Ellen G. White Writings

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Appeals for Unity, Page 8

that position where I can hear the words of my Saviour to me. Let us each endeavor to keep our minds stayed upon God, and prove the Lord whether He will not give us wisdom and guidance at every step. PH014 7.2

To the ministers assembled here I will say, Let every minister of the gospel give himself unreservedly to the work of God, laboring intelligently, patiently, and with unflagging energy. Hold fast to the truth as to hidden treasure, and advance constantly. As you advance you will find that you ‘are not alone. You have the companionship of Him who said, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” PH014 8.1

An Appeal for Unity and Confidence

Note. Mrs. E. G. White and her secretary planned to leave Loma Linda for St. Helena tuesday afternoon, April 16, but she felt that she ought to speak to the workers once more, and a meeting was called in the chapel at 11 a.m. at that time the following appeal was addressed to the helpers in the Sanitarium, to the students in the College, and to the workers in the agricultural and mercantile departments in our institution. PH014 8.2

After reading and commenting briefly on various portions of the sixth chapter of Matthew, Mrs. White said: PH014 8.3

There are lessons in this chapter that we have not yet learned. God wants us to recognize every gift we receive as coming from Him. When we do this, and gratitude for the goodness of God fills our hearts, a heavenly atmosphere will surround the soul. My brethren and sisters, shall we not PH014 8.4

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