Ellen G. White Writings

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Brother Aldrich, Page 4

himself. He has possessed a spirit of exaltation. Money is power, and Bro. Abbey has permitted his prosperity to be a snare to him. He is not humble, and prosperity is endangering his eternal interests. His heart is lifted up with pride, and the love of the world has eclipsed the value of the heavenly inheritance. Self-interest has occupied the heart. He has not had the soul called out and interested in the unfortunate, and in the poor who are not prepared to calculate and manage to acquire means. He is, in this respect, frequently pitiless. He has, in his experience, valued men and women, and youth, according to the capabilities of their muscles. If they could work diligently early and late, they were of value in his eyes. If they failed in this direction they were considered by him about worthless.

Brother Abbey

Bro. Abbey and family have a great conflict to get the love of the world out of their hearts. The cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches are choking out the precious graces, until the heart is almost destitute of them. There is a cold. unfeeling spirit for the needy and unfortunate. But the time will come when Bro. and Sr. Abbey will experience the fulfillment of these scriptures. That which ye sow ye shall also reap; and, That which ye mete to others shall be meted to you again. Take care. Watch. Every member of the family, watch; the course you pursue toward others, watch; yes, watch your feelings, your words, your actions. Your motives and acts are

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