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A Call to the Watchmen, Page 13

knowing that there was a difference of opinion regarding this matter among our leading brethren, should urge this matter to the front, as was done in some places.

Others of our brethren have not been guided by wisdom, and have not reasoned clearly from cause to effect regarding the results of their efforts to uphold their views regarding the interpretation of “the daily.” While the present condition of difference of opinion regarding this subject exists, let it not be made prominent. Let all contention cease. At such a time silence is eloquence.

The duty of God's servants at this time is to preach the Word in the cities. Christ came to save souls, and we, as almoners of His grace, need to impart to the inhabitants of the great cities a knowledge of His saving truth.

(Signed) Ellen G. White

Extract from a Letter to Elder Burden, of Loma Linda, California

This morning, (December 14, 1905), I could not sleep after one o'clock, so I arose and dressed, and have come to my office to complete the letter I began writing to you two or three days ago. We are interested in every movement made in Loma Linda.

Did not the Lord have oversight, I should not care to live another day.

But this is a question settled in my mind,

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