are doing a work for time and for eternity. PH014 3.1

In our Los Angeles meeting there was a unity of sentiment in the councils that gives me great encouragement; and here at Loma Linda, we must strive to see, not how much we can differ from one another, but how closely we can come into the perfect unity of which the Word of God advises us. PH014 3.2

Whenever I look at the buildings, the fields, and the orchards here at Loma Linda, I am thankful that we have this beautiful place, thankful for every foot of land that we control. By and by you will see, if you do not understand it now, that the securing of the land was essential. It may not appear to you now that it was necessary for us to secure so large a tract, but I am instructed that our work here must be carried forward on broad lines and in solid unity. That the will of the Lord may be done in this place, we must be in a position where we can understand His pleasure in regard to Note. Remarks by Mrs. E. G. White to those assembled at the annual meeting of the college of Medical Evangelists, Loma Linda Chapel, March 28, 1912. PH014 3.3

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