Ellen G. White Writings

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A Call to the Watchmen, Page 10

and turned from without relish or appetite?

The instruction I am bidden to give to our people now is the same as I gave while in Washington. The Lord calls for individual effort. One can not do the work of another. Great light has been shining, but it has not been fully comprehended and received.

If our brethren will now consecrate themselves unreservedly to God, He will accept them. He will give them a transformation of mind, that they may be savors of life unto life. Wake up, brethren and sisters, that you may attain to your high calling through Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Signed) Ellen G. White

Sanitarium, Calif.,

August 3, 1910.

To My Brethren in the Ministry:

Dear Fellow-workers,

I have words to speak to Brethren Butler, Loughborough, Haskell, Smith, Gilbert, Daniells, Prescott, and all who have been active in urging their views in regard to the meaning of “the daily” of Daniel 8. This is not to be made a test question, and the agitation that has resulted from its being treated as such has been very unfortunate. Confusion has resulted, and the minds of some of our brethren have been diverted from the thoughtful consideration that should have

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