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Appeals for Unity, Page 9

strive to order our lives by the truth of God as it is found in His word? We need to be more diligent in the study of the Scriptures. They must be to us, not a make-believe story, but the truth of the living God, the foundation of our faith, the assurance on which we build our hope of eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. PH014 8.4

I wish to bring before you this morning some things that have been presented to me, showing wherein some of us are making serious mistakes. The minds of many are occupied with the consideration of worldly matters, often to the exclusion of the religion of God's word. The thoughts are more often upon the matter of eating and drinking and dressing than upon the great and important duty of serving God with humility and prayer. The Lord has shown me that in many families decided changes must be brought about; they need to know what they must do to be saved. If they will inquire diligently the way of life, God will impart to them an understanding of His word, and teach them to value at their true worth the things of eternity. Then the heart will no longer reach out covetously for worldly benefits and the pleasures of this life. PH014 9.1

Shall we not give diligent heed to the lessons that I have read? There is an individual work for us to do in union with Christ. We are to put on Christ, put on His qualities of character, to represent Him in all our words and actions. When we are willing thus to follow on to know the Lord, walking in humility before Him, and being taught of Him daily, the Holy Spirit will work through us, giving us power to represent to the world a better way. PH014 9.2

“Therefore I say unto you, Take no (anxious) PH014 9.3

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